Did a bribe influence Georgia judge's Obama eligibility ruling?

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On February 3, 2012, a state administrative law judge Michael Malihi inexplicably ruled in favor of the defendant, Obama, in an unprecedented hearing on a sitting U.S. president’s eligibility to be on Georgia’s 2012 election ballot.
In so doing, Malihi reversed his own prior declaration that he would issue a default ruling in favor of the plaintiffs because neither the defendant nor his attorney (Michael Jablonski) even appeared at the hearing.
In an interview with Rev. James David Manning, private investigator Susan Daniels noted that within a week after the hearing, the state of Georgia received approval for two nuclear-power plants from the Obama administration. What a coincidence!
In other words, the judge and Georgia’s secretary of state Brian Kemp received an offer they couldn’t refuse were bribed.
Now here are more details of the 2 nuke-plants from ExposeObama.com.
H/t beloved Tina.

Michael Malihi (l); Brian Kemp (r)

Was The Georgia Secretary Of State’s Decision “Greased”?

”That thing was greased,” as they say in Chicago,referring to a political phenomenon known as “being handled before table.”  Well,bloggers are asking,was it?  Word now coming out reveals just two days after Secretary of State Brian Kemp gave Barack Obama the green light to appear on Georgia election ballots, the Department of Energy awarded Kemp’s state an eye popping $8.3 billion loan guarantee  to begin construction on two nuclear plants.  In the face of “a shocking dissent by Nuclear Regulatory Commission CHAIRMAN Director Gregory B. Jazcko,”  four other commissioners approved awarding Southern Energy the first nuclear construction licenses since 1978,just one year before the tragedy of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster put a hold on new U.S. nuclear plant construction.  No new licenses have been approved until this huge Vogtle project got its go ahead to build two new reactors near Augusta.
“Jazcko said that the approved designs did not take the lessons of Fukushima into account. I cannot support issuing this license as if Fukushima never happened,” he told other NRC members before their shocking vote to approve this estimated $14 billion project.  Friends of the Earth’s climate and energy project Director Damon Moglen is vowing to challenge the validity of the newly approved license in court.  “The license may be granted,but these reactors are far from a done deal,” he said.  Applications for 16 other plants looking to build 25 more reactors are on file with the NRC according to CNN Money reporter Steve Hargreaves ,who added,“there are two applications submitted for brand new nuclear plants-one in Levy County,FL,and another outside Gaffney,S.C.”
While other viable nuclear construction projects await approval,the Georgia project got the green light in spite of the NRC director’s vehement objection as well as “12 sizeable construction change order requests (and) long-running site-specific design and fabrication problems (which) have confounded Westinghouse and its lead contractor for more than two years.”
So on February 7,2012,Georgia Secretary of State Kemp stated “after careful consideration of Administrative Law Judge Michael Malihi’s initial decision and all record evidence based on the criteria set forth in this process,I find that the Respondent,President Barack Obama,meets the State of Georgia’s eligibility requirements.”   And a scant two days later,Obama’s DOE finds the money to award Kemp’s state a whopping $8.3 billion loan guarantee for a $14 billion nuclear project and license approvals not done in the industry in over 30 years!
One blogger said after the Malihi story,“This crap needs to end–NOW!!!”  Another blogger who tipped me off about the Malihi-Nuclear decision connection mused,“The fix was in long before this challenge was ever submitted.”
Note:The Vogtle nuclear site is located near Waynesboro,GA,according to Wikipedia.

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0 responses to “Did a bribe influence Georgia judge's Obama eligibility ruling?

  1. It sounds like the State of Georgia’s “eligibility requirement” is the willingness to provide billion dollar loan guarantees. Politicians, bah!
    I saw a headline banner on The Hill announcing Sheriff Arpaio is pursuing the eligibility issue; but. there wasn’t an actual story.

