Dennis Miller Rips Harry Reid a New One

Totally awesome!

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Exactly! 🙂

Clifton West

Thank you Dennis Miller! I feel the same way about Harry Reid and couple it with similar feelings I have for Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. Don’t these people realize that we need to put our house in order in spite of them. They are three (3) people, we are three hundred five million people and we are the ones who will call the shots in our nation, not them. We should give all three their notice and wish them a bon voyage on whatever journey they plan in the future.
Clifton Lee West

Dr. Eowyn

Clifton, Don’t mean to rain on your parade, but your 305 million figure is illusory. Both Reid and Pelosi were reelected last November, because Nevadans reelected Reid and San Franciscans reelected Pelosi. The rest of us, though numbering in the millions, have no say over either’s remaining in Congress or not. As for Obama, the Demonrat constituency of blacks, Jews, single women/mothers, Hispanics, atheists, secular humanists, Hollywood, MSM will always vote for him again, no matter their current griping. For in the end, no one — not the least these groups themselves — imagines that they’ll actually vote for someone… Read more »