Deplorables losing patience with Q

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Those who follow the self-described Trump White House insider who calls himself Q, aka QAnon, had been led to believe in one important date after another, none of which materialized.

The most recent date on which something major was supposed to happen was December 5. But the only thing that happened on December 5 was not the anticipated crackdown on the cabal, but former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral.

Then we were told that the “something major” had to be postponed because of the funeral.

So I waited.

Nothing happened.

Instead of the much-ballyhooed “The Storm”, everything is getting worse:

  • Republicans lost their majority in the House.
  • The Mueller investigations not only continue but are expanding.
  • The Wall isn’t getting built.
  • And to add insult on injury, yesterday the Trump State Department announced $10.6 billion in aid for southern Mexico and $5.8 billion in aid for Central America from whence came the invading migrant “caravans”. (Daily Wire)

December 5 was the last straw for me.

Yesterday, this was posted by Enceladus72 on Voat‘s “Great Awakening” subverse. Before it was deleted by the moderator, the post had 4,338 views, 194 upvotes, 33 downvotes, and 416 comments:

I believe you are the real deal i.e. not a larp. However I believe your main purpose has been to contain the unbridled rage of Trumps base. It fits lock and key with ‘trust the plan’. Just wait, and memes away, no other action necessary team Q has this, hold my beer, nothing to see here. You don’t need us just keep us from ruining your plan. About the plan. Is the plan to occupy Syria for the foreseeable future? How about regime change in Iran? Fight fight fight! And lets not forget about Yemen. Cuddling up to those hairy backed camel fuckers in the KSA? All part of the plan? Trump’s base didn’t vote for any of that neocon bullshit. Trust me I don’t trust you. I’ll continue with trust Sessions or the midterms are secure or are you ready for arrests. You get the point. You better hope your little containment OP holds together because while pedophiles satanist might be scary we the Patriots are much more fearsome. We have God himself on our side and a flaming righteous indignation.

Kisses Joe ‘Q’ Public

Some comments in agreement:

“For my part, I have waited long enough. January 1 is the deadline many of us have been living by.”

“I think Flynn being for all intents accused of treason by the judge broke the proverbial camel’s back. Justice is no longer viewed as an option.”

“i agree. Q better do something visible and meaningful like fucking yesterday (as in right now) because this shit is hitting a fever pitch of frustration. at the very least hes about to lose most of his base.”

“Trust Sessions trust Wray…blah blah blah blah blah.”

“Time for an American Spring. All gun owners and hunters rise up and take it all down.”

“Without doubt us Q followers have now hit a low point. I am discouraged. While I firmly do believe Q is the real deal, I have come to the point of questioning the “genius” behind ALL of the Trust the Plan. I do feel Q and Trump are true Patriots but are they really smart enough to truly save our Country? I don’t think I can bare to even read new Q right now…same old clever cryptic hints that string us along. I have followed Q for over a year. If I see one more [RR] I just might give up entirely. And Declas?? Perhaps Q misjudged our ability to endure the loooong waiting game. I’m at a very low Q point”

“I’m as disgusted as the next person… I do see lots of things happening, just not what I want to see… I think a big problem is that Q said over a year ago the HRC was to be arrested. That didn’t happen, not the best way to start trusting relationship with the “people”. And he’s kept us watching EVERY time something is about to happen boom boom boom. It gets old… If it was going to take a year since the order was signed, then he shouldn’t have dragged us this far because it’s not happening, at least not yet… I will hang in there for 2 more weeks, then time is up and I’ll go back into the shell I was in, it’s safe there…”

“I agree. This entire Q phenomenon seems to be more of a weekly soap opera where we are all compelled to figure out logistic puzzles and take part in never ending data pulls that support Q Group’s assertions/narrative driven by Q and company. This is a war of wits and media dexterity against the MSM.

While I agree that there is absolutely evil and debauchery that has been pushed out into the open and that there is a military driven effort to clean out DC, I think that there is also a very BIG possibility that the Left and the DS [Deep State] are taking advantage of the ‘trust the plan’ BS that Q lays out, as a terrific way to control angry Americans, and ‘pacify’ Veterans, Patriots, and keep Americans less vigilant and more reliant on ‘others’ to right the wrongs, set things right, and avenge the injustices wrought by the Leftists, Globalists, and Marxists, and worse, the treasonous shit bags- on both Left and Right.

I think that if Patriots want to rise up and FIGHT and push back on the Leftist and Globalist Agenda, then lets DO IT. Enough of this constant game being played on us by Q. The QTeam has given more BS than they have TRUTH. I know there has to be misdirection and some lies to maintain Operational Control, but they must truly think American Patriots and Commie Fighters are naive, weak, and lacking in their own fortitude, when they keep pushing daily narrative that is vague, give promises that are never kept, and dates and events are intentionally explained away when they fail to occur. Always disappointment, yet many still linger on QMap like drug addicts, waiting for the next drops…. RIDICULOUS.”

A sample of comments still believing in Q:

“Don’t group me into your Joe Public stuff. I have my own mind and I am sticking with the plan as presented. I have been looking at all of this shit (not Q related) for the last 10 years so what has been accomplished in the last 2 years (with Q) has really given me hope for our country. Just slow down and look at other reasons why things are being done the way they are.”

“At least wait another month before you give up your faith. Think about it.All these executive orders DJT has passed relating to Treason, Military Tribunals, Confiscating wealth of people involved in Human traffic, the war on pedos. The ligit sealed indictments and finally the EO that goes into effect on Jan 1st 2019 that allows these people to be tried in public courts by the public in the form of Military Tribunals. Too many coincidences for all of this to be fake. I am hanging in there and am not willing to give up hope.”

