Dems in Denial Over Walker Win

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This is one time I actually do wish it was the river in Egypt.

(h/t: Our good friend bkeyser)

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0 responses to “Dems in Denial Over Walker Win

  1. Hahaha! Suck it MSNBC (must suck, nothing but crap)!

  2. Hahaha short and SWEEEET….love it. I must stop gloating now, bad things happen to those who gloat (but I can’t HELP it when I look at Michael Moore and Rachael Maddow!)

  3. Winston Smith

    Maybe it isn’t “denial” – maybe it’s shock, disbelief, horror …! “We spent all that money – ran all those massive campaigns and WE LOST!?!? You mean that the billion dollars we’ve sunk in Owebummer’s campaign may go down the tubes, too?”

  4. Great work, Hardnox! I used to work in advertising; you would have given me a run for my money! But if you’re like me, you get more creative the angrier you get…there’s a whole lot of creativity in the USA right now!

  5. Yet another priceless clip:
    And they’re even turning on Ol’ Anklepants over at the DUmp (but be careful-my AVG went off about some firewall worm after spending a few minutes there perusing all the “doom and gloom” coming from there)
    The dems picked this fight…
    … and got their rear-ends handed to themselves.
    Gotta love it!

  6. I mentioned in another thread that the socialists and unions are fighting for their existence. They will use every angle, rational or not. They hear and see only what they want and they don’t want us to be free.

  7. The dems are in denial… Twisted view in everything… The,ll get theirs one way or another… Mark my words…

  8. And I’m shamelessly stealin’ it! 😀
    You’re on our Blogroll, Hardnox. 😀

  9. GMTA, Dave….I put the same video up last night too.
    It gives me great joy to hear Maddow’s breathless “most important election” and then the big reverse as liberal hopes and dreams get thrown under the big black bus!

  10. Ed Schultz was practically crying last night! Loved it! Once again they have underestimated the decent hardworking people of this country.

  11. Chris Matthews went into surgery this morning but whether his tinglectomy was successful or not remains to be seen. He is scheduled for an MRI on November 7th.

  12. Bite it, Demo-rats!


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