Despite months of U.S. air strikes, ISIS now controls a third of Syria

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After the Obama administration has inflicted 800 air strikes and wasted $1.2 billion of taxpayers’ money since last August to “combat” the Islamic State jihadists, who Obama insists are not really Islamic, ISIS has doubled its territory to now one-third of Syria. Forgotten by the media are the warnings by the Pentagon and military analysts that relying on air strikes alone is a policy that’s bound to fail.
This is yet another scandalous failure that isn’t sticking to Obama. He’s not just teflon-coated; he has the protection of the complicit media and “principalities and powers” in high places.

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0 responses to “Despite months of U.S. air strikes, ISIS now controls a third of Syria

  1. It’s not surprising that this is the case, Obama is a failure at absolutely everything he does including golf. The fact that this is not on the news everyday makes me hate the media even more. Protecting this POS is putting American safety at risk and people have a right to know that. I think you’re right on target Dr. Eowyn, when you say his protection is also coming from “principalities and powers.” This president is like Satan himself and it’s been chilling to watch the signs that surround him.

  2. Son of the Rabbit People

    Most any military expert can tell you that trying to achieve military or political goals utilizing only air power is extremely unlikely. It didn’t work against Germany after we had reduced every city of any consequence to rubble. It didn’t work against Japan either without atomic weapons.
    Obama is not trying to beat ISIS. He’s trying to look like he cares but he doesn’t.

    • Yup, airstrikes (espcially haphazard political ones for the sake of “doing something” publically) tend to just tick people off at best and provide down aircrews for them to torture and hold hostage at worst.

  3. Can Syria stand any more “help” like this?

  4. We should get over there with some eight ounce cans, stat!
    This is what happens when you have a community organizer as CIC…


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