  2. Punishment fits the crime. Bribed to receive a passive dirty nuclear bomb into their own neighborhoods. Listen, these nuclear power plants are effectual passive dirty bombs waiting to go off. Consider Japan. Fukushima you judges!! 😉 (God is in control. HUMAN JUDGES will not have the “last word” regarding Obama’s eligibility. God will. THE FIRES OF REVELATION 18 ARE COMING TO THIS SOIL – more powerful even than a NUCLEAR BOMB.) 🙂

  3. Why dont we see this on Fox, Orielly and Hannidy? Fair my )&^%*(!!
    Who has paid to join the Orilley club and has access to his email that will overwhelm them with this story and force them to bring it to national TV.
    Sending this to your local news team might get it attention and then the AP will pick it up. It seems this always stays hidden, why???

  4. Chicago politics for sure…

  5. Georgia’s decision in the eligibility case was neither unexpected nor surprising, as Obama proved four years ago he is a natural born citizen. The plaintiffs were not promised that they would win. A judge is not obligated to find in favor of plaintiffs who claim the moon is made of green cheese simply because no one shows up to argue against utter nonsense.

    • Your side is ALWAYS looking for a fight! Are u just bored? It is quite pathetic….Don’t ya think? Do u really think a little purple wheel is going to change the way we see the truth? None of you ObamaLovers ever provide facts for your opinions! The left cracks me up! They don’t want to work, have kids, or pay their bills…..so they sit around, bored, wasting our cherished free time with their idiotic comments! Your name sure is cute!

      • It’s rare to see a reply as empty and devoid of any actual relevant content as yours. Good luck with that.

        • Alcum:
          Ahhhhhhhh……..you actually think I care what you think! That is super sweet! I really hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but I couldn’t give a rats a*s what someone like you thinks about me. I can tell by your wording the type of person u are. And ppl like u hate ppl like me. Are u trying to make yourself feel better by attacking me b/c in the “Real World” you are really self-conscious and insecure? In fact, in college, the only ppl who would say things like “Good luck w/that” were the ones who felt inferior or insecure in their surroundings. I know your type, you will come back with some smarta*s comment, (power to ya buddy) but it doesn’t matter…..you know I’m right!
          All u have to do is produce something that proves Obama’s citizenship, but obviously u can’t!

          • No, I don’t think you care what I think. I best the birthers in many forums and never with the expectation that they care. Birthers suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome, I confront them with the actual facts so that they know their lies will not go unchallenged, and so that impressionable youngters who might be looking in don’t get fooled.

        • As if your comments are rich and overflowing with “actual relevant content”. Such grandiosity. Tssk, tssk. It’s a symptom of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder, you know.

        • Rare to see a reply devoid of relevant content? Daily Kooks are masters of that. So is Skippy…

          • Seriously, what is e birther fear of simply dealing with facts?

            • What is your fear that the Dear Ruler has no legitimacy?
              LOL – You commie pukes are scared sh*tless that that your comrade emperor has no clothes.
              That is a good thing. 😀

            • Your question must contain a typo…fear of facts? Give me a legimate link to the long form bith certificate. Even if you were able to do that, wouldn’t disprove the fact he’s a Muslim Commie. Nor would it change the fact he’s a job destroyer, enemy of the Second Amendment, and has spent more money in his attempt to bring down this country.
              Live in whatever light you want…you’re bulb is still pretty dim.

              • HAHAHAHA….”your lightbulb is still pretty dim!”
                I think that is the funniest thing I have ever heard! That is great! It is so true about this nut! High-Five….fabulous! 🙂

    • What does your reply even mean? My comment was 100% factual. Obama’s natural born citizenship has been more solidly verified than any pre joys president in history, as he’s the only presidential candidate ever to publicly release his birth certificate and have his birth state publicly verify it. Seriously, the case on this is closed.

      • If Obama’s NBC “has been more solidly verified than any pre joys [sic] president in history,” how come Obama and his lawyer Michael Jablonski risked committing contempt of court by not appearing at that Atlanta hearing? How come Obama has spent a reported $2+ million hiring a team of lawyers to thwart one eligibility lawsuit after another? Why not just duke it out in court and get it over with? Imagine the political points Obama would reap by showing, once and for all, birthers are nuts?
        Only cockroaches scuttle away from the light.