“This is a long game. The deep state’s tentacles are deep and interwoven. The only way to truly take them out is to get every thing in place so that when the trap is sprung there is no escape. The cabal thrives on fear and chaos. They would like nothing more than a violent revolution so they can react and really clamp down, not to mention it would take them closer to their depopulation goals. I don’t think those that are clamoring for instant gratification would like the consequences. If we erupt in a shooting civil war in this day and age, we would be vulnerable to military attack, to social collapse and chaos, danger to our overseas interests… and much more. This isn’t the 19th century.”

“I understand that everyone wants some catalyzing moment. Something shocking like what they saw on 9/11 but for the good. But history doesn’t work that way. Even 9/11 didn’t work that way – it started long before that date and continues in its effects to this day.

So everyone chill out…. And if it’ll make you feel better, make a list of all the big happenings since 2016. I know it seems like nothing is happening when you’re glued to your phone clicking and waiting for perp walks but make that list if you’re serious. You see that a tremendous amount of shit has happened since 2016, but maybe not in the last 5 mins so you can get your fix.

Add up election fraud revelations, me too, ceo resignations, nxivm cult, pedo busts, etc. and you’ll see we are living in extraordinary times.”

“Ha ha I am sure they know that they (Q) will hang first, even before Killary and Oh-Bummer if they fuck us over. There will be no escape for them, that is for sure. Not worried and trusting the plan. See we are not a bunch of cucked faggots like EU. Our guns give us FARRRRRR more restraint because if and when we do have to stand up it will be a bloodbath like the world has never seen.”

What do you think? Are you losing patience with Q?

For me, I don’t buy Q’s stated reason for writing in code — so that “the opposition” won’t know Trump’s plans. The only problem is this: Q has spawned a veritable cottage industry of Q acolytes decoding his cryptic messages. If Q acolytes can decode his messages, “the opposition” can also decode. And if they are too stupid to do it, they can just read Q acolytes’ decoding that is freely available online. So what’s the point for Q to continue writing in code?

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75 responses to “Deplorables losing patience with Q

  1. I don’t understand I posted long ago that Q is a lie. It is a husband wife team with a few hacker friends hacking into the Journalist website where they submit their stories before they are approved and released. Q is just a movement started at first in good intent to rally Trump supporters but then……they decided to start making money off the movement and were caught by other hackers who traced back to the source. Sorry to disappoint but this has been known for quite a while now. Of course each time you are on a Q blog you are deleted before you can get the word out.

    • What “Journalist website”?
      Q posted only on 8chan/4chan message boards.

    • That’s just plain bunk. You don’t know anything about Q if that’s what you believe.

    • Nah, BS. You are a shill. I know the style, as I do the same to libs. Q is a Whitehouse stall-for-time/marketing campaign. I worked hard for Trump, and I am sick of his bullshit. He lacked the guts to yank DS Mueller. He lacks the guts to build the wall, and he lacks the guts to arrest Clinton. Big mouth, small balls, all ego.

    • Sydney McMurray

      Something big did happen December 5. And it happened at George Bush’s funeral. So what I don’t know understand is if any of you have been following Q like me, why don’t you know? If you are just uninformed and wish to be educated, please go to YouTube and review the many videos Q anons have posted about the December 5th funeral and see for yourselves that something BIG did happen. . It was with great satisfaction to be able to see the looks on the faces as they were served notice. Enjoy the show

  2. Yup. I’ve been following Q, Neon Revolt, etc etc, for about a year. Dec. 5 did me in too. I feel like I need to go back to the long research we used to do. After the 5th, the current news cycle has completely lost interest for me.

    Weak? Maybe. We can only do so much, sitting on the sidelines, typing away, reading away, listening away. We have jobs, families, friends. We need to learn how to disciple people. Pray. Make a local difference. There is no political solution to a spiritual problem. Say Q/Trump win. Then what? The country is still corrupt. Sin is rampant. People actually think they’re men when they’re women and vice-versa.

    As for Q, I think he/they better fire a few bombs away and let us know they are on the offensive. Kavanaugh voted to keep funding for PP? Wow. And I thought that fight was a history changer. I even emailed lots of people to watch his speech.

    The base needs a game changer. We need prison time. We need Flynn exonerated and built a new house. We need the troops to come home. We need pedophiles to be OUTED. We need justice and truth. Those are the foundations of the throne.

  3. Citizen’s arrests are legal in most states. Ordinary citizens are allowed to arrest lawbreakers and turn them into relevant authorities. Most big city LEO need not apply.

  4. Wow…Strange timing.

    These are the titles of the last 5 articles posted by WDIM (a website like this one, occasionally featured by whatfinger)
    [Starting from the bottom going up]

    “Deep State” Wipes Out 1/8th Of US Economy Then Warns “Run For Cover” As Pillars Of Global Financial System Prepare To Crash

    “Deep State” Cries “We Don’t Know How To Stop It” As “QAnon” Forces Backing Trump Prepare For Mass Arrests

    “QAnon” Sends Warning From US Generals To American People After Washington Plunged Into Darkness

    Mysterious “QAnon” Message From Air Force One Solved With Shocking US Justice Department Document Release

    POTUS Trump and the Patriots are trying to destroy a cabal that has existed for over a THOUSAND years!
    Believe in God and our Savior Jesus Christ, and

  5. Well now will good conservatives start to wake up and see that this so-called “savior” president is not who he says he is? Yes, I do know that Hillary is Satanic and a traitor! We did not have a real choice.

  6. “Q” is a Deep State psyops to placate the pissed off Deplorables, give them false hope and keep them quiet while the Deep State continues its relentless campaign against Donald Trump . ALL of the significant victories have been for the Deep State. Think about that.

    • QAnon is likely a combination of NSA, CIA and Military Intel for the purpose of splitting the Patriot, Conservative and Christian movement when nothing happens. Qase Qlosed!

