Der Spiegel Declares Obama "Decidedly Average"

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There is a 12 page captioned  photo gallery entitledAn Average President on the website of German media giant, Der Spiegel.  It appears they are distinctly underwhelmed by the performance of our first African-American, Nobel Prize-winning President.   ~LTG

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0 responses to “Der Spiegel Declares Obama "Decidedly Average"

  1. They were very kind to him, I would not have been. What would I have said, The best gun salesman in America

    • Hey, ragman,
      Why don’t you try — just ONCE — to actually say something that is about the post, or try — just ONCE — to actually have a conversation with us, instead of interjecting stuff you think is important, but is inappurtenant to the post?

  2. I agree, they are being most kind!

  3. Life as Obama has to suck, when your core base (the European Media) declares you Average you know you’re in deep trouble.


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