Did "The Simpsons" presage the Ebola epidemic? — and other pop culture foreshadowings

The plain fact is that governments do engage in deception, including plotting and instigating false flags — phony mass traumatic events — to advance a covert agenda.
One of the most famous false flags is the Reichstag fire of February, 1933 — an arson attack on the German government’s Reichstag (parliamentary) building in Berlin.
Adolf Hitler, who was sworn in as Chancellor only 4 weeks before, blamed the fire on the Nazis’ rival, the Communists — that the Reichstag fire was the beginning of a Communist plot to overthrow the Weimar Republic. Hitler succeeded in getting then-President Paul von Hindenburg to pass an emergency decree. Civil liberties were suspended; the German government instituted mass arrests of Communists, including all of the Communist parliamentary delegates. With their bitter rivals gone and their parliamentary seats empty, Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis) went from being a plurality party to the majority, thereby ushering in Hitler’s consolidation of power.
In the United States, there is increasing and compelling evidence that the Sandy Hook school massacre on December 14, 2012, and the Boston Marathon Bombings on April 15, 2013, are both false-flag contrived events. (See “Former CIA spy: Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing were false flags“)
Some of us have become so cynical that we suspect every traumatic event to be another false flag. After all, President Ebola’s former White House adviser (and current mayor of Chicago) Rahm Emanuel did famously advise his fellow Democrats never to let a crisis go to waste, but to make political hay out of those crises.
Adding to our unease is the fact that certain mass traumatic events seemed to have been foreshadowed by eerie pop culture images and references.
As examples:
1. The name “Sandy Hook” is written on a map in the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. (The movie is now infamous for being the one shown in a midnight premier on July 20, 2012, in Century Theater, Aurora, Colorado, where alleged lone gunman James Holmes shot and killed 12 and wounded 58.) In the movie, when plotters are determining where mayhem will erupt, police commissioner James Gordon (played by Gary Oldman) points to a map showing a targeted area identified as Sandy Hook, also known as “Strike Zone 1” where Gotham Stadium is located. 
2. The name “Aurora” appears on the top of a skyscraper in the backdrop of another scene in Dark Knight Rises:
3. Suzanne Collins, the author of The Hunger Games — a book about young people who have to hunt down and kill each other, which was made into a popular series of movies — lives in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, where alleged lone gunman Adam Lanza shot his mother and 26 people in the Sandy Hook Elementary School.


The terrorist attacks on New York City’s twin towers on September 11, 2001 seemed to have been presaged by many images and ads that, in retrospect, appear sinister and downright spooky. Here are 7 presaging images.
1. The cover design for an album by the hip-hop band The Coup:
Coup album cover
The album cover was pulled within two days of the attack, and replaced with a new design in time for the album’s release date of November 6, 2001.
2. In the 1999 movie The Matrix, there’s a scene showing the passport of Neo expiring on September 11, 2001.
3. 1981 Asbestos ad:
1981 asbestos ad
4. 1979 Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) ad:
1979 Pakistan International Airlines ad
5. A really awful ad for Maker’s Mark Bourbon:
Maker's Mark Bourbon
6. An ad for an Israeli candy called Elite:
Israeli Elite Candy
7. 1997 FEMA Emergency Response to Terrorism booklet:
1997 FEMA booklet

The latest pop culture presage has to do with the current Ebola epidemic.

In 1987, the popular animated TV show The Simpsons had an episode in which Marge Simpson offered her son, Bart, who was sick in bed, a children’s book titled Curious George and the Ebola Virus.
Simpsons Ebola
Are these mere accidental coincidences?
Are they instances of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s synchronicity? — temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events (i.e., the events are apparently not causally related) which reveal an underlying pattern or a larger framework.  If they are, what is the underlying pattern or larger framework?
Or are these not coincidences at all, but rather signs of a hidden hand manipulating events, which some attribute to the Illuminati or the shadowy Powers That Be?
What do you think? Sound off in our poll!


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6 years ago

Too many of you people smoking crack

6 years ago

Instead of Bingo, Mah Jong, and knitting bees, the Luciferian elite indulge in Satanic plots with humor that appeals to them, humor that brings full reality to the phrase “devilishly funny.” The Simpsons and other prime time adult cartoons seem to do that well, although it may be mere coincidence.


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6 years ago

The movie Outbreak from ’95…

6 years ago

Lets see… “contagion”, the bizarre fixation on biologically-induced zombies (instead of proper actual supernaturally induced types) in movies for the past… how many years? Zombieland, all those horrible resident evil movies etc. AMC’s “the walking dead” all based off of virus/parasite biological factors. (although technically the zombie outbreak did already happen, look at all the “zombies” wandering around with worthless little camera “phones” and other “smart” devices, having no brains and seeking brains of others to consume via the internet and wiki(d)ped(o)ia. Not to mention the elitist mentality put forward in such movies, “survivors” or the “still human” class have… Read more »

6 years ago

Good summary there of some of the bigger “predictive programming hints” & false flags. And those 9/11 photos, wow, some I had never seen yet (the one with the big plane shadow, & the one with the top stories covered in blood). Some total sickos out there playing games, including this guy > the Governor of CT … this article links directly to the CT Governor’s site: 10/8/14: “Connecticut declared in state of ‘public health emergency,’ prepares for quarantine”: https://www.policestateusa.com/2014/connecticut-state-of-public-health-emergency/ (I guess the CT Governor wants to make sure the Sandy Hook “survivors” in their paid-for homes don’t get Ebola.)… Read more »

6 years ago

Utterly fantastic post, Dr. Eowyn!

6 years ago

There are a lot of very good Christian owned YouTube channels that delve deeply into the illuminati owned nooze, music, movie and tv industries. They have been dropping crumbs for the sheeple for decades and only a few are awake enough to see all the embedded programming.
One of many good sites is Good Fight Minstries

Steven Broiles
6 years ago

This talk about synchronicity is interesting but a bit over my head. (For a comparison example, I thought I knew philosophy until I tried to read Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason”!) The various governments of the world have to have intelligence groups in order to survive—that’s a given. But I think something else is going on here. Let me split it into two distinct groups for study. On the one hand the U.S. has a number of agencies—CIA, FBI, etc., etc. (Europe has Interpol, etc). Here’s where it gets complicated: Did you know the founding charter of the CIA specifically… Read more »

6 years ago

Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this superior post! It is definitely fascinating and noteworthy.

Thad Ramotowski
Thad Ramotowski
4 years ago

Let’s not forget or overlook the 1994 Vice Article, which included a drawing of Beavis and Butthead wearing Muslim attire, flying in planes around the Twin Towers, while holding bombs in their hands: https://yournewswire.com/1994-vice-article-shows-beavis-butthead-flying-into-911-towers/


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