      • @Hemp3Shemp “Splitting the movement” just like (((they))) did with billionaire insider Ross Perot, split the anti-NAFTA/WTO/Immigration Moratorium movement spearheaded by Pat Buchanan in 92 & 96.

  7. Sun Tzu said, “Be extremely mysterious . . .Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate . . .Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns . . . If of high morale, depress them.”

    I don’t get the shtick mystery, either, unless it’s Hoffmanesque grinning mockery of the President’s base by possible elements in the cryptocracy. Or, more likely, it’s some idiot’s idea of fun that’s finally run aground on bad guesses. Anyway, we still have the Logos as our guiding star regardless of topical distractions like Q and msm lies.

    • Amen!
      I understand exactly what you are talking about, and when you mentioned the Logos then I knew for certain you are fully Tuned In!

  8. Kevin J Lankford

    It is becoming all too apparent, at least in what we can see and are experiencing, that the “swamp” is expanding well beyond our concerns ever could have imagined. Some thing must turn around; and soon.

  9. i grew tired long ago…i am just waiting for it too start…..trump is not going to do any thing meaningfull …..i firmly beleive he has been lieing from the git go and all he is doing is lineing up stuff to take US out and geusse what most of you morons fell for and i did to…as of now i dont know what to do but i am still prepping and prepareing for action good luck one and all………

  10. deep shills are ‘losing patience’ … there … fixed that.

  11. Well at least some one said what needed to be said and that is if this turns out to be bullshit [Q] and the Donald will be the first to hang. As this entity states:
    “Ha ha I am sure they know that they (Q) will hang first, even before Killary and Oh-Bummer if they fuck us over. There will be no escape for them, that is for sure. Not worried and trusting the plan. See we are not a bunch of cucked faggots like EU. Our guns give us FARRRRRR more restraint because if and when we do have to stand up it will be a bloodbath like the world has never seen.” .Emphasis on ” A bloodbath like the world has never seen”

  12. After christmas patriots. 🙂
    Jan 2019 starts in gitmo.

  13. Trust The Plan
    God Has Every Thing Under Control

  14. Drink more Ovaltine is the message

  15. I think Q writes in code for “plausible deniability”, if decoded correctly, so be it.

    60,000 sealed indictments?? That requires a shit-ton of people to work on them in fairly short order, and for all of them to keep their jaws from flapping.

    Q lost a lot of “credibility” when Sessions resigned, Q said he served his purpose, and then…crickets.

    Trust the plan, trust Sessions, I mean, acting AG Whitaker, I mean former-and-soon-to-be-again-AG Barr.

    There was some promise in the beginning when lots of low-hanging-fruit pedophiles were arrested in the first year or so, especially compared to Barry’s entire tenure in office. But the highly-visible pedos still walk around.

    We all wanted to believe, but we haven’t even been thrown a bone. I mean, just how much more watertight of a case can be made? If you twist something too tight, sometimes it breaks, and thus negating the all the work put into it in the first place.

    • I’d settle for one or two indictments. Lord knows they’re guilty enough.

      • It also matters just who is indicted – it’s time for Cabinet-level officials to be brought to “justice”; no more low-hanging fruit.

        Brennan is supposedly the first big name…

        • If I started listing them I could have a hundred easy. Those would include Obongo, Lynch, Clinton, Abadin, Holder, etc., etc.,. The point I was making is there are a handful who continue to flaunt the law right in our faces almost daily with impunity.

          In addition, I keep up with Judicial Watch. They keep asking why the Trump Justice Department is still fighting their FOIA requests. It’s a good question. Someone should do something about that.

        • Yes the commie/hippie traitor Brennan first to Ride The Lightning, or better yet, have a rope hung around his neck. There is a long list after, but Brennan first to face capital punishment for treason.

  16. It will be interesting to see how this charade plays out. We can only trust that God is in charge and every last detail is unfolding according to His plan. Meanwhile, we pray to know how we can best serve Him; what does he want us to do to defend Christendom?

    Why is it that we keep seeing glossy magazine covers plastered with pictures of Michelle Obama? Can she get over herself? Does she not realize that we would really appreciate a reprieve from her and her deranged husband?

    Last week when FLOTUS Melania Trump visited hospitals, M.O. did the same thing on the same day to make headlines. Her publicity stunts are obnoxious; she seethes with envy of Mrs. Trump. It is beginning to seem as though Michelle Obama has a “thing” for President Donald J. Trump! Why else is she so obviously jealous of Melania?

    Michelle’s actions are pitiful. Her immaturity and gross ignorance are absolutely shocking. It does not reflect well on American magazines such as Good Housekeeping to feature Michelle Obama on their cover when this was a First Lady who openly stated her disdain for America. She owes Melania Trump and all of America an apology. Her behavior is disgraceful. She’s old enough to know better.

    The horrible smears and propaganda against FLOTUS lately, especially since her magnificent Christmas decoration of the White House, are an attack on Christendom.

    We really need to pray for those who dwell in darkness, hatred, lies and deception who refuse to honor Jesus Christ as Savior: Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and thou, O prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power God, cast into hell Satan and all evil spirits wandering about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

    That’s one of Trump’s saving graces; he’s never afraid to call upon Jesus Christ publicly. God bless him for that.

  17. I’ve followed “Q” since the beginning not so much for Q but it is the best place for breaking news all in one place. I will say however if arrests, the wall, etc isn’t coming soon I see a civil war. Q only has days left before he’s either exposed as real or a fraud. For those that are voicing negative opinions of Q it’s completely obvious they have no clue what Q is about. We KNOW the crimes committed we need to see justice…..

    • Another purpose of QAnon is to slow roll the movement until the economy crashes thereby taking the steam away from us. Economy crash perhaps=too late.

