Denmark under migrants' siege: Copenhagen out of control; military deployed

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10 News, a self-described “conservative” European news site, reports on Sept. 28, 2017 that “Rule of law in Denmark is imploding as the police run out of resources” to deal with rampant crimes by “migrants,” almost all of whom are from Muslim-majority MENAP (Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan) countries.
The situation in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, is out of control.
The incidence of Arab gang shootings downtown puts in danger everybody who visits this popular tourist city. Thousand of incidents in what is called a “massive low-tech jihad” include loosened wheel bolts, large rocks thrown from highway bridges, rapes, and shootings of random innocents on the streets.
An example is an incident in 2016, where a mother in downtown Copenhagen witnessed her son being beating to a pulp by masked Arab migrants. The mother called law enforcement, but due to a lack of resources, police could not respond in a timely manner. Her son was attacked because rumor had it that he was from the USA.
Already in 2013, “36% percent of Danes do not trust the police to come when needed.” By 2017, as many as 60% of Danish police officers are considering quitting because of danger, unreasonable amounts of overtime, and stress, while a third have applied for jobs outside of law enforcement.
In a bid to restore some security in public spaces, the Danish Liberal-Conservative government is deploying the army. Beginning in September, soldiers will join ranks with police officers. Initially, soldiers will be deployed at Denmark’s border with Germany to protect synagogues from Muslim “migrants”.

See “After pushing for Muslim immigration into Europe, Jews now say Jews should leave Europe”.

Denmark thereby joins the growing list of EU countries that are depleting their military resources in an effort to contain the ongoing wave of crime and terror that has followed the influx of people from Islamic countries.
The Danish military warns this will negatively affect their ability to fulfill NATO obligations. Already, most NATO countries are not spending the agreed-upon minimum of 2% of their GDP on defense. The United States still contributes the most, from a high of 5+% of our GDP in 2009, to 3+% ($664.1 billion) in 2016.

Source of graph: The Economist
10 News concludes:

“The EU’s reckless migrant and refugee policy actually might end up paralyzing NATO, leaving a power vacuum on the global political scene which inevitably will be filled by big players such as Iran, Turkey, Russia, and China.”

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36 responses to “Denmark under migrants' siege: Copenhagen out of control; military deployed

  1. so sad for denmark and all the socio-politically cucked countries in europe…
    it’s interesting that all the problems denmark is having with proper police enforcement of refugee criminal activities, the govt’s first action is to use the army for protection of the synagogues and the danish people second.

  2. Parts of the USA are already in that state of anarchy. My Jewish real estate agent was driving in her pink Cadillac to see me at my high school (I am a retired chemistry teacher) in southcentral Los Angeles. She was stopped by a California highway patrolman (CHP) who told her “Lady, you shouldn’t be driving in this neighborhood. You and your Cadillac are going to disappear.”

  3. Western Europe is virtually gone. The only way to stop the encroachment of Muslims is with extra strength cockroach spray.,

  4. All of this is by design. You are hated because you are made in His Image and anything in His Image must be destroyed by the Synagogue of Satan to ensure his rule on Earth remain and the second coming does not happen.
    Too bad nobody told the Synagogue followers to read the fine print:
    “I can’t deliver.”

  5. Just think of the position their owners have put these political parasites in. They are left there, twisting in the breeze while their “immigration” agenda delivers exactly what any sane person would suspect.
    Now, what are they going to say? “Oh, its their “right” to rape and kill”? They need to set the army up with some machine gun emplacements and just open up. The survivors will line up pretty quickly for the march to the boats. Their vacation is cancelled.

    • Sounds suspiciously similar to the way Germany dealt with the Jewish people during the War,though for different reasons. (?)

      • I suppose, but I see no reason for not making them want to race us to the boat.

      • Oh, and they DID declare war on Germany in the 1930’s.

      • I guess I’m going to have to get out my history books and re-read them. I always thought the Jews were contributing members to German society, not living off welfare and going around raping, etc.
        …. of course, I could be wrong about that, and muzzies are truly the salt of the earth and God’s gift to humanity.

        • Actually I think they were ‘contributing to the corruption of the youth’ according to some, something about brothels, and other immoral establishments, along with Unscruplous business practices, but it seems to me that nowdays that is the trend over all, doesn’t take any one race…

    • They should have done that when the muzzies were first approaching their borders.
      Their traitorous ‘leaders’ deserve the same fate.

    • Lophatt, my first thought was, send them back but upon reading your solution of lining them up, I must say, right on! That will ensure the cowardly neanderthals don’t come back. We wish.

  6. Making that second amendment of ours all the more well considered, and all the more important to disregard all the infringements, those already imposed by the elitist fools who think they have the final say, and those infringements they are still striving for.

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  8. What does it take to get people tho realize that no good has EVER come from islam?

