Did you get your stimulus package?

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Check your mailbox!

Just wanted to let you know – today I received my 2012 Social Security Stimulus Package.

It contained two tomato seeds, cornbread mix, a prayer rug, a machine to blow smoke up my ass, and an “Obama Hope & Change” bumper sticker.

The directions were in Spanish.

Hope you get yours soon! 😀

H/t our Miss May


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0 responses to “Did you get your stimulus package?

  1. A prayer rug…lol

  2. It’s about time! My last smoke machine broke! (How Exciting! And I was beginning to think that Today was going to be a Bad Day) 😉

  3. once Obama is out then what? I hope U R not W8ng 4 Romney 2 fix what Bush Fu@%ed up . America is doomed no matter what happens. Get your guns n bulletproof vest. Civil unrest is coming.

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