  18. Dr. Eowyn, many thanks for this very timely report and I appreciate YOU taking the time to compile it about Q. I am of the opinion Q & Company is designed to distract and amuse. Case in point December 5th was an important date, yet he revealed nothing. On December 1, the IMF defaulted on what it owes. Three days grace time….December 2, December 3, December 4….. And on December 5, it becomes official. Q would have known that just like many others. If Q truly was an insider in the Trump Administration, he would’ve known The IMF,[a private corporation] that has functioned as “The U.S. Department of the Treasury” since 1946, owes us $190 Trillion USD, which it can’t pay.

    Below is an important link to a short 4.5 minute video that will stimulate thoughts as you listen to the conversation Catherine Austin Fitts had 3 weeks ago with Harry Blazer on the “swamp and Q”. Catherine makes an extremely astute point concerning Q’s angry followers and many other topics. QUOTE:
    This week Harry Blazer joins me to discuss the “Deep State.” This is the first conversation on this critical topic, with more to follow.
    The Deep State has received a lot of coverage over the last few years. Unfortunately, it is difficult to navigate through the misinformation and disinformation – much of which is intentional.
    I asked Harry to join me to define the Deep State and how it operates. In the first episode of this series, we focus on the time period from the passage of the National Security Act of 1947 and the creation of the CIA until the end of the Eisenhower administration. We rely as our primary source on the books and interviews of L. Fletcher Prouty – a former Air Force colonel and insider who, more than anyone else, has shed light on Establishment mechanisms and structures that have enabled the contemporary Deep State.
    The primary forces that shape our world are covert. Those forces have grown considerably since the late 1940s when the national security state was formally created and given unimpeded access to a powerful US federal budget and credit mechanisms. Using the global reserve currency and securities markets, the national security state has married US sovereign cash flows and credit with the high-margin flows of organized crime, insider transactions and trading, and war. The result is a global economy and culture defined by violence, intrigue and secrecy.
    This discussion is the first in a series that is designed to demonstrate that the Deep State exists and is a profound influence on every aspect of our lives. As always, we believe that by shining light and promoting transparency, we can help our subscribers and others navigate the head winds and live a free and inspired life.

    After the above video plays, there is another shorty that will play automatically with Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe about their new company Pretty Good Knowledge.

    This link will tie things together in more ways than you can imagine. Pour yourself a stiffner and get your thinking cap on about your community and state. Here is one of the Council of Governments that Judge Anna Maria referred to in the “parting shot” link. They’re set up all over the US and apparently are all implementing UN Agenda 21/2030/2050. Keep in mind they’re all private membership associations of the Private UN Corporation.

    The toll roads in TX are part of the NAFTA Super Highway and all the money collected goes to foreign interest. Do you think it’s a coincidence the toll roads are named LBJ and President George Bush Turnpike?
    You will note the destruction of the United States of America had been planned a very long time and the criminals responsible for the roads mentioned above are those the roads their are named after and who signed the legislation for the roads.

    I can’t help reflecting on the Tappan Zee Bridge crossing the Hudson River that has now been officially renamed after a former NY Governor Mario M. Cuomo because it reminds me of a male dog trotting down the street stopping at fire hydrants.
    Almost one year prior to Reagan’s inauguration in 1981, on January 17, 1980 Carter and the Senate confirmed another “Constitution”, namely, the “Constitution of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization”. [Senate, Treaty Document No.97-19, 97thCongress, 1st Session]
    The “Preamble”, Article 1, “Objectives” and Article 2, “Functions” clearly evidences their intent to direct, control, finance and subsidize all “natural and human resources” and “agro-related as well as basic industries” through “dynamic social and economic changes” – with a view to assisting in the establishment of a new international economic order. In a nutshell, full control of YOU, energy, your food and water. The high flown rhetoric is obviously of Communist origin and intents fostered by a gang of unelected, unrepresented, unaccountable oligarchy of expatriates and aliens, who fraudulently claim in the Preamble they intend to establish “rational and equitable international economic relations” – yet openly declared that they no longer “stabilize the value of the dollar” nor “assure the value of the coin and currency of the United States” is purely misrepresentation, deceit and fraud. [Public Law 95-147, 91 Stat.1227 at page 1229]
    This was augmented by [Public Law 101-167, 103 Stat.1195] which discloses massive appropriations of hypothecated (look up that word) debt for the general welfare and common defense of other Foreign Powers including “Communist” countries or satellites. Basically if you have a dollar, they want 98 pennies leaving you with your 2 cents. International control of natural and human resources, etc., … a “resource” is a claim of “property” and when related to people constitutes slavery.

    • Interesting video. I realize that many want very badly to believe that there is some band of white hats somewhere, just waiting for the word to descend and fix all these problems. I really hope you’re right. I would be lying if I said that I believe that.

      Precisely WHO is going to prosecute these parasites? The military? I’ve said many times, they do not work on their own. Besides, why would you need a military tribunal when all you have to do is fire and/or arrest the scum that occupies the regular Just-Us system and do it the normal way?

      The so-called “Deep State” is the same as the old “Illuminati”. It is not an American phenomenon. They operate much the same wherever they are. It DOES have everything to do with loyalty, however.

      I believe is straight talking. No matter what someone’s intentions might be, talking in riddles and playing guessing games will not convince me of anything other than people’s willingness to play games.

      So, I completely understand some people’s need for hope, but I think it is better placed in reality than in something like this. I’ll be happy to eat my hat if proven wrong. I would love to see these guys brought low but I don’t think its time to develop a taste for felt just yet.

      Even the woman in the video is hedging her bets and she claims to believe this, at least to some extent. Honestly, I gave up on ideas like this when I quit watching Duddly Doright.

  19. Q is a dazed old hippie drug addict who has built up such a tolerance to drugs that he takes fentanyl (100 time stronger than heroin) staight up. Sometimes two tabs a day.

