Did you miss the September 2015 Apocalypse?

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No problem! You can attend the complete ruin of America on April 13, 2016!

Since the 1970s, one preacher after another has come up with an end times clock that conveniently placed the Lord’s return soon enough to sell a lot of books and tapes. Now Jim Bakker uses fear to sell survival food and supplies. And now that the predicted disaster of September 2015 has failed to materialize, Jonathan Cahn has come out with a prediction of ruin on the specific date of April 13 2016. This date is imminent enough to stir up a huge amount of fear, and thus sell a boatload of goods to remedy the fear.
We live in perilous times, but this kind of thing helps nobody.
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Can’t make it? That’s okay! We’ll let you know the next time we move the fear clock ahead!

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On April 14th, I will sit down, sip my cup of coffee, and once again thank the LORD for His mercy. It’s morning in America. 

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0 responses to “Did you miss the September 2015 Apocalypse?

  1. WND kept pushing Jonathan Cahn. Oh well. “No man know the day nor the hour.”
    Years ago, my father told me he had a weird hunch the world would end in my lifetime. (He admitted it was just a hunch and that he could be wrong). No one knows.
    But the next ten to 15 years seem to be a pivotal time frame. Will the world end this Century? Again, no one knows. The next Century? Again, no one knows. But it WILL end.
    My hunch? Late this Century. I say this only because I have a strong suspicion the Anti-Christ of Revelation is alive on Earth now.

    • I’ve had that same “hunch” but until only the last few years it was dormant. However, the times have changed and the world is plunging into its own emerging holocaust and I’m beginning to believe that nothing will be done to halt it. People like to say that you cannot take the Bible literally but those types don’t know what they’re talking about. Say what you will but I have come to believe that the Bible’s references to the Beast, the False Prophet and the anti-Christ refer to islam and mohammed respectfully as the first two elements and to possibly BHO as the a-Christ, particularly if he becomes the next head of the EU, as some say he desires.

      • I do believe that Islam has a role to play in the End Times, which either we are in, or about to enter. As for Obama being the Anti-Christ, he “doesn’t have it in him,” as the saying goes: Although he has (or had) a certain charisma, he has not worked any false miracles (as of yet). My understanding of the Anti-Christ is that he will come “from out of nowhere.” In other words, when it all seems hopeless, he will be introduced to broker a peace, and no one will have had any clue that he would appear or have any prior knowledge of him.

        • Steven . . . From what I have read and understand, your description seems to match the conditions for the coming forth of the anti-Christ.

          • Thank you, Auntie Lulu. The subject of the Anti-Christ interests me a lot; I am enduring a crisis right now, but when I emerge from it, I will devote some study to the matter.
            There are certain things we know about the coming Anti-Christ from Revelation. There are certain things that are probable or possible, but not definite. And there are certain things we don’t yet know.
            I state my feeling that he’s alive for this predominant reason. The Satanist side, the side that runs the New World Order, the Rothschilds, the British Crown, the banks, the secret society and all the rest, seem to be acting more or less in tandem with their policies. They know the Program of Revelation, also, and they are trying to instigate things. So they seem to be acting in an anticipatory manner. And their trademark M.O. is the Hegelian Dialectic. They create the crisis they desire. They whip up a frenzy of public outcry. And then they offer the public the solution to the crisis they created. PROBLEM-SOLUTION-REACTION. It has been the Hallmark of this crowd since the Rothschilds appeared on the scene in the 1700’s.
            I admit that tackling this subject will be a tremendous undertaking.

  2. ALL of you above are spot on and excellent! As for this dufuss goof, Jonathan Cahn,
    he’d do better to sell “a boatload of beer to remedy the goats,” IMO. Just thinking out loud….

  3. That’s my Birthday. I’m going out of town for lunch and a fun day of garden shopping! 😉


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