Desperate Plea from an eBay Bidder

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“Does anyone know how to cancel a bid on eBay?

I put in a $7 bid for a “Mickey mouse outfit” and now it seems I’m only 19 minutes away from owning Obama’s entire cabinet.”


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0 responses to “Desperate Plea from an eBay Bidder

  1. Hahahahaha… Thank you.. I needed that today! 😀 HILARIOUS!

  2. ROFL!

  3. This am Rush offered money to any firm that would do a poll of Skippy vs. Mickey Mouse…lol

  4. Yes, humorous, but very darkly: this mouse is a rat w/filthy fangs that spread disease at every bite! As a child in Chicago during the Fifties I saw evidence of their coming and going: large holes chewed through thick wood, even concrete. My father said only metal will stop them, and so it remains to this day….

  5. Just buy it and then burn it as an efigy on the news.


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