    Q spoke to himself in his drug addled fog and told himself that he was the modern day Nostradamus. He thought his thought was the voice of God, and that he was ordained to lead his flock to salvation. Just like Jim Jones.

    Q is a fraud. He is less of an insider in the Trump Administration than the average MSNBC or CNN meat puppet.

    You Q-ites will believe the KoolAide is good for you, and guzzle it by the gallon. Not me. I have a brain and use it.

  20. “I Feel Your Pain!” (discouragement).

    I don’t know who is worse in the “Positive Thinking Dept.,” QAnon or @Mitchellvii > who also never gives up. I half-admire his determination to remain positive, but the other half of me just Shakes My Head. :-/

    I also don’t believe Trump is as “brilliant a strategist” as Mitchell thinks. Potus was a businessman so he may be good with business/money-type projects (trade deals, etc.) by using his “New York Street Smarts” in that regard. But he is getting his butt kicked & jacked around in every other way > by the Lefties, their MSM, their Judges, their Uniparty, their Mueller crap, their AGs (NY State), etc. Maybe none of that is his fault but he better start fighting back bigger & harder.

    And quit wasting time & $$ on crap we never asked for (Prison Reform Act which I saw the Senate did pass.)

    Supposedly, Potus has “pulled a fast one” on the Uniparty like so: Trump wants The Wall, they do not. They want War (Syria), Trump does not. So, he declares he’s bringing our troops in Syria home as a “Screw You” to the Uniparty, ie, “No Wall $$? No War for You!” (I saw that interpretation in @TheLastRefuge2 ‘s twitter feed.) But will he really do it? He blusters a lot & then caves in.

    A recent example of another cave-in was re Shutting Down the Govt. if No Wall $$ in Budget. Then he reversed & Sarah Sanders announced Not Shutting Down The Govt. Quit FLIP-FLOPPING. As Scripture says: “Let your Yes mean Yes & your No mean No.” Or in common sense language: MEAN WHAT YOU SAY or don’t say it!

    (Side Note re: Wall News: I also saw a headline that a triple-amputee Vet has started a GoFundMe for building The Wall.)

    Agree the $$ to Mexico & Central America was a kick in the gut … unless its sole purpose is to help (bribe?) them to fortify their borders to keep migrants from traveling North (???).

    You’re not alone in your disgust. Ted Broer announced earlier in the week that he was officially OFF the “Trump Train” due to that MX/CA $$, & the AG Barr appointment prior to that, etc. etc.

    (I recently discovered Ted & son, Austin, have a M-F hour-long podcast covering the Daily News. They are Christians in FLA somewhere. I knew of Ted, a naturopath, from seeing him talking health subjects on TBN in prior years. He & son are both awake to pretty much everything-NWO, including Zios. They are pro-gun as well, etc.: .)

    • My two cents runs something like this. If you’re gonna be President, you have to BE PRESIDENT. Many times that means outsmarting your opposition. Under NO circumstances do you tell them what you are going to do.

      You have to totally get rid of the Obongo dross. I mean TOTALLY. You have to lose the neocons. I hate to say this, and I know it’ll be misinterpreted, but you have to rule like LBJ in a situation like this.

      That means not everything is open and obvious. They have got to be AFRAID of you. You will know this when they stop insulting you. If they insult you they “disappear”.

      All they respect is their own self-interests. If they believe they are not protected they are total cowards. The fact that they’re as brazen as they are is telling.

      He got off to a good start. It will never be like that again because the rats are back. If he doesn’t wipe that smirk off their nasty little faces straight away, he’ll have hell to pay just finishing out his term.

      He needs a circle of people who know where babies come from that are loyal. He needs to deploy those in such a way that there is a “sea change” in attitude. Remember, when dealing with a D.C. parasite there is nothing they value as much as themselves.

      This job takes wisdom. It takes never raising your voice or threatening anybody. They have to come to KNOW that if they mess with you they are effectively through. The way to do that is to ensure that its true.

      If your enemies suffer setbacks, always tell the public how sorrowful you are (heh, heh). Just like the mafia, send flowers.

      • Amen!
        You are 150% correct in saying that in essence the POTUS must act as Teddy Roosevelt famously remarked: “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.” Whether he actually said those words, I’m not sure, however, from what we know of his actions this is an essentially true statement.

        Regular readers of this website know from my repeated statements since before he was elected, that I knew enough US history to see Donald Trump as our contemporary Theodore Roosevelt. And just as Teddy Roosevelt was, half our electorate loves our President and half hate him.

        As a Christian anarchist, I understand that if my stance isn’t accepted by all the people around me, that’s fine with me, as I know I cannot please all the people all the time, for then I would be false to them the rest of the time! As I’ve said before, I must be quite a pain in the butt to my Quaker Meeting, as I advocate the 2nd amendment, self-defense, and other conservative values.

        I would not want to be in Donald Trump’s place, as he is facing pressures that 99% of us cannot possibly imagine, and if we did, we would be scared spitless. I know that I wouldn’t be scared, because I was raised in a very tough Chicago neighbourhood, and by age 8, I’d learned to take a stand and defend it against all comers, or suffer consequences that I could not live with.

        Before he was elected, my highest Hope was that having come from the rough and tumble of big-time New York wheeling & dealing, he’d have enough stern stuff and backbone sufficient to withstand the kinds of pressure that would be brought against him. My friend Dr Tom OBrien, who was the Clinton’s financial advisor when they made their first millions in commodities, warned me of their vile loathsome nature years before the Election; so when I saw that Broom-Hilda was going against Trump, I knew that all the stops would be pulled out short of assassination, as that would be too obvious, and certainly too early.

        So now, as we used to say about Vietnam, “There it is!” The question for us –as those who elected him or rejected him– now is ‘How are we going to support our President?’ Certainly, we will: the only issue that remains is: How, and What, are the best ways?

        Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition!