        • Obama did not risk contempt of court; this was not a court proceeding but an administrative hearing in the secretary of state’s office. This is why no one believes birthers, they can’t get facts straight.
          Nor has Obama spent “$2+ million” or any great sum at all on any of these cases. That is a lie debunked four years ago. Why would he go to court? The state of Hawaii already has proved he’s a natural born citizen. He’s not about to be at the beck and call of birthers in every court in the land, there’s no case.
          I live in the light.

    • Obama proved four years ago he is a natural born citizen.

      • No, it’s true. Hawaii proved it. Obama, in fact, became the first and only presidential candidate in US history to document his eligibility by releasig his state certified birth certificate.

        • Bullshit.
          But I repeat myself.
          The Dear Ruler produced no such document.

          • It is rare to encounter such a delusional Obama Derangement Syndrome sufferer such as you. Hawaii settled it.

            • Hawaii settled exactly nothing, but you already know that, YOU LYING SACK OF MERDE.

            • Link to certified long formBC? And college transcripts? Health records? Harvard Law publications? High school records?
              Patiently waiting…

              • The link to the long form — and the short form which is also dispositive of the question — has been online for 10 months. The other stuff… medical records, high school records… you are not going to be getting. I know the birther community gets carried away with the grandiosity of its ludicrous demands, but the Constitution does not require a review of baptismal certificates, health records or high school grades to determine POTUS eligibility.

                • Patiently waiting for links that are legit….for a President that is all about “transparency”, he sure is lacking in what he preaches.
                  He’s still a commie Muslim…

                  • I’ve posted them but your blog owner here keeps deleting them and then blocking me. He doesn’t want you to know the truth.

            • I would love to say it is rare to encounter such a non-thinking, future slave dumbass product of government education such as yourself.
              Sadly, I cannot.

            • Hawaii settled what, you obnoxious Obamabot from Denver, Colorado. Just because you declare something to be true doesn’t make it true. Show us the evidence! Show us the many documents your master still insists on concealing.
              You must be a paid MoveOn.org agent because this must be the 8th IP address you’ve used on FOTM. This one too I’ll ban, as well as your next one, and the next one, and the next one.

  6. Should the Dear Ruler get reelected (God forbid), those nuke plants will never be built.

  7. Hey, I thought we had rule of law here in this country… guess we (and our founding fathers) were wrong.

  8. carlekennedy@gmail.com

    Back @ Anonymus 9:33
    No you are not wrong we still have “rule of law” in Amerika but George Soros and all other 1%er’s have decided that “rule of law” will no longer apply to them. It will now only apply to you, I, us and the rest of the human fodder lesser little people sheeple that greases the wheels of their world. How do you like living in the NuAmerika a “free” cuntree. Papers please

  9. the “birth certificate” issued by the obama admin. is a blatant forgery
    the “ruling” issued by the GA judge is nonsensical if not blatantly corrupt

  10. LOL – That’s okay, Miranda, ’cause we don’t actually open fire until about the third offense. 🙂

  11. Dear Obot Alcum,
    Please give me the courtesy of answering these questions. It has been almost three years for most of them and they have never been addressed.
    1. The birth certificate posted on line is a forgery.
    2. The Dept of Health in Hawaii refuses to release Freedom of Information requests.
    3. Even within Mr. Soettero’s own family they released mixed messages, who is telling the truth?.
    4. Why did his school records from Jakarta list him as Barry Soetero?
    5. Why did his mother’s passport records delete his name and replace it with Soebarkah if he had not become an Indonesian citizen?
    6. As a teacher and as a substitute teacher I had to submit all of my high school, college and post graduate records in addition to a fingerprint check. Is the job of president so less important the same data should not be revealed? We are his employers.
    7. Why did Nancy Pelosi use different forms when certifying his position as the DNC candidate?
    8. Why are he and Michelle’s law licenses on inactive status?
    9. Which passport was used when he traveled to Pakistan in the eighties?
    10. How can a judge’s ruling be considered impartial when there is obvious conflicts of interest? ( Judge Carter with a clerk from Soetero’s law practice) (Obama’s attorney Jablonski serving on GA Sec of State Brian Kemp’s reelection committee) (a partisian election board in New Hampshire)


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