Dianne Feinstein: Masks rules for thee but not for me

Typical of a hypocritcal demorat. And a LIAR.

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Kevin J Lankford
Kevin J Lankford
25 days ago

And I can’t even get in to see an eye doctor to get needed glasses if I won’t succumb to their hoax pandemic and don their symbol of submission and gullibility. I think may be the translators of our King James Bible may have made a slight error in the translating of the “Mark of the Beast”, and should have been translated as “Mask of the Beast”.

25 days ago

Hey, it’s good enough for King Andrew I of New York:
comment image

25 days ago

The only place where I will wear a mask is when I go to donate plasma twice a week.

Steven Broiles
24 days ago

Well, there she goes again!

China agent Dragon Lady declares Christianity a slave morality and declares her disdain for us plebes! Follow the thread: She thinks it’s a real drag to govern us. To answer a question. In other words, SHE is the predator, and SHE thinks SHE is the victim!

This is what we’re up against. Feinstein, Schumer and Soros, et al. are of their father THE DEVIL!!!

23 days ago

Elitists are all alike.

PastyFacedJoe the FakeScienceGuy
PastyFacedJoe the FakeScienceGuy
23 days ago

Actually, she’s been double bagged her entire life.