Dianne Feinstein in tears after reading FBI report on Kavanaugh

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Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), whose personal driver of 20 years is a Chinese spy, received Christine Blasey Ford’s letter accusing Supreme Court nominee U.S. District Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh on July 30, 2018, but made no mention of the letter nor questioned Kavanaugh about Ford during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s 4-day hearing on the nomination, Sept. 4-7.

Feinstein sat on the letter and waited until September 12 — the day when the Committee had been scheduled to vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination — to forward the letter to the Justice Department.

On September 27, Kavanaugh and his accuser appeared before the Judiciary Committee, after which Feinstein and other Democrats demanded an FBI investigation into the accusations against Kavanaugh, although the FBI had already thoroughly investigated him six times.

On October 3, the FBI completed its 7th investigation of Kavanaugh and submitted its report to the White House and the Senate Judiciary Committee. The FBI’s supplemental background report on Kavanaugh, to which all senators have access, concluded that there is no corroboration for the allegations made by Ford or a second Kavanaugh accuser, Deborah Ramirez.

On October 4, Feinstein and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) held a press conference on the FBI report. Feinstein complained that the FBI had not interviewed either Kavanaugh or Ford (both, of course, had already testified under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee), and accused the Trump White House of “blocking” the FBI “from doing its job” and “tying its hands”.

Then it was Schumer’s turn to speak. Standing behind Schumer, Feinstein was visibly distraught, fighting back tears.

The following is an analysis of Feinstein’s body language during the press conference by Mandy O’Brien, who calls herself “Dr. Bombard”:

  • Feinstein was showing “extreme stress” as seen in how she held her head and shoulders and her hands in a tight grip, and her strained smile.
  • Deception, when Feinstein said “I had to leave” before she could read the entire FBI report.
  • “Putting on an act of strength” as Schumer began talking.
  • Fear, as her eyes pulled in in some inner thought unrelated to what Schumer was saying.
  • With her mouth tightly closed, her eyes glistened. She fights back tears, holding her head higher so that the tears won’t drain outward. All her movements are unrelated to what Schumer is saying, but have to do with her personal thoughts.

Meanwhile, the number of sealed indictments as of September 30, 2018 is a whopping 55,677, as President Trump beefs up Gitmo (the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) with more than $200 million in new construction this year and next, including $115 million for a new 848-troop barracks.

See “Sen. Lindsey Graham’s curious questions to Judge Kavanaugh on military tribunals for U.S. citizens

UPDATE (Oct. 7):

A FoxNews poll finds that 75% of Americans, across party lines, blame Dianne Feinstein for the Kavanaugh fiasco:


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40 responses to “Dianne Feinstein in tears after reading FBI report on Kavanaugh

  1. Proggies now that Kavanaugh has been confirmed:


    This . NEVER. GETS. OLD!

  2. A critical part of making America great again is getting rid of the Schumers and Feinsteins embedded in our system. Shutting them down is the first step of this process.

  3. Thank the Good Lord he has been confirmed!

    The Demoncrats have done more damage to themselves in the last few weeks than they will ever admit to or accept. Their masks have come off for everyone to see. If anyone had any doubts that those belonging to this cult of lunatics is demon possessed, they know now. Today’s screaming by banshees while the vote was being held sounded like something out of a horror movie.

  4. Her tears are so yummy & sweet!


    • In November 2018, we Deplorables (plus new recruits!) will extract a HUUYUUUGE Political Penalty from the (D) Donkey Party.
      Then in November 2020, we Deplorables will extract an even bigger Political Penalty from the Donkeys.
      In December 2020, the (D) Party will hold less than 22% of all elected seats in America.
      Cold Anger serves this ice cold revenge.

      But get ready for the (attempt at) thermonuclear war from the few surviving Donkeys, when President Donald J. Trump (PDJT) nominates a Conservative Textualist to replace Ginsburg after she passes.
      It will actually be fun to watch the remaining 20 (D) Party Senators at that time, as they attempt to scuttle that PDJT appointment.

      • Newt,

        2020 is important too, and not only for retaining the White House; it’s important to retain Congress too. Why? Because we have a census in 2020, which means REDISTRICTING. Whoever is in control at that time will determine how the districts are drawn, thus determining electoral success for the next 10 years…

      • They probably have the same medical team keeping Ginsberg going as they’ve got working on Hillary. She can’t stay awake or sober now. It would literally make my day to watch the uproar if Trump gets to select another.

    • This is the clip I was looking for – longer & better!


  5. Yup, choking back the tears…
    but of what? Could indeed be fear of the big reveal that seems to be coming. One domino knocks down the next, and so forth.

    • Traildust, this one sure was personal for DiFi, wasn’t it? She wasn’t fighting just to keep a conservative off the supreme court, it was personal for her. I take that as a good sign.

  6. I can’t muster up any sympathy for a women who had no campassion for the reputation and life of a decent man. There was no corroboration of these accusations!!!, period. I’m familiar with Diane Feinstein. I live in
    The Peoples Republic of California. About 4.5 million of us voted for Trump. The rest are Bowl of Granola people, fruit, flakes, and nuts!! I love winning! Diane, we’re only getting started! God Bless President
    Tump!! MAGA!

  7. Yew8itch.

  8. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we set out to deceive.

    Outstanding post, Dr. Eowyn! The piano music added to the first video was sublime with lyrics from “Mad World”!


