What a dhimmi: Justin Trudeau wears “Ramadan” socks at “Pride” parade

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trudeau meme
Oh look, another liberal performs virtual signaling. How quaint.
He forgot to check the Ramadan Bombathon tally.
From Breitbart: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore Ramadan-themed socks during an LGBT Pride parade in Toronto on Sunday.
Trudeau was photographed wearing the socks at a service just before the parade, where he also wished attendees a happy “Pride Mubarak” in celebration of the end of Ramadan.
“Trudeau was joined by his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, and their children Xavier and Ella-Grace. Grégoire Trudeau waved a rainbow flag, one of the symbols of the LGBTQ community,” reported TheStar.com. “Trudeau also wished the crowd a happy ‘Pride Mubarak,’ a play on words referring to the end-of-Ramadan celebrations happening in the Muslim community Sunday — celebrations Trudeau honoured with a pair of brightly coloured socks.”
In his speech, Trudeau declared “This is all about including people.”
“It’s all about how we celebrate the multiple layers of identities that make Canada extraordinary and strong, and today we celebrate with the entire LGBTQ community,” he continued.
This did not extend to Toronto police officers, who were reportedly asked not to march in uniform following demands from Black Lives Matter activists in 2016. According to TheStar.com, dozens of officers traveled from Toronto to New York to march in uniform as part of the New York Pride parade.
Being gay or bisexual is punishable by death in thirteen countries, all of which are majority-Muslim nations.
Read the rest of the story here.

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0 responses to “What a dhimmi: Justin Trudeau wears “Ramadan” socks at “Pride” parade

  1. I am absolutely convinced that Trudeau is mentally ill and really should be institutionalized.
    That being said, I see the political game here. In addition to the destruction of Canada, the Muslims who are accepted there will immigrate south to the United States, where they will continue to wreck havoc here. Let us always remember that it was George W. Bush who invited Somalian muslims over here, where they reside in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois, for the most part.
    Trudeau is a clown as the socks show. But let us admit to ourselves the truth about American foreign and domestic policy: We just had TWO clowns in office, both evil: One an “amiable dunce,” Bush, who started this insanity after 9/11, and a Clockwork Orange punk and pseudo-intellectual, who was constitutionally incapable of calling Islamic terror by its real name (because the CIA and the Mossad created it and unleashed it upon the world).
    In the future the number of mental patients in charge of nations will proliferate! Bushes! Trudeaus! Obamas! I see Bushes, Trudeaus and Obamas everywhere!!!

  2. Attention left/liberal progressives, here’s LGBT acceptance in the muslim world:

  3. Helene Pineau

    As a Canadian I find Trudeau a national embarrassment. Unfortunately we’re stuck with him until the next election.

    • Sorry to hear you say that, Miss Pineau, to begin with, it shouldn’t have happened, next election might be too late. By the way, He does have a gay look, doesn’t he?

  4. Justin Trudeau should pull the Ramadan socks over his punchable face.

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  6. I keep wondering when the militaries of the west are going to start arresting these jihadists in office and charging them with treason. You know, 0bama, klinton, merkel, trudew, etc etc.

  7. He was named in either Sue Ford’s (Bryce Taylor’s) bio of sex trafficking, Thanks for the Memories, or Cathy O Brien’s TRANCE formation of America- don’t remember which, but both were trafficked by their PARENTS as very tiny children and Trudeu was part of the traffic. So he’s even sicker in private.

  8. I wonder how his Arabic lessons are going?


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