Did you know there are AMPUTEE crisis actors?

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I woke up this morning to wall-to-wall TV news on today’s Boston Marathon and last year’s bombings.

That reminded me of something I had meant to post about last year:

Amputee Crisis Actors

Yes, Virginia. Not only are professional “crisis actors” used in government drills and mass trauma events, some of them are actual amputees!

There’s an outfit called Amputees in Action, which describes itself as:

“a unique agency, working independently to provide the UK’s largest directory of trained professional amputee actors for the film and screen industries and for emergency and military services training simulations, both home and abroad.

Our personnel use their personal trauma experiences to enable graphic realism that is second to none, and our team of special effects (SFX) make-up, moulage and prosthetic artists use cutting edge technology to enhance and extend the appearance and function of limb-loss scenarios.”

On its “Emergency Services” page, Amputees in Action (AIA) says:

Most of our personnel have lost limbs as a direct result of a trauma incident, and are able to bring their experiences to your simulation with unique insight and acting in the field, remaining in character throughout. […] Our SFX experts enhance the  amputee experience, replicating injuries beyond leg and arm injuries. We also recreate traumas like head and facial wounds, eviscerated abdomens and groin wounds.

Here are some images of AIA’s amputee crisis actors:

Amputees in Action1Amputees in Action2Amputees in Action3Boston Bombing

Oops. The 4th picture (above) was of Boston Marathon Bombing victim Jeff Bauman, not an amputee crisis actor.


Why does Jeff Bauman look so much like former U.S. Army officer Lt. Nick Vogt who lost his legs in the Afghan war?

Lt.-Nick-VogtH/t my bud Mark S. McGrew

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0 responses to “Did you know there are AMPUTEE crisis actors?

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  2. Thank you for this post, Dr. Eowyn. I can’t begin to express the emotions and thoughts I’m experiencing about this subject.

  3. Eric Muetterties

    That whole picture of Bauman and the guy with the cowboy hat! Cowboy was standing around almost nonchalantly watching them from the fence for almost forever then all of the sudden he rises to action and helps Bauman. Notice the tourniqet looks like it is above the knee. Wouldn’t you try and save below the knee? The whole thing looks so fake and the blood throughout the whole scene resembles fake blood. I am not a doctor, but it does not look right to me. Plenty of videos showing the whole area with a less than 2 dozen people and then official numbers say 240 injured? Plus the explosion itself looks remarkably like a fake Hollywood dust exposion.

    • The tourniquet would be applied above the knee. Anyone with tourniquet training would tell you this.

  4. Thanks for posting on this! I highly recommend everyone watch the video below and share it with everyone you know:

    Carlos Arredondo – Boston Hero or NWO FRAUD?

    Here’s what Dr. Stan Monteith, who worked as a orthopedic surgeon for 35 years and performed numerous amputations, had to say about the Boston bombing:


    Finally, more information on the Boston marathon bombing hoax is posted here: https://gold-silver.us/forum/showthread.php?68751-Large-Explosions-Reported-At-Boston-Marathon-Photos-Released/page40 (Also, this is an open forum and new members are always welcome:)

  5. Too bad we can’t “recruit” someone with skills and access to the needed tools to test DNA on some of these “actors. MANY look very much like the people they’re compared to but there’s still such a huge possibility of mistaken identity. (I know this from getting my butt kicked because I looked JUST like another guy who was “dating” my aggressor’s wife. Once we got the situation figured out,we became pretty good friends.LOL) Anyway,I think before we “go after” someone,we need more proof than,”He looks a lot like”.

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  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this remarkable post. My God, more deception was and is afoot!

    • It’s all A-OK, Joan, as these creeps get a 59% disability bonus for their “pain & suffering.”

      While the fully limbed get $500/day, ‘crips’ -as they’re affectionately known in the industry- will earn $750/day. Ain’t half bad for half as much! [MAJOR CYNICISM ALERT HERE!]

      Honestly, how low will people go to do evil? And what does it further us, if we gain the world, but lose our souls?

      As I tell my students and employees, all we have is our word of honour -the mutual trust upon which every society is built- and our souls. Once either of these is broken, all relationships are off, and darkness descends.

