Despite improving economy, California millennials still 'failing to launch'

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Sacramento Bee: The economy is improving, the unemployment rate is dropping, but hundreds of thousands of Californians between ages 25 and 34 still can’t seem to leave their childhood home.
About 1.3 million Californians between the ages of 25 and 34 lived with their parents in 2014, new census figures show. That’s about 22.7 percent of Californians in that age group, down less than a percentage point from 2013 but well above levels seen before the last recession.
The simplest explanation for the phenomenon is a lack of economic opportunity. A large proportion of young adults still living with their parents continue to struggle to find jobs that pay enough for rent, a Bee review of census data found. Roughly 70 percent of young adults living with their parents made less than $30,000 last year.
California young adults living with parents are more likely to be men, to be unemployed, to be in a minority ethnic group, to lack a four-year college degree, to never have served in the armed forces or to work part-time, census figures show.
But some young adults are making good money and choosing to stay at home. About 340,000 Californians between ages 25 and 34 earned at least $30,000 last year – and still lived with their parents, the Bee’s review found.
See the charts that summarize the characteristics of Californians between 25 and 34 living with their parents here.

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0 responses to “Despite improving economy, California millennials still 'failing to launch'

  1. “California young adults living with parents are more likely to be men”
    The sissification of American men is succeeding.

  2. Why no mention of the H 1 B Visa (white genocide) program? If we brought an end to H 1 B Visas we could give 17 million high paying high tech jobs to our young people. Better still, we would eliminate the student loan debt bubble.

  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Those who would call themselves millennials seem to be awful full of themselves.
    It is my understanding that the “Millennials” will be the first resurrected and the survivors of the tribulations after the second coming of Jesus.

  4. When most middle class wealth is based on jobs, then: No Jobs = No Middle Class. This is the goal of the Obama administration. Millennials have only themselves to blame, as they got the president they wanted.

  5. “The economy is improving, the unemployment rate is dropping….”
    Who says it is? Food and energy prices are rising dramatically, while wages remain stagnant; and the “real” unemployment rate is closer to 37% (Washington Examiner, Jan 2014). Recoveries are historically tied to the job market and the housing market. As both are still in the tank, and the monetary policies of the Fed control the ups and downs of our fake economy, then it is silly to say that we are not still in recession.

  6. GREAT choice of photo, DCG. 😀

  7. DCG . . . once again you have brought to us an excellent post! It the saddest thing when young men in the very prime of their existence cannot find work, and so they languish at their parents home wondering why these unfortunate circumstances have fallen on them. The one answer to that is Washington, DC. All those folks are fat and happy, so they feel all is well with the world. This does not bode well for our nation, and I do hope that we can get people with a different mindset into office.

  8. Gen Y…

  9. Personally , I hope this so-called male , ” never launches “


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