Devil's Night in Ferguson: paramilitary men set car on fire

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On the night of November 24, 2014, after St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch’s announcement of the grand jury decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, the Missouri cities of Ferguson and St. Louis ignited in a conflagration of riots, looting, and burning.
Note that prosecutor McCulloch must have known that timing his announcement for 8 pm Central Time is sheer lunacy because anyone with two brain cells knows that darkness provides the perfect cover for looters, rioters, and arsonists.
Ferguson is part of the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area, with a majority Black population (67.4% in the 2010 census).
Ferguson St. Louis map
Most of the destruction took place within two square miles, centering on Florissant Ave. and Chambers Rd. in northern St. Louis (with a majority Black population), right on the eastern edge of Ferguson.
Florrisant Ave. & Chambers Rd
I don’t watch network TV news, so the images captured in the video below are the first I’ve seen of the mayhem.

It was a Devil’s night of hell on Earth.

Here’s a breakdown and analysis of the video:
The video begins with a fire burning inside and smoke billowing out of the building of the Auto Zone store.
Three men dressed in black hoodies and pants are outside the TitleMax Title Loans store. One of them smashes the glass door.
Another store, Auto Parts, is engulfed in flames.
Throughout all this, the voices of black men are audible, as cars drive past, honking, as if this was some ordinary night on the busy main street of some small town in America. Who are the people in the cars? Are they rioters or gawkers?
At the 0:52 mark in the video, four white men wearing facial masks, dark caps, dark jackets with some insignia on the front and back. One man is carrying a rifle.
Who are these men? 
At the 1:05 mark, a fire is burning inside TitleMax Title Loans.
Beg. at the 1:10 mark, we see an extraordinarily brave unarmed woman determined to protect a Papa Johns store. A man (#1) in a dark jacket and backpack, wearing a light-colored cap and face mask, is breaking the glass window of the store. A white woman with short dark blonde hair confronts the man. A black man (#2) joins man #1, shouting at and arguing with the woman. Man #1 defiantly throws another rock at the window. More shouting at the woman. Man #1 kicks the window and shoves the woman against the boarded-up door. She stands firm.
At the 2:13 mark, a group of five (including a couple holding hands!) stand in front of the Fashion R store. One of the group smashes a window with a garbage bin, as looters go in and out of the store’s broken door carrying armfuls of clothes.
At the 3:15 mark, things get really interesting.
A group of seven men in military-green jackets and pants, light-colored head gear and white face masks, carrying backpacks and assault rifles, stand around a car parked to the side of the Advance Auto Parts store. One of the men, dressed in black, throws something incendiary (a flashbang grenade?) into the car.