  8. What a story. Well done & had to chuckle part way through. EYE opener for sure. What fools we are.

  9. I am Dachsie or DachsieLay. I wrote and posted what I think is a good addition to this thread over at


    (Sorry, I do not know how to do hyperlinks here in my WordPress postings.)

    I have by no means thoroughly researched or followed the Boston Marathon Bombing (BMB) event as I have 9-11 or Sandy Hook and this little article I posted was based only on a quick cursory researching of the amputees associated with the Boston event.

    I think what we are observing in the play-out of the BMB is a pronounced and subsequent EXPANDING OF THE OFFICIAL STORY (OT or the Big Lie). I think the OT at first only focused on and told us about Jeff Bauman’s bilateral leg traumatic amputation case. But now there are said to be 14 or 16 people whose legs, one or both, were amputated as a result of the BMB.

    I guess this this expansion of the OT is only one of the sophisticated ways these Big Lie events are crafted. It is along the lines of…if you tell a Big Lie often enough, and you expand the Big Lie to include many more people severely emotionally and physically wounded “victims”, you make the Big Lie much more believable and less likely to be questioned by those of us who want to investigate the Big Lie event based on “evidence” or “facts on the ground.”

    Here is a brief quote from my little posting referenced above.

    “You see, if we have all these photos of these real amputee victims and all these quotes from orthopaedic surgeons who attended these patients in Boston, and all these hospital and rehabilitation facilities administrators quoted, then the “official story” MUST BE true. All these people and professionals would not participate in a Big Lie.

    Or would they? ”

    You have all these photos of real people who really are amputees of one or both legs so who can question or want to investigate that. You have these medical doctor specialist orthopaedic surgeons’ quotes so who could question the veracity of these good doctors.

    I would comment here that these quotes from doctors in all these newspaper articles, from what I have observed so far, are quotes cherry picked from named orthopaedic surgeons who are on record somewhere sometime in the perhaps very distant past making quotable statements. That is to say, the doctors in these recent articles cannot be interpreted to be speaking specifically about the BBM amputee victims, nor about said victims that he has personally attended. But the articles are word-crafted in such a way by the journalists to make the reader think just that. It is one of many deceptive tricks of the journalists’ trade. (Medical doctors avoid like the plaque speaking, and speaking using their real names, to newspaper and magazine and media journalists from my observations.)

    Something that the crafters of these false events or hoax events or false flage events want to achieve is maximum psychological impact on our psyches. Large numbers of innocent, often very young, victims experiencing horrible trauma and maiming for life and struggling valiantly to overcome their residual disabilities can sort of hypnotize each of us to where we are unable to objectively continue studying the event because it is just too psychological painful for us. Sometimes this is called “cognitive dissonance.” We close off certain thoughts and considerations about an event if what we have learned about the event challenges too severely our beliefs and understandings about the way the world works.

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  12. I guess you didn’t know Jeff
    He had legs the day of the race and after he had none. FACT

  13. Dr. James Fetzer said that Jeff Bauman was seen at a sports event, I think a Boston Bruins game, 19 days after his bilateral leg amputations. Dr. Stan Monteith, retired orthopaedic surgeon who has performed hundreds of leg amputations, said that that feat is a physical impossibility for someone who underwent such a major trauma and major surgery. Dr. Monteith states that he thinks Jeff Bauman was acting and that his trauma was staged or false, though he did not use the term “crisis actor” to describe him.

    I have continued studying this major sub-story of the 16 amputees of the Boston Marathon Bombing. I am continuing to write to journalists who wrote stories on the amputees. No one so far will tell me the names of the 5 amputees I have not yet found on any website. I will continue seeking and looking.

    If “Jeff Bauman” was acting and the traumatic bilateral amputation was not as it appeared to be, then it is highly likely that all of the other 15 amputees are also falsifications.

    The very amateur features of the Jeff Bauman scene of the play make the whole idea of his story being real an absolute absurdity.

    • According to WebMD, “Ideally, the wound [from the surgical amputation of all or part of a limb or extremity such as an arm, leg, foot, hand, toe, or finger] should fully heal in about four to eight weeks.”

      But Jeff Bauman managed to be fully healed as to attend a Bruins hockey game a mere 19 days after having both legs blown off — which is 9 days BEFORE the minimum ideal healing period of four weeks.

