Deranged Democrat Threatens a Constituent

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Dem Assemblyman Caught on Voicemail Saying He‘d Like to ’Smack Around’ Female Constituent

Have you ever accidentally left a message on someone’s voicemail? It can be quite embarrassing, especially if you don’t realize your every word is being captured. This is the situation that Fred Clark, a Democratic Wisconsin state assemblyman, recently found himself in while making campaign calls.

Unfortunately for Clark — who can be heard on a voicemail recording saying that he’d like to “smack around” a female constituent – he is in the midst of an electoral battle. The press he’s receiving following his unintended blip is certaintly coming at the wrong time. The Baraboo News Republic has more:

Clark, who is challenging Sen. Luther Olsen, R-Ripon, in a recall election, was making campaign calls last week when he reached the Baraboo home of Sue and John Stapelman.

The answering machine took the call at first, but Sue Stapelman then picked up. The machine’s tape kept recording.

After Clark introduced himself, he told Sue Stapelman that he was challenging Olsen in the upcoming recall election.

Stapelman responded: “Yeah, and isn’t that a crime.”

She then hung up on Clark, but her answering machine kept the line open and continued recording.

After a brief pause, he can be heard saying the following to a campaign staffer: “OK. I feel like calling her back and smackin’ her around.”

Following the incident, Clark apologized, saying:

“In a moment of frustration after a discouraging phone conversation last week, I made a clearly inappropriate comment to my campaign staffer after the call.

I understand the statement was completely inappropriate under any circumstance and I want to apologize. I am deeply sorry for any distress this incident my have caused for Ms. Stapelman or anyone in her family.”

Listen to a recording of the accidental message below:

Tom in NC

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3 responses to “Deranged Democrat Threatens a Constituent

  1. Any word from NOW? Not holding my breath…

    If Wisconsin elects this tool, I won’t be surprised.

  2. Fred Clark?

    LOL – Yeah, his parents were real winners, weren’t they?


  3. No can you understand why I consider my land line and my answering machine so useful? For this reason I will never get rid of it, until land lines simply no longer exist. When ever I want to screen a call, I simply allow my answering machine to pick up. I can hear it all over the house, and I sure as heck can’t get my cell phone to do that.

    As far as this ja””””””’s goes; I expect nothing less from these arrogant bubble headed liberal politicians.


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