Did Bette Midler ever send those porta-potties?

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She must certainly have the money now that she’s got a new gig with an evil corporation – Acura

Back in October Bette Midler appeared on Joy Behar’s show (which has been cancelled) and said that she would purchase portable toilets for the occupiers, as she is happy to see young activists, “saying things that have to be said.”
Midler suggested the families “send some down because toilets are cheap, porta-potties are cheap.” So cheap, in fact, that she offered to send them down herself.
Haven’t been able to confirm if she did send them.  Considering she’s part of the 1% with a net worth of $175 million, she should be able to buy porta-potties with the money she’s making from an evil corporation.

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2 responses to “Did Bette Midler ever send those porta-potties?

  1. So your contribution is to send portable toilets? Typical Democrat — the same sentiment ordered new clothes for the slaves back in the day, instead of trying to free them.


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