      Jeff Bauman at Bruins game May 2013

      • The video and photo record of “Jeff Bauman” case is almost some kind of sick joke on the public. It is so fake in so many ways. There are videos that show an exposed left leg bone that is supposed to be the tibia I guess that is about to be surgically amputated. It looks more like a broom handle attached to an existing stump. The fibula is missing from the image. Bauman is sitting in upright position which is forbidden for someone who could bleed out and die within two minutes. The photo of Bauman at the scene is someone with light brown curly hair and completely different from the person with black straight hair in the wheelchair at the Bruins game.

        As the story goes, several of the amputees were treated initially at Massachusetts General Hospital and others at Massachusetts Medical Center. After their initial trauma care and recuperation, 15 of the alleged 16 amputees were treated as inpatients at “Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital” in Charlestown Massachusetts, a suburb of greater Boston.

        Spaulding has nine “Spaulding Rehalitation Hospital” facilities in the greater Boston area, and supposedly the Charlestown facility is the “main” Spaulding facility, though the website does not state that. Curiously this brand new Charlestown facility opened its doors in April of 2013 and provides inpatient and outpatient care.


        In April 2013, Spaulding opened a new 132-bed facility in Charlestown the first new free standing hospital in Boston in over 30 years. Certified LEED Gold for its commitment to renewable energy and sustainability it also is a national model for inclusive design.”

        Dr. David Crandell M.D. is the director of this Charlestown Spaulding Hospital and is also on the staff of Massachusetts General Hospital. He is reported to be conducting a long-term study of the rehabilitation of the Boston Marathon amputees.

        The opening of this Charlestown Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital curiously coincides perfectly with the official story of the BMB amputees’ official story and one has to wonder if all of this treatment and rehabilitation of the fake BMB amputees was planned by all of these corporate medical facilities long in advance of the BMB. There are many questions a good investigative journalist would want to ask about this facility and who it has as patients.

        The information about the amputees not being treated in the emergency room is interesting because it seems to come from someone who was there at the time. We need more information of that nature.

        We have a giant web of sophisticated lies about the BMB amputees. Millions of dollars have been donated to several funds for these “victims” but throughout my amateur research I am consistenly left with the thought…’There is something NOT RIGHT about this.’

  14. and don’t forget that when he was transported to the hospital in a wheelchair THERE WAS NO BLOOD TRAIL. Check out the images for yourself. Also, the “victims” were never seen by the ER staff at the hospitals acc. to some videos I saw (for what it’s worth). They were sent upstairs to the second floor.
    The ER person interviewed on said video marveled about each victim’s positive attitude, that they each had some support person and that no one EVER LOST CONSCIOUSNESS.

  15. Dachsielady: here is another Amputee Crisis Actor. Her posting on a website only a year before, looking for work after losing leg in a motorcycle accident:

    • I should add, she was one of the supposed female amputee vicitms, one of the other supposed victims actually lost her leg in a military accident in texas.

    • Eureka! Thank you so much, Lola.

      This is paydirt! We now have Heather Abbott on record saying she is an amputee because of a motor cycle accident long before BMB and a record that she was in Boston acting on that day.

      Here is just one of many newspaper articles promoting the Heather Abbott lie.


      Marathon victims take 1st steps down uncertain path
      Many bombing victims are now being fitted with artificial legs. It is a time of reckoning, pain, and hope.
      By Liz Kowalczyk
      | Globe Staff June 29, 2013


      “Last week, Corcoran and Roseann Sdoia, a Boston development executive who lost her right leg above the knee, were admitted to Spaulding to learn how to walk on their new prostheses. Mery Daniel, a 31-year-old Haitian immigrant, and Heather Abbott, 38, a human resources executive from Rhode Island, started mastering their artificial limbs as outpatients. Paul Norden, a construction worker from Stoneham, picked up his prosthesis last Thursday. ”

      I exchanged a few emails with the author of this article, Liz Kowalczyk. She would not answer my question about the names of the five alleged amputees I do not have yet and she communicated with me dishonestly about the Charlestown Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital which is shown in an odd incorrect way on the Spaulding website. Spaulding only shows it on their greater Boston locations list as an outpatient facility but other places on the Spaulding site it says it is a 132 BED facility and that indicates in-patient services as well. Apparently Heather Abbott was treated as an outpatient. Also the Spaulding site does not at all identify the Charlestown facility as their main Boston hospital of nine facilities whereas Liz Kowalczyk made the point twice to me that the Charlestown Spaulding was the “main” Spaulding facility in Boston,

      Something seriously “NOT RIGHT” about all of this.