      • I hope I’ve read Lophatt and Joseph correctly, wondering myself what prevented the President, understandably, from simply sweeping house at the major federal agencies and, late in getting that done, nipping the ongoing DOJ putsch in the bud. On the face of it it looks like he was stabbed in the back by Sessions, who, I believe, had been a judge and therefore was wide awake when he assented by his recusal to what he had to know was a putsch, treasonously using national security as its stalking horse. The more general explanation follows from the fact that leading Republicans support this Stalinesque investigation, which they also had to know perfectly well from the get-go was a putsch based on intelligence fixed around bullsh*t—as much as these filthy whores know full well that the official 911 narrative is total bullsh*t.

        Right now I have Fox News on and they’re marshaling neocon bootlicking flunkies like Flake and Graham, so far, to denounce the President’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria, accusing him in advance of being responsible for more American deaths and having wasted our anti-terrorist military efforts. Overall I’d say the war with the msm is a secondary effect and manifestation of the Republican Party betrayal that the left senses like circling sharks who smell blood in the water. The President still holds the cards, however, because, if the left can put dozens of people in the streets, the President can expect millions of we deplorables to flood the streets in his and our Constitution’s defense, shut down the msm in 2 hours, put the Republican Party out of business permanently, and retake our country from the enemy within. If he’s pushed to the wall, he can count on me.

        • Dan, I think you read us correctly. I too have doubts. I didn’t at first, and I continue to not understand why he doesn’t jettison the lot of Obongo parasites dug in like Alabama ticks.

          If it were me, I would have had a “conversation” with the MSM that they couldn’t ignore. I would not have done that on TV. I would have made certain that they had some examples of failure to cooperate to contemplate.

          Nothing else is going to work. It is either force them out or lose the country. That’s pretty straightforward. As Joseph says: “There it is”.

    • Follow-up to my weariness above at Trump’s flip-flopping contrasted with a perfect example from today as to how Mr. Positive (@Mitchellvii) can “see the best” in every Potus move, or lack thereof (he “read my mind,” lol):

      Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii
      7:30 AM – 20 Dec 2018
      Remember, with Trump, a deal is never a deal until the ink is dry on the paper. He often says “I’m going to do this or do that,” as if he is committing to a position to get his opponent’s reaction when he’s not committing at all. People think he flips. No, he tests.

      Great comments & analyzations by most everyone. I can’t help but notice, though, that the Pro-Q’ers all seem angry & nasty. That’s how duped cult-followers often act when anyone questions their delusions (which were purposely implanted by the “cult leader(s)”).

      Hey, I hope 65,000 Libtards & Commies & Traitors DO get indicted but I can’t hold my breath.

      • I’m a little less “worshipful”. I’ll give him credit when he does something right. I still wish he wouldn’t talk so much. Talk is cheap, doing is effective.

        Besides, why should anyone send high praise after having to browbeat him into doing what he promised to do in the first place? I’m glad if he got something. Now, lets finish the wall and do the other things he promised.

        Let’s shut down all these illegal wars and divert the energy to returning a semblance of honesty to TV news. Let’s prosecute putschists.

  21. Plead Guilty Rico Act and Trafficking

    The Arrests have begun.

  22. Dr. Eowyn, have to say I never trusted “q” from the beginning, I think both seagrape and Dan are correct here, but I would add that it seems as if “q’s” purpose is to act as a control mechanism, the devil worshipers love war of course, and “revolutions” etc. but timing for such things is essential, and I suspect that “q” is holding people back on purpose until a set “time” when the devil worshipers can be sure that they can control the revolt that they have been brewing, or at least the direction of it… when that time comes “q” may “sound the charge”, the would-be revolt’s energy will be spent without hitting any of the followers of evil, or only hitting expendable targets, and regardless of whether it is scripted to fail or succeed, real opposition will be taxed and exhausted, and have their morale stomped from this betrayal.

    I would also add that trump seems to similarly be false opposition… I watched “them” build a personality cult around him through exploiting suggestible Christian folk, and the prophecy/patriot base by claiming the usual pentecostal/charismatic etc. (Themselves corrupted by gnosticism, I would add) lying signs & visions that usually accompany building a personality cult for moneymaking & false prophecy peddling. (“blood moons”, “shemitah”, “2028” or “2029”, harold camping, william miller, etc.)

    Knowing these things, what then must be done? I would posit if “q” is meant to be a control mechanism/”timer” then it would be best to do what is unexpected by “them”, sooner action than expected, different goals than what is desired, “do the opposite of what your enemy desires” so to speak. (Paraphrased from elsewhere, maybe sun tzu is where I heard that?) How to do these things though, is the question? Keep watch for “them” painting targets on/hyping through media, (both alt and mainstream) the things they want people’s efforts to be focused on, be aware of stuff they likely don’t want targeted (which they probably won’t talk about at all, if it can be helped, perhaps silence speaks more than broadcast news as far as what they don’t want people noticing?)

    There is also the major problem of the societal conditioning that’s been going on on a massive scale through the U.S., the “progressive”/SJW etc. faction has been conditioned to not think rationally, and the inclusion of potential demonic factors only makes that situation more difficult, it also seems “q” and the rest of them never bothered to expose where this irrational faction is getting their marching orders from, where is the exposure of their networks, and chains of command?

    Anyone else have any suggestions for what to watch out for, etc.?

  23. This article is not even close. D5 had nothing to do with a date. And it’s [D]5 a lot of people started assigning dates to things that aren’t dates. This is just one more example of someone who doesn’t follow the movement has no clue to what is going on…. Yet again! And 11:11 wasn’t a date for any action either. It pointed to veterns day, ww1 and the tomb of the unknown. Look at Arlington. Peoe…dear Lord! Get informed or don’t write!

    • This “if you disagree, you don’t understand,” is exactly what islam says about the koran, their other literature, and the ideology in general.

