Demorat who wants social media history reviewed prior to gun ownership tweets “kill yourself” to political opponent

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In November I told you how New York State Sen. Kevin Parker and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams proposed legislation that would incorporate social media accounts into background checks for gun buyers. From my post:

“The pair of bills would empower the New York State Police and local departments like the NYPD to check three years of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat activity for anyone applying for a gun license in New York, Parker said.

“How much is it going to cost in human lives if we don’t start checking people’s social media and trying to get a good sense of their understanding?” Parker said.”

Well guess who wouldn’t pass a background check based on THEIR OWN Twitter account? The good State Sen. Kevin Parker.

According to Daily Caller, yesterday Parker tweeted (then deleted) to GOP staffer (Deputy Communications Director, NYS Senate Majority) Candice Giove telling her “kill yourself.”

And the subject that enraged him so to tell her to kill herself? A bike lane.

The good senator tried to apologize saying, “I sincerely apologize. I used a poor choice of words. Suicide is a serious thing and and should not be made light of.”

Yet he then continued on harassing Candice Giove.

See Parker’s Twitter timeline here.

Classy as usual demorats.

And you Sen. Parker just failed to pass a background check under your desired rules. Yet we all know YOUR rules only apply to us PEONS, not the politicians who make the rules. HYPOCRITE.


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7 responses to “Demorat who wants social media history reviewed prior to gun ownership tweets “kill yourself” to political opponent

  1. It’s the all-powerful “magic negro” shield.
    If Kevin Parker were a white male, this would be all over the news with a SWAT team at his door.

    • Just like all the shit that was covered up with the “magic negro” shield when Obama won in 2008 and 2012…. I was working the overnight shift both election nights…. The “African American” residents of the place I worked at tore the place to shreds… They broke windows, disacharged fire extinguishers, set trash cans on fire and pulled city fire alarms…. I actually chased several of the pricks off the dock of my powerhouse and told them if they came back I would bend a wrench over their skulls…. This was all covered up by administration as a “spontaneous celebration of African American joy of the election of Obama”…..

    • No kidding! It is bad and rapidly getting worse. We’re on the verge. They are pushing this Russian nonsense like never before and doing everything in their power to eliminate free speech.

      Anyone who has even a passing familiarity with Communism will recognize the symptoms. There is a proverbial “party line” and everything else is verboten.

      I am not looking forward to when they seat the new demonrats. They are going to persecute anyone and anything that stands in their way to total control. This country no longer tolerates differences of opinion.

      If we want our country back we’re going to have to take it.

  2. We’ve gotten to the point of no return. Long time ago if someone said “I’m gonna kill you” just the threat itself would land you in a heap o’truble. This instance we have a negro Democrat Senator, Kevin Parker, a government official elected by the people, on Tuesday morning posting a tweet instructing a Republican aide Candice Giove to “Kill yourself!” It came after Giove took to tweeter and accused Parker of misusing a Senate parking placard in Manhattan. Parker, of Brooklyn, quickly deleted the tweet, but not before screenshots of the abusive message were circulated on Twitter. Parker later tweeted an apology to Giove, saying suicide should not be made light. I pray
    nothing happens to Ms. Giove because Mr. Parker should be made accountable for his misdeed.

  3. Would that be enough to cause one to lose a WordPress blog?

  4. Please forgive the following uncouth comment; She could have replied to his Comment “Kill yourself” with
    “And THEN you can EAT ME,ya maggot.”

  5. Rules for everyone else but not for Leftists, of course…


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