      I will post your link on the Gold Silver forum thread I am keeping up on this topic.

      Thanks again for this very important piece of information.


      • Last one, I promise:

        • Thank you for the lead on Adrienne Haslet .
          She is referred to as Haslet-Davis in the article linked below so Davis may be her maiden name. Stories differ some saying she has a boyfriend named Haslet and some saying that Haslet is her husband. Not sure date of marriage.
          Have not found proof of injury at Fort Pickford but did find this excellent expose.


          Heather Abbot is the gold find of the day though!

  16. Dachsielady: BTW, the Adrienne Haslet “dancer” woman actually lost her leg in a military accident. When the BB first took place, there were some veterans popping up online saying that she was actually a soldier–I believe in Texas–who lost her leg in practice drill. It is out there if we look!

  17. Here is a thread providing some details:

  18. I wanted to post this in the FOTM thread on Nathan Folks but was unable to post there.

    Here is a short partial transcript of Dr. Fetzer on this show…

    “…Jeff Bauman, doesn’t have blood spurting, he’s not writhing in agony, in fact, and this is quite remarkable, and even Folks observed that he [Folks] actually knew he was an actor because he [Folks] cast him in a previous flim that Folks himself had made…”

    Here is the latest question I have regarding Jeff Bauman.
    You can listen to this audio recording of Dr. Fetzer speaking as guest of John Friend.


    Friday, May 23, 2014
    Jim Fetzer
    JFK assassination / Jewish Holocaust (w/ John Friend)

    DachsieLady’s comment…

    “At 01:56 of this recording, Dr. Fetzer said that Nathan Folks, Hollywood director/producer, stated that he had hired Jeff Bauman to be an amputee actor in a film he had made in the past so Mr. Folks, when viewing Boston Bombing video scenes, knew immediately that Jeff Bauman was an actor and not a genuine traumatic amputation victim of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

    Excuse the pun, but that is bombshell information.

    Many of us, including Dr. Fetzer have been working to verfify and document and prove the true identities of ostensible “crisis actors” in the Boston Marathon Bombing and Sandy Hook MA school shooting events. This information from Mr. Folks regarding Jeff Bauman should be documented in every way.

    Please let me or us here know the original source of that statement by Nathan Folks.

    P.S. Nathan Folks said he experienced a severe illness of a poisoning nature and almost died and had several hospitalizations after he spoke out very publically regarding the faked nature of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Mr. Folks said several of his friends had same serious illness and said Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and frequent Alex Jones Infowars substitute show host, of NaturalNews.com, also experienced mysterious serious illness after his speaking out.

    This is important because it shows the very real physical harm and reprisals that come from speaking out about Boston and Sandy Hook.”
    Posted by Total at 9:57 PM 6 comments:

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  21. Do you Dr Stan Monteith ,still believe Jeff Bauman is an actor and are all 16 BMB amputee victims actors as well? Thank you.

    • I posted the gold-silver forum thread I started on the fake alleged 16 amputees.

      This amputee story has been one of the most incredible aspects of this many-faceted false Boston Marathon Bombing.

      When you start digging a little on each person, you end up with one strage dead-end or anomalous misdirection after another. I phrase it — nothing pans out. Not one of my limited web searches about any of these individuals appeared legitimate or made sense. There were multiple Facebook sympathy pages for each individuals and multiple collections of millions of dollars so that these people could buy several of the latest models of prostheses — one for work, ones for future marathon participation, etc.

      I wrote to the Knights of Columbus pursuant to their fifty thousand plus donation to the amputees. I simply asked them the names of the people who were the purported beneficiaries of their generous donation. I was met with rude, vitriolic non-answer to simple question. The K of C is a useless corrupt organization and has zero to do with traditional Catholicism whatsoever. The K of C are in on the deception just like all the phone donations internet social media websites.

      So much deep deception. Phone amputees writing phony thank-yous and phony stories about their rehabilitation.

      Spaulding Rehabilitation Clinics and hospitals, huge corporate chain of facilities, is deeply in on the deception as well as two or three Boston hospitals.

      Truly nauseating.

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  24. Amazing stuff. Truly sad, but amazing.

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