  9. Patrick Cornell


  10. May this Evil and Wicked Automaton of Doom endure the consequences of the disorder she has sown! Diane Feinstein nearly succeeded in the DESTRUCTION OF THE SENATE, and she must be held to account! (And I am certain she did not act alone. As a matter of fact, where was Chuck Schumer in all of this?)

    What Hanna-Barbera cartoon did you escape from, Mrs. Feinstein?

  11. There’s a lot of frustration there. Must be hard when you’re rich and used to getting your own way.

    I doubt if she cares. She was just trying to put on a show for her owners. Tell me again why she needs a job?

  12. Feinstein tried to pull off an “11th Hour, Hail Mary Pass, but she FUMBLED”
    She thought in doing so, it would have her ‘equally Corrupt Dems want her to Stay On…They DON’T.’

    What she did is criminal, and she should pay the price. She And Others will equally see that their “Democrat Operative, Ms. Ford has done the Same Thing to Justice Neil Gorsuch, when she wrote on her FaceBook:( that has been SCRUBBED, along with her yearbooks/Twitter)

    “SOMEONE NEEDS TO “CRY RAPE” TO STOP NEIL GORSUCH FROM BEING IN THE SCOTUS”…..To which a poster replies: “That would not be legal to do that.” Ford replied: “SO?”

    So I DO hope the FBI/DOJ look at this Corrupt Dem-Operative Ford with a new set of eyes as SHE filed a FALSE CLAIM, and like the Other false ones

    Ford was seen at a part w/Soros(that IMO, probably PAID for her to come
    ‘out of the woodwork, with her False Accusations, when he learned that she
    lived in his area, and that she was a Liberal who would say/DO Anything for their UGLY CAUSE.

    I have read her yearbook online, BEFORE they got scrubbed, and she was NO ANGEL, as she/her girlfriends bragged about drinking until they passed
    out, And “they showed the ‘Sexual Ropes’ to the younger boys.’

    I want this woman to be investigated, as she gave a “Real Oscar Performance
    during the committee, but she Proved Herself a Liar-even by the woman who
    did question her…’Very Gingerly” while the Democrats “made her out to be a Heroic/Suffering Survivor of NOTHING, as she did to Judge Kavanaugh, what she ‘proposed SOMEONE should DO TO NEIL GORSUCH-proving that she ‘was NOT beneath doing it herself this time out! Trouble is, that No One she mentioned was even at any parties w/Judge Kavanaugh, and she had NOT Named who drove her home after her “Traumatic experience in that home, that she didn’t BOTHER to even tell her ‘friend Leland to “GET OUT, I WAS ALMOST RAPED” She did NOT name the person, as she KNEW that person would have been called on by the FBI…NONE OF THIS EVER HAPPENED TO THIS LIAR, WHO TRIED TO JUST THROW OUT AN ACCUSATION, THINKING SHE WOULDN’T HAVE TO GO ANY FURTHER THAN THAT, AND HER ACCOMPOLICE-FEINSTEIN!

    • Nicely said. I couldn’t agree more. I doubt that they’ll do anything though. They all conspired including her lawyers to scrub her internet presence, lest someone discover her true nature.

    • Christine Ford’s Fmr FBI Agent Friend Monica McLean ‘Pressured’ Leland Keyser to Amend Her Statement (Round em all up and jail or hang them)


    • Couldn’t agree more. They all need to hang for what they have done. It cannot be that hard to find out who was talking and emailing who when phone and email records are subpoened.

  13. BTW:
    Gateway Pundit DID have the Ford Yearbook info. on it’s site, by the clever person who captured it BEFORE Ms.Ford (or her Att.Katz(also a friend to Evil Soros/Hillary) ‘SCRUBBED IT.” You can read it as I did for yourselves, and the
    Face Book info is also there.

    To stop these Corrupt Democrat Antif/Socialist Thugs who are trying to ‘Take America DOWN…we ALL need to get out in the mid terms to vote for Anyone that POTUS Trump is backing to cause “ANOTHER RED WAVE

  14. I really do hope they do a thorough ethics probe on Feinstein.
    She has been there way too long imho and they also need to investigate the Chinese spy chauffeur working for her for 20 years and where she got all that money. DC really is a stinking sewer.

  15. We’ve waited many years and now it’s time to bring a sense of normalcy to our world. It should be quite refreshing. For the Dems it’s time to turn off the lights … the party is over.

  16. DiFi is human garbage. Go cry you old fool. RETIRE FOR GOD’S SAKE!

  17. none of these dem-criminals will retire or quit. But with 55k plus sealed indictments and $200m in gitmo improvements, more than a few of will be guests at the gitmo hilton. They’ll be convicted of sedition, treason, and high crimes and misdemeanors. Hope they feed ’em bread and water and make them break rocks. the death penalty wouldn’t be good enough for these dispicables.

  18. A FoxNews poll finds that 75% of Americans, across party lines, blame Dianne Feinstein for the Kavanaugh fiasco.


  19. It’s long past time for this senile old bat to be put out to pasture.

    Her Useful Idiot card expired a long time ago.

  20. FBI has all the text messages of the CB Ford #MeTooHatchetJob smear team, with Chi Di Fi as the ringleader, by the same team that brought us the PeePeeGate Dossier….

    “Kensington Conspiracy” posted at SGTreports


  21. Remember, laws are only effective if they’re enforced:


    “Jeff Sessions to the white phone……, Jeff Sessions, white phone, please”.


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