Detroit lawmaker pushes “bullet bill” where you have to purchase ammo through law enforcement and go through mental background check

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It’s always about control.

From The Detroit News: A resolution introduced in Wayne County seeks to encourage state and federal legislators to regulate and limit ammunition sales.

Outgoing District 6 Commissioner Reggie “Reg” Davis submitted the resolution to the commission’s chair, Gary Woronchak, to encourage Michigan and U.S. leaders to adopt policies to end gun violence. If the commission does that, Davis said, he plans to seek passage of an ordinance to adopt the policies for which his resolution calls.

“In Detroit, it’s the wild, wild west,” Davis, a Democrat, told The Detroit News in a phone interview. “I want to stop turning on the TV every day seeing a younger version of myself at a gas station or a Coney Island, seeing these kids kill each other. We need some sort of control.

Davis spoke about his resolution before members of the media Tuesday morning at Woodlawn Cemetery in Detroit, where his brother and uncle, slain from gun violence, are entombed.

Davis’ resolution would call for ammunition sales to require a background check, including a mental health evaluation. It also would encourage levying higher taxes on ammunition and limiting the number of bullets a person can buy.

Davis said the resolution also would seek the ability for people to purchase ammunition at a law enforcement agency, where they could get a background check done, as well. He said he is not seeking to limit its purchase at stores or gun shows.

Revenue made from bullet sales and taxes, Davis said, could go toward families of gun violence victims and educating people on gun safety and the Second Amendment.

“To the NRA, we’re not trying to destroy anything you stand for,” Davis said. “I support the Second Amendment. But I’m looking to build a better community for urban Americans, for Detroiters.”

The NRA did not respond for a comment. (Yes they did. See here.)

Davis also recently learned of a push in California to include serial numbers on bullets. He said he hopes to add an addendum to the resolution he is proposing that would call for a way to track bullets, though he expressed concern that using serial numbers for each bullet would be costly.

Davis said he would like to see the resolution passed at the meeting of the 15-member board on Oct. 4 or the one after. He is hopeful for the resolution but is doubtful an ordinance could survive since it would likely face legal challenges.

“We are all creatures of the state,” Davis said. “They can trump anything we do, but I don’t care. I want to fight.”

Earlier in his life, Davis said he had an “affinity” for guns, owning sniper rifles, double barrel sawed-off shotguns, Glocks, revolvers and more. That changed on Feb. 19, 2001, when his 19-year-old brother, Vito, died in a botched armed robbery.

Now, he said he no longer carries a weapon on him, though he added that “no one should try breaking into my house at 3 a.m.”

“You have one or two or three of those moments in your life that brings you closer to God, gives you a more crisp vision of life,” Davis said. “It definitely gave me a clearer vision of my life, and I’m going to fight until my dying day against this gun violence.”


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13 responses to “Detroit lawmaker pushes “bullet bill” where you have to purchase ammo through law enforcement and go through mental background check

  1. “That changed on Feb. 19, 2001, when his 19-year-old brother, Vito, died in a botched armed robbery”

    They’re unable to control the mental stability of criminals so they lash out at our God given rights.
    To me, that makes THEM mentally unstable also.

  2. In Detroit, it’s the wild, wild West …
    No, want-wit. It’s sub-Saharan Africa.

    • Charles, is not the Wild West, it’s the Muslimes city of Detroit. How can it be possible in this United States of America the police has left it to the ragheads to control the area? Little by little they’ve been taking inch by inch and we Americans have allow it to happen.

  3. All the gang members are in line already!!

  4. “… when his 19-year-old brother, Vito, died in a botched armed robbery”.
    Do he be the robber or do he be the robbee?

    • I believe he was the victim. Reggie says his brother was “assassinated” by five young men. That’s all I know of what Reggie said. I can’t find all the details.

      What I do know is that his brother wasn’t slain by “gun violence,” he was slain by criminals.

  5. We don’t need their permission. “…..Shall not be infringed”. Equating tools to actions is misleading. Of course they will claim ANYTHING to do their bosses’ bidding.

  6. If a group of thugs decides to beat kids to death with ball bats are they going to outlaw bats? I doubt it (unless you’re in London).

    NONE of this has ANYTHING to do with crime. People should STOP arguing with them……PERIOD. Do not get sucked into compromise arguments. All you can do is lose.

  7. Who needs bullets, when you have one of these? The Girandoni Air Rifle.

  8. Those dang law-abiding people– we have to cite rampant gangsta violence to keep them under control! (Ah, Blue State progressives… )

  9. I saw this a few days ago, and had to laugh. I probably have more ammo in my bedroom than they would allow for anyone to have in total. And yes, I live in Michigan. It’s getting nearly as bad as California and the other states that follow them.
    Debbie Stabenow is one of our Senators and she is the most reliable vote for the Democrats in DC that you could hope to find. Of course she has been running ads on our television for the last few weeks, telling just how she took on Trump et al, when Trump sent his last budget proposal to the House, and it didn’t include money for the Great Lakes clean up and such. And how she went to save the day, in a bi partisan move. The sad thing is, a lot of our residents don’t really understand just how our federal budget works, and think that the president is the one who actually finalizes the budget.
    I have to say, with all the Californians moving to Texas, I would not even know where to run away from my own home state, if and when they get much worse. Our government makes the Russians and Putin look positively competent in comparison.

  10. That oughta make the criminals obey the law.

  11. While well intentioned by Commissioner Davis, gun control is planned by globalist NWO/UN forces to lead to control over all other areas of our lives.


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