      “one more example of someone who doesn’t follow the movement has no clue to what is going on….” could have comes from a “Defending islam” type of website. And the “if you haven’t followed from the start” is like “if you haven’t read the koran,” while “watch this video” is like “talk to a muslim; have him explain it to you.” The anger when someone questions is the same, as well.

      I was very excited by Q this time last year. I waited as he said agents were at airports, doing secret pick-ups of suspects, they were flying them to Gitmo as we speak, trials will begin, etc.

      By Jan, when none of it had happened, I followed more as “Well, let’s see what he’s saying now” rather than “I ‘trust the plan.'” Then I noticed a pattern: everytime something didn’t happen as he said, we were told either “It will be next month; there was a delay, but it’ll certainly be next month” OR “They have to get it exactly right. You don’t understand; if everything isn’t tied up just right, it won’t work.”

      Saw those two excuses for months. Also — the next report was always “the one” — Nunes’ documents, the first IG, the second IG, etc. etc. All this time, Sessions was only opening his mouth to defend mule-er, never PDT, yet Q was still saying “Trust Sessions.”

      Finally, I read a post: “It’s called controlled release psy-ops, you rubes!” and I realized that it was exactly like stories I’ve read about how Nigerian scammers keep people hooked. “(I know I said the money would be in your account, but it turns out there is one more fee I must pay; please send another $500 so I can get this money to you.” )

      I am surprised that there are still followers. McCain did not show up to vote against the repeal of the AFA in an ankle boot — HRC is not wearing one, either. The Podestas have not been flown to Gitmo. Indictments have not been released. And that’s all just promises from last DEC….not even mentioning 2018 promises.

  24. Okay: “Anyone else have any suggestions for what to watch out for, etc.?”

    Yes, I do. Please look at my reply immediately above.

  25. Probably time to go back to full time prepping and build my greenhouse.

    Never understood Q or the stupid code or why have a code at all.

    Why Trump does not release all info on the criminal s is beyond me.
    Burn em down. Destroy them. Charge them with their crimes.

    We are tired of the Ryans McCains and Sessions liars.
    Trump should close the Fed. Charge the criminals or go home.

    Where is my free stuff Bernie?

  26. Sounds to me like “Q” has been talking bull shit stories. Where is he now? All talk and No Action.

  27. I was made aware of the previous plan which was meant to unfold in a blaze of arrests, disclosure and real freedom 3 years ago. Having knowledge of that imaginary plan and sharing it with others was responsible for me becoming a targeted individual – this involves near daily helicopter harassment, electronic torture and complete surveillance.
    I was desperate to believe that the previous plan had been shelved and that Q and Trump had been chosen to implement a new and better one despite some very obvious contradictions which I chose to ignore – until now.
    Everybody Q has mentioned is the opposite gender to the one they present themselves as – it’s a masonic/satanic inversion freak show. Have a look at this just as an example – -.
    Look at the people Q regularly discusses – women with long necks, adam’s apples, massive chins, long humerus bones, broad shoulders, narrow hips and far apart eyes. Men with no necks, no adam’s apples, drooped shoulders and eyes pratically rubbing off each other. When people find out the extent of the masonic gender inversion it will shock them like nothing else – I’ve been aware of it for 5 years and it still blows my mind. Pretty much every celebrity, politician, sportsperson and musician is the opposite gender. Big Mike Michelle Obama isn’t the only first ‘lady’ with a penis.
    If Q wants to pretend he doesn’t know any of this or that the plan has anything to do with the truth he isn’t just a larp – he’s part of the cabal.
    And as for the arrogant anons whose egos Q has continually inflated into believing they’re specially chosen geniuses with a godlike talent for uncovering the truth – they can’t even tell the skeletal difference between men and women.

  28. A real Black Swan event, could kick off a real revolution for the Western peoples to save themselves. their species, their cultures, societies, nations. and Western Civilization itself. It better not be another false flag fake like the long list from 9/11, OKC on down

  29. Thank you, Ewoyn 🙂

    With full analysis and documentation in the link below, either Q is a brilliant plan, OR a brilliant PSYOP. As Q states, the “coincidences” defy rational explanation other than an insider.

    So! Either way, “We the People” must use whatever comes for our purpose of victory for Truth and virtue. From the provided link:

    True Q: .01% arrests are coming; We the People have won. Full truth is the goal of this pathway for released technology and unleashed human creativity.

    False Q (PsyOp): arrests will never come except a few as limited hangouts to keep Patriots suspended as long as possible “hoping for change.” Perhaps this has been a .01% test to measure public awareness of their illegal empire, or perhaps to determine feasibility of the following:

    False Q (Patriot arrests): now ~65,000 sealed indictments are for Patriot leaders, such as you. Read the script below for how this might be gamed-out.

    Whatever outcome, We the People have advanced demand for Truth and Love:

    Victory: I know we’re all ready to finally win for virtue on this beautiful but dominated planet.

    Just another lie: SimilarWeb reports millions of daily followers of Q posts; for example, has ~5 million daily visits. This means We the People are poised for greater actions.

    Patriot arrests: Perhaps Earth is some kind of test for human souls; a no-win scenario with the only ways to pass being a lifetime of futility or martyrdom.

  30. Q is probably just another Democrat hold-over who’s playing you guys like a fiddle. It would explain why nothing is blowing up except for your hopes and expectations. Which then plummet. It’s just ANOTHER Leftist psy-op

  31. This is just one more example of someone who doesn’t follow the ”’movement”’
    (from a comment above)

    And that one word sums it up. That is all it is, folks.

