Demorat socialist Julia Salazar lies about growing up in “poverty”

From Daily Mail: Julia Salazar — the New York State senator accused of embellishing her radical socialist credentials with tall tales about her working class, immigrant roots — was reportedly living off a huge trust fund while launching her campaign.

The 28-year-old, who represents Brooklyn, reported in campaign finance disclosures that she was worth $10 million, the New York Post reported.

Salazar subsequently claimed the figure was an error, telling the paper that she misread the sheet, and that the family trust fund she benefited from actually holds $400,000.

The young politician has been called out for lying about her wealth in the past, having said she had a ‘hardscrabble’ childhood, immigrated from Colombia and went to public school.

Those claims were discredited by Salazar’s brother, who revealed last year that she was in fact born in Miami, grew up in a sprawling waterfront home with a maid and three boats, attended private school in Florida and had a trust fund.

On May 15, Salazar reported to the state’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) that she received $18,000 in 2018 from her deceased father Luis H. Salazar’s trust, the NY Post reported.

She classified the amount as ‘Category DDDDD’ — a code used in financial disclosures to signify amounts of ‘$10 million or more’. But she told the NY Post on Thursday that she meant to write ‘Category D’ — a range of $5,000-$20,000 — referring to the $18,000 chunk she received from the fund.

She claimed she mistook ‘10,000,000 and over,’ for ‘$10,000 and over,’ saying: ‘I looked at it in a cursory way.. I mistook the comma versus the decimal point, so it added it extra zeros.’

But she managed to follow the instructions properly on the next line, where she reported her income as a community organizer for Jews for Racial + Economic Justice — as ‘Category E,’ or $20,000–$50,000.

Salazar has been under fire for identifying as a Jew despite her family insisting she was baptized a Catholic and that none of their relatives are Jewish.

She is not actually required to disclose the value of the trust fund to the JCOPE, since she doesn’t control it. Her aunt in Colombia controls the cash stash, which benefits Salazar, her brother Alex and other unnamed family members.

She reportedly resubmitted her financial disclosure to JCOPE on July 11, noting the trust income as ‘Category D’, after a state worker notified her of the inconsistencies.

The senator told the NY Post that she used the $18,000 disbursement ‘to support myself, because I had to stop working in order to campaign, and I had to go on unpaid leave’.

‘Basically seven months of living expenses on top of savings that I had from working,’ she said, referring to her time spent running for office.

Salazar won the New York state primary on September 13 last year, beating a 16-year incumbent. She followed in the footsteps of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is also a part of the Democratic Socialists of America and beat a 10-term incumbent in the Democratic US congressional primary last June.

Salazar rallied the support of millennials in Brooklyn pushing an image of being educated and relatable, fronting with her alleged poor immigrant background.

She initially stated she was born in Colombia before backpedaling and conceding her birthplace was Miami, blaming the ‘error’ on a campaign staffer. But she continued to assert that she was born into a ‘working class’ family, was raised by a single parent and had to get a job at 14 to make ends meet.

That story unraveled as her own family members came forward to contradict her. ‘We did not struggle at all,’ Salazar’s brother Alex told last September. ‘We grew up in a great place. We had a great life. We were never treated as outsiders,’ he said, pointing to the family’s material possessions which included a sprawling waterfront home and ‘three boats including a jet ski that was large enough to fit all four of us’.

He said they were still supported by their father after their parents’ divorce, and only worked as teens to learn responsibility. Their father, who died from prostate cancer in 2009, made his riches as a successful U.S. commercial and cargo pilot.

Opponents have also alleged that Salazar used to be a Republican and an anti-abortion Christian, before performing a political flip flop and declaring herself a socialist after moving to Brooklyn in 2017.

It was also revealed that in 2011 she was arrested over accusations of bank fraud by the estranged wife of former New York Mets star Keith Hernandez. Salazar later sued Hernandez’s wife Kai Hernandez who she said was trying to frame her thinking Salazar was having an affair with the baseball player.


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All those secrets disclosed, and what’s best it was her own family who threw her under the bus. I just love when the knife goes deep into the heart!

Dr. Eowyn

Julia Salazar, another Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
NYC is twice-cursed.


Yeah, here’s another example:

“Yeah, I lied……nevermind”. We’re over here pounding our foreheads on the desk trying to understand how they can do these things. To them, its nothing.


It’s actually a lot more than twice


Wow, she lies like “Omar” nee “Elmi”. Dad made his “fortune” as a commercial pilot? Wow. Last I looked those jobs didn’t pay that kind of money, unless you flew for “Air America”. Maybe dad was a treetop flier. Given the totality of it, it would be a little hard to believe ANYTHING she said. I keep saying that about these “Freedom Democrats” or “New Congress” fronts. Cenk Uygar and George Soros are about all you need to know about them. This is one of the funny absolutes that happen again and again and they never get wise. Just like… Read more »

Jackie Puppet

She could be the not-as-crazy sister of AOC


I have to give her an “A” for consistency; it appears that she has never told the truth about anything. Although she probably did grow up in poverty. Progressive/communists just define poverty differently, that’s all. Like Bernie with his three 600K “homes”, barely scraping by. Just think what it must cost him to pay the help. And that DDDDD for D, an honest mistake. I do that all the time. I’m poor though. Seriously, these creatures are beneath contempt


She and AOC could be twins separated at birth. Lying liars who lie – also known as Demorrhoids. They lie even when the truth sounds better.😒

Kevin Lankford
Kevin Lankford

How in the world does “immigrant” get to be an attribute for any U.S. public office.

It does seem possible to me that she may still not be legal, as birth alone in the U.S. (miami) is no proof of U.S. citizenship.