Demorats getting desperate: Ramping up the rhetoric as we approach 2020

The Russia, Russia, Russia hoax was a big dud. The Mueller report was a big dud.

This Ukraine conspiracy is a big dud.

The “impeachment” is a dud.

Guess it’s time for demorats to ramp up the rhetoric!

Take a look at these recent headlines:

Linda Ronstadt: Trump Is ‘Like Hitler and the Mexicans Are the New Jews’
George Takei: Trump Voters Don’t Realize They Are Helping Destroy America
• Andrew Cuomo Tries to Blame President Donald Trump for Anti-Semitic Attack in New York
Robert De Niro Compares Trump Presidency to Abusive Relationship: “You Don’t Know What’s Going to Happen”
Republicans despair over 2020 House races: ‘I think we’ve had such a setback that it may be a generation before we have a hope.’
Rep. Cleaver: Pelosi ‘is in complete control of Donald Trump’s mind’
• After string of anti-Semitic attacks, de Blasio laments hatred ’emanating from Washington’

Demorats are throwing out the typical Alinsky tactics. How original…and desperate.


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The demochumps need to take a look in the mirror. Their faces are contorted. They’ve lost all semblance of sanity. They are filled with hate, which they direct outwardly, when in fact it is themselves they hate. They prefer trashing the economy and the constitution because they hate this president. How selfish. Truly they must have some sort of mental disorder.

Dr. Eowyn

But their lying, demonizing, wailing, and gnashing of teeth will all come to naught. All Ronstadt, Takei, Cuomo, De Niro, et al., are doing is to expose to us who they really are.


Well, Ronstadt used to date Jerry Brown. Scraping the bottom of the barrel. At least she had a good voice, all he had was a big mouth. But Mexicans the new Jews? Really? Do the Jews know this? 🙂


These conniving morons like De Blasio count on the getting away with these absurd statements because they know their ignorant low IQ constituents will never bother to think the illogical facts out, just like De Blah Blahs other recent statement about Trump being responsible for the homeless problem now in New York. Tell, Bill, how does that work?


On the contrary, it is President Trump who controls the mind of Nasty Nancy, Humpty Dumpty Nadler and Pencil Neck, throw in Pedo Joe. They are always planning the next move to collapse his presidency, ending up in frustration and concocting a new recipe for plan B. By the way, there are more skeletons coming out of Pedo Joe’s closet, Hunter is up shit creek and the IRS.


They have thrown everything including the kitchen sink at him and nothing has worked. I imagine them to be like Wile E. Coyote trying to catch Roadrunner with his latest ACME gadget. They need to get Hunter out of the country for an extended vacation somewhere. He’s becoming an embarrassment to the embarrassment of the demonrat party