  32. I beg ONE of you doubters to explain this. Q TOLD us there would be a counter to the deep state delay tactic of the HW Bush funeral. So how ALL of the most powerful people in the world and leaders of the the deep state get mysterious envelopes dumped in their laps by surprise while under the most intense security one can afford in the history of the world. I dare ANY of you to explain that away. Look at Jeb’s face. Look at Laura’s face. Look at Obama’s face. They were STUNNED, and this was PROMISED and later CONFIRMED by Q. How do the most powerful people in the world ALL get mystery envelopes right at the exact time the casket of their dearly beloved deep state leader walks by? The FBI just “missed” it? The Secret Service was in the bathroom? Those envelopes could have been full of anthrax. This was done by people on the INSIDE. There is NO OTHER WAY, you impatient whiny Hillary lovers!

    You impatient whiny bastards are traitors as far as I am concerned. Did any of you morons really believe Trump versus the deep state would be won in a month? he’s outnumbered a thousand to one and is WINNING despite you turn coats. EVERYTHING changes in 2019. You all frankly don’t deserve to be the beneficiaries of what is about to transpire.

    • “impatient whiny bastards”, “traitors”, “morons”, “turn coats”

      Aren’t you precious, so facile and ready with your venomous insults.

      If you are representative of Q acolytes, then I’m honored to be one of those “impatient whiny bastards traitors morons turn coats” skeptics.

    • 1. Have not seen this in any video — I do not usually ask for links, but if you have one showing this, printing a link would be good. Why would none of the websites always up on the DS, such as CTH or GP cover it?
      2.If it were true, we still face all these untruths — the people supposedly in flight to Gitmo that night, and yet it’s a year later, and none of that happened?

  33. I am leaning more and more to that scene in “A Christmas Story” where Ralphie struggles to decode the secret message, only to find it was an “Ovaltine” promotion.

    Where We Go 1 We Drink Ovaltine

  34. you can find out all about the globalists’/satanists’ schemes on alan watt’s site; he explains how they present “controlled opposition”, which fools people into thinking that there’s a movement to put a stop to all the evil; but in reality, it’s to control any opposition; people are fed a little bit of truth, not all of it, and thus they think that someone is fighting “them”. We have to remember that our enemy satan is actually a lot smarter than we humans are, and knows us better than we know ourselves; that’s why we need the gift of spiritual discernment in order to know what he is trying to do to us. There’s no use in fighting evil in the flesh; you are doomed; you must war with satan himself, and only by belonging heart and soul to Jesus Christ.

  35. News from today (maybe Potus got wind that his base was inching toward widespread demoralization & possible 2020 abandonment):

    At a GOP meeting today, Potus interrupted Paul Ryan & called for them all to come to a White House meeting. Did he then dress down Ryan big time? (hope so!) Later, Ryan says they WILL add $5 Billion for The Wall to the Budget. Scalise confirmed in another headline. So I guess No Govt. Shutdown!

    I hear Ann Coulter blasted Potus hard (again) re The Wall earlier today, & that Potus UNFOLLOWED her twitter, lol! 🙂

    Lastly, Ms. Lindsey’s newfound love for Potus (ever since Kavanaugh hearings) has dried up over Potus bringing the military home from Syria. Graham’s neocon-lacey-slip is showing!

    • Yep. All that mirrors what I read today. He’s also talking about bringing several troops home from Afghanistan too. Good. Wait ’till he gets into their opium revenue. I can hear the screaming now.

      Good for him. If he follows through and shows that he listens I’ll be impressed. He said that Ryan and the RINO’s had promised him funding if he signed the last spending bill. They didn’t deliver. Imagine my shock.

    • Wouldn’t it be something if the troops coming home from Syria, were to be reassigned to Gitmo? To guard over all the indicted & convicted treasonous bastards?

      Is that the plan all along?


  36. Q who yap yap! Q who yap yap!

    • Yap yap indeed. A least someone has got to the root of the issue here.

      • You, who now call yourself “S Broiles”, are the same individual as “Stefen elks” whose comment you applaud. Both of you have the identical IP address in Birmingham, UK.

        We already have a longtime reader/commenter named Steven Broiles. Please stop impersonating him.

        • Wow. Thank you, Dr. E. Just found out about this now (I was reading your post on Trump’s cave-in to Nancy Pelosi, and this post is a link).
          I don’t know who Elks is and I have never been to the UK!

  37. Hmmmmm…I think I just got booted off of Word Press.

    I got logged off, and have to fill out name/email/website below now, though if I click on my avatar, according to that, I’m logged in.

    A response to this article?

  38. It is both funny and sad that this article starts out with a quote:
    “Is the plan to occupy Syria for the foreseeable future?” with the poster both claiming God is on his side and dropping an F-bomb. Such righteous fury!
    Days later, not only did POTUS say that he is wrapping up the CIA/Israeli/Saudi operation in Syria, but Q concurrently posted that there will be no FF “gas attack” this time to countermove the President (like every time before). Wait and see – this is not only a Presidential promise that was more difficult to keep than any of us are likely aware (look at the neocon Republicans having the vapors), but it includes a Q pronouncement that will either be found true or false.
    I also found the videos of criminal GHWB’s funeral to be very revealing. Q said “well played” to the DS for scheduling a State Funeral on an important date, and wrote “allow us to counter”. The disturbing notes in the funeral programs, then Huber was withdrawn from testifying in front of the House Non-profits committee. I cannot understand how “Q fatigue” can make folks think that IG Horowitz plus Huber plus 470 states attorneys is/will be a giant nothingburger. That is happening. I like me some Dan Bongino, but he only scratched the surface in his FISA Gate book. Of that I am sure.

  39. Remember the multiple jet loads of documents taking off from Little Rock? These things take time to do correctly, especially when you are talking about the most wide-ranging and extensive reach into the criminal operations of a powerful and most deadly (his name was Seth rich) enemy.
    How was Capone taken down? Add RICO and conspiracy and treason and your Nothingburger no longer fits on the bun you brought.

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