Ferguson7Paramilitary men in Ferguson riot, Nov. 24, 2014Click pic to enlarge

By the 3:24 mark, the video camera has moved away from the paramilitary men.
I cropped the second picture above to get a closer-up view of two of the men. Note the military field-green color of their uniforms, the big backpacks, white masks, and white shoes.
They look paramilitary. What were they doing, throwing a grenade into a car?
The video camera then pans across the Advance Auto Parts store, showing a fire inside.
At the 3:28 mark, three more paramilitary men (inside the yellow circle I painted) are walking on the sidewalk past a row of cars parked in front of the auto parts store.
At 3:37, the video camera comes in for a split-second close-up of three of the paramilitary men who had been standing around while the black-garbed man threw a grenade into the car.
At 4:47, another business completely engulfed in flames.
At 5:09, a man wearing a gas mask and dark clothes with the word “POLICE” in white on his back, walks past with a German Shepherd dog on a leash. Note that he looks nothing like the paramilitary men at Advance Auto Parts.
At the 5:27 mark, TitleMax Title Loans is now completely engulfed in flames. You can hear the crackling sound of the fire. Next door is Hunan Chop Suey Chinese Restaurant, which also was burned down.
At the 6:26 mark, Taco Bell is also burning.
At the 6:48 mark, a group of men in dark clothing and helmets are standing next to two black police cars with flashing lights at a Mobile gas station. You can hear a black man’s voice saying they are “SWAT team.” Note that the SWAT men look different from the paramilitary men at Advance Auto Parts.
At the 8:06 mark, a big store with the words “LOVE” on one of its windows looks ransacked and looted.
The video ends with the image of a white man dressed all in black with short dark hair, wearing dark glasses and a black mask over his mouth, carrying some sort of weapon. Is he one of the SWAT team? Note that he does not look at all like the paramilitary men.
Here’s a side by side comparison of paramilitary dudes vs. SWAT dude:
Nor do the paramilitary men in Ferguson resemble the Missouri National Guardsmen who, despite having been activated by Gov. Jay Nixon, were nowhere in sight on the night of Nov. 24, 2014.  Ferguson Mayor James Knowles says National Guard troops were purposely held back. Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder has accused Gov. Jay Nixon of holding back the National Guard troops because of pressure from Obama’s attorney general Eric Holder.
The National Guard were deployed only the next day. This is what the Missouri National Guard look like (source of pic: USA Today). Note that they don’t look anything like those paramilitary men at Advance Auto Parts.
Missouri National Guard troops
So what were those paramilitary men doing at Advance Auto Parts, throwing an incendiary bomb into a car? Had they set the store on fire earlier, out of the sight of the video camera? Did they set other cars on fire like these at the 7:18 mark in the video (below)? What about the businesses like TitleMax Title Loans and Hunan Chop Suey that were burned down? Did the paramilitary guys also set the stores on fire?
Burning cars in Ferguson riot, Nov. 24, 2014
To add to the suspicion, in the video below, a man who identifies himself as a former fire chief, firefighter and a fire academy certified instructor, tells Alex Jones that in his expert judgment, the fires in Ferguson were the work of TRAINED arsonists.

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  1. This whole mess was groomed from the start. To have the AG show up so quickly before the investigation is done reeks of plot.
    To know the thug’s older partner in crime has a long rap sheet and lied out his rear about everything and nothing was done nor was he called on the carpet was another signal.
    Then to send three reps from DC to a thugs funeral whole ignoring a fine honorable highest ranking member killed in action funeral was the final straw.
    This was the emergency they had all been waiting for, so it wouldn’t go to waste.
    And to send, all the race baiters in, including Al, I should be in jail for getting innocent people killed, Sharpton. Was all part of the plan.
    And to find out many of the rioters were from out of state, who was paying their way? And to call off the NG after we had been told for weeks they have been training and preparing and suddenly they were MIA. Yep, this reeks of a mass plot from the WH.

  2. This is indeed the devil’s work.

  3. Given the hidden agenda of this white house, it is highly likely we will see a race war in the next year, providing a pretext for martial law.

  4. Reblogged this on Taking Back America and commented:
    This is interesting…

  5. Glenn47; Trail Dust; angelforisrael: YES

  6. Those paramilitary dudes (green uniforms, helmets) are St. Louis County police in their tactical gear:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/police-shooting-missouri.jpg

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  8. seems to be a concerted effort to get a race war started….result will be greater police powers

  9. I keep mulling this over, something just doesn’t seem right. Are we seeing our police, are we seeing BO’s private army causing problems, or do we have some copy cats?
    I go with my gut, something is amiss.
    I keep waiting for the next emergency and the next shoe to fall.
    Ulsterman reported a few months ago, that Jarrett was overheard bragging they have so much more to do to us yet. Is this part of it, or the recent raised taxes that no one is talking about or another FF soon on the horizon.
    Are they itching to use their camps?
    There is an odor in the air.

    • Democrats sure seem to like militarized police when it comes to grabbing guns and jailing people they don’t like…

    • valerie jarrett scales me almost as much as the black pansies and Louis farakhan. I was reading an article that claims Jarrett actually runs then white house and Obama is her bitch. I have watched a few videos of her speaking and to be honest it may as well have been the devil himself speaking
      I have talked to a few local town cops here and they concur that the leftist elites are pushing hard for total race war. I asked a cop who he thought they were planning on using all the hollow point rounds on and he said, definitely won’t be used in negroes or hispanics but whites only. he added that he wished her was closer to retirement age as he does not want to be around when SHTF, he ended by saying there will be martial law

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