DHS warns you of turkeys

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Washington Examiner:  The Department of Homeland Security is taking any threat seriously during the Thanksgiving holiday, including the ominous threat to our national security posed by turkey fryers.
“How dangerous can turkey fryers be?” asks a warming issued on the official DHS Twitter account. “Make sure the turkey is completely thawed before placing in a fryer, or this may happen.”  The department linked to a videohighlighting the dangers of deep frying a turkey (above).
“Use turkey fryers outdoors at a safe distance from buildings.” the DHS tweeted, “Never use turkey fryers in a garage or on a wooden deck.”
DHS has other safety tips here for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
DHS, working hard to protect you.  Remember, if you see something, say a turkey fire, say something!

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10 responses to “DHS warns you of turkeys

  1. yes! by all means,call Janet Napolitano if you have a turkey fire. LOL!

  2. A FOTM reader posted this comment on our Facebook page:
    “”Just a FYI in case you hadn’t heard. All Butterball whole bird turkeys are Halal compliant, and this fact is not stated on the label. I called the company to tell them that I was returning my turkey to Wal-Mart tomorrow, and would not ever buy a Butterball again. The phone number on my label is 1-800-288-8372. I think the Butterball company not stating this fact on the labels is deceitful!”
    “Halal complaint” means food seen as permissible according to Islamic law.

  3. Frying a turkey is dangerous, but I don’t think it warrants the involvement of Janet “Reno II” Himmler.
    LOL – You can be sure the EPA is not going to like how I’m cooking my turkey tomorrow evening (I always cook mine the night before).
    I’ll inject it with about 1 cup of white wine with a teaspoon of sea salt dissolved in it, let it sit for about an hour, coat it with olive oil, course sea salt and fresh-ground pepper, then put it on one of my Weber kettle grills set up for indirect cooking (Webers are like charcoal convection ovens), and smoke it using hardwood charcoal briquets and apple wood chips for about four to five hours.
    It’ll squirt you in the eye when its done. 🙂
    I’ll let it cool for about 45 minutes, then wrap it up really tight in foil and tuck it in the fridge overnight.
    They carve so much better when they are cold.
    Good stuff.
    I’ll also be steaming some fresh green beans, making my killer blue cheese mashed taters (and yes, I’ll be using heavy cream and for-real butter – Moochelle the Food NAZI won’t like that at all), and given that I reside in Geowjia, desert will be warm pecan pie with vanilla ice cream.
    And there will be cranberry sauce as well, and I have plenty of chardonnay on hand, too, plus a bottle of a little something that is made just up the road in Lynchburg, Tennessee. 😉

  4. I heard about the halal Butterballs, and it disturbs me greatly. Love the Lynchburg reference as well. But I’m confused. Is Underwriters Laboratories, who made this video, part of DHS for real? Because they are listed as an independent not for profit org. Did I miss something? Please fill me in, I’m not being silly, I really don’t know about that.

  5. obama is a turkey. thanks for the heads up on butterball but we get a fresh turkey every year along with a goose and the ham we started on last night.


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