Did You Watch the Academy Awards?

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Last Sunday, Hollywood had its annual self-love fest called the Academy Awards, aka the Oscar’s. Word is that although some 36 million Americans watched the show, that’s a 10% drop from the year before.
I haven’t watched the Academy Awards for years now; the last time was 7 years ago in 2004 when Lord of the Rings: Return of the King was a contender and  swept all 11 categories in which it was nominated. So disinterested am I that I haven’t even seen any of the flicks that won the Best Picture Award since then: Million Dollar Baby (2004), Crash (2005), The Departed (2006), No Country For Old Men (2007), Slumdog Millionaire (2008), The Hurt Locker (2009).
From the ubiquitous and incessant media coverage of the 2011 awards, you’d think who wins the Oscar is of earthshaking importance. So I’m curious if readers of Fellowship of the Minds watched the show last Sunday — and why you watched or didn’t watch.


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0 responses to “Did You Watch the Academy Awards?

  1. lowtechgrannie

    Sunday night is my four hour lineup of reruns on a local channel
    2 episodes of The Closer, 1 episode of Numbers, 1 episode of Criminal Minds.
    Unless there’s something really, really good on Masterpiece Theater, I wouldn’t dream of changing my schedule.
    The only one of the nominated films I’ve seen is “True Grit” which was actually much closer to the book I read 30+ years ago than the John Wayne version.

  2. Candance Moore

    Sunday night I had the TV on TCM and watched Mildred Pierce. I’d rather see the old stuff from the golden era any day.
    Haven’t stepped foot in a movie theater for years, and have no interest in watching anything produced by Hollywood right now.

    • lowtechgrannie

      Candance, I love the golden era, too! Saturday my mother came over and we watched “Goodbye Mr. Chips” with Robert Donat and Greer Garson. He won the Oscar for Best Actor for that performance. I think he actually KO-d the favorite, Clark Gable for GWTW.

  3. couldn’t stomach it. Hollywood makes me sick.

  4. No, I never watch it, as it’s very rarely in my reality, but I did send out this morning the trailer for the Academy Award-winning documentary, “Inside Job”. A big win for our side, and the truth!
    Last night “Inside Job” won the Academy Award for Best Documentary feature, so sometimes the good guys win.
    A very detailed explanation of how Goldman Sachs et al. have looted – and continue to loot – the country.
    Talk it up.
    From our friends at Real Econ TV:
    Video: https://www.realecontv.com/page/1194.html

  5. Didn’t watch, don’t care about Hollyweird. Still don’t know/care who/what films won.

  6. I am very disgustd with all of the entertainers so I dont watch even movies anymore. If they are all communists by way of their unions, well,I don’t get their sort of communism since they think they can live high on the hog while they condemn their fellow Americans to UN’s Communism. I did tune in 3 times at 3 different intervals to the Oscars, I was looking to catch a glipse of that American Ido singer who lost weight, but what I got all three times were British-accented actors. I guess we Americans have no history so they had to import a bunch of Brits for the movie, English-based movie, “The King’s Speech”. I am disgusted with the whole group of lame people who have no courage to speak up for their own country.

  7. Who wants to watch 90% advertisement? It’s a waste of time.

  8. I watched the dust from the vacuum settle instead.


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