  9. In the US we are armed, and these scum behave because if they try to pull their 65IQ crap they die. end of story…

  10. “In a bid to restore some security in public spaces, the Danish Liberal-Conservative government is deploying the army. Beginning in September, soldiers will join ranks with police officers. Initially, soldiers will be deployed at Denmark’s border with Germany to protect synagogues from Muslim “migrants”.
    The moneyed elite bring in a people that are completely foreign to the culture and then are “forced” to put the military on the streets to quell the criminality/disturbances. I’m sure they’re heartbroken at having to do that. And naturally, the puppeteers ensure the synagogues are the first places to be protected.

    • Of course, as you know, none of this is coincidental. It is right in the script, Page 27! What isn’t in the script is for them to burp a few rounds in their direction. It wouldn’t take much. They may be obnoxious and stupid but they’re not THAT stupid.
      Of course, if the border guards did this initially there wouldn’t be a problem. What is the point of border guards if they can’t control the border? If they need machine guns to do that, so be it. That’s what they’re for.
      These Sudanese and so forth are real “tough” when nobody’s shooting at them. Sweden’s so cucked they’ll be committing suicide to please them soon.
      All of these EMP’s and prime ministers should be chased down like vermin. When they get them back on the boats they should take a load of politicians with them.

    • “And naturally, the puppeteers ensure the synagogues are the first places to be protected.”
      But not Christian churches!

  11. What makes Americans think it will be any difference here? Or that we do not have the same kind of idiots that would invite these marauders in to our country?

  12. Then the people will wonder why they never saw it coming.

    • That is downright perverse.

      • “That” is history. During the Moorish conquest Muslims always took Jews with them. When they conquered a city they installed Jews to hold it. In that way they didn’t have to expend soldiers to hold surrendered cities.
        The Jews robbed everybody blind. In those days the Muslims had rules about religion. They were not allowed to bother priests or people at prayer, for example. They were not allowed to deface churches.
        The Jews did this with abandon. Eventually, having stolen everything in sight and set up impossible debt slavery scenarios through their lending practices, when the Moors were expelled, so were the Jews.
        Of course, many “converted” which is where we get the terms “Converso” and “Merano”. This is also the foundation of The Inquisition which, of course, nobody learns in public school.

  13. I cannot any longer have any empathy for all those countries that have had plenty of time to stop this. It has been as clear as day what was in their forecast and they did nothing. They let the UN bully them into submission without fighting back. Their liberalism is destroying them.
    They refuse to push back and demand the 6 or 7 richest Arab countries, that actually have some of the same beliefs, to take in even one invader. The Saudis have those 100,000 empty tents just sitting there.
    They are letting the future of their countries and the safety of their children be destroyed and they sit there and do nothing. As much as I love some of the European countries, I will no longer waste one more minute wasting time worrying about them, when they refuse to fight for themselves.

  14. Europe had to decide replacing their declining birthrates with entitled savages who contribute nothing and despise them was a good idea…

    • The common people in Europe didn’t decide anything. Those in power (meaning the bureaucracy such as the EU, etc.) for decades, pushed contraception and cohabitation as progressive behaviors for modern people who had shaken off the oppression of religion. Combine that with monetary inflation in Europe and you get marriages happening much later in life (if at all) and birthrates dropping below replacement levels. At that same time you push the notion that the world is overpopulated, even though the bureaucrats know that is a lie. THAT is how you soften your target and partly how you decimate a population that stands in the way of your imperium. Once the native population figures are beyond recovery, you bring in the population you want to finish off the job. The Muslims have been the natural allies of the Jews for centuries. Read Lophatt’s comments above.

  15. Police considering quitting because of danger, unreasonable amounts of overtime, and stress……
    Did they think that being a Police Officer means rescuing kittens stuck in trees; an occupational condition of being a cop is danger, unreasonable amounts of overtime and stress; now the Army have to step in. I hope the Soldiers maintain their Viking spirit……and the citizens should tell their gov’t to stop taking in male Muslim migrants only take the female…..

  16. From Expand Our Mind:
    “First step: Make War Across The Mid-East. Already done.
    Second Step: Import millions of Muslims and build mosques. Already done.
    Third Step: Blame Terrorism On Muslims. Already done.
    Fourth Step: Blame Democracy For Chaos, Terror And Muslim Mass Migration. Coming Soon. Read A Recent NY Times Article Showing The Way: How Stable are Democracies?
    Fifth Step: Create A New Dictatorship With Promises For Law And Order While Killing Islam And Christianity. Implement A New Luciferian Religion. Next Step. China Will Appear At This Stage.
    Sixth And Final Step: Start Killing, Enslaving And Robbing The People. Top Globalists Will Be Worshipped As Human Gods.
    Conclusion: Muslims Are Exploited To Create Chaos And Then Luciferian Tyranny”
    At least the article ends on a somewhat positive note.

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