Demorat-run Los Angeles: 124 confirmed cases of Typhus amid fears Bubonic Plague is affecting homeless

From Daily Mail: An explosion of rats in Los Angeles has lead to a surge in cases of Typhus and could pave the way for a public health crisis.

According to Reform California, there have been 124 confirmed cases of Typhus in LA County this year.

On top of the increase in Typhus cases, experts fear the return of a disease that wiped out a third of Europe in the 12th century, the Bubonic Plague.

Though the city has only three confirmed cases of the plague in the past 40 years, the conditions on the streets of LA make it a perfect breeding ground for plague carrying rats.

The reason for such a large influx of rats is largely attributed to the city’s increasing homeless population.

According to Dailywire, people living on LA streets grew by 16 per cent between 2018 and 2019. They added that the amount of people without somewhere to live has caused sanitation in problem areas to fall short with trash and feces piling up on the street.

These conditions can attract rodents and cause a perfect breeding ground for rat-borne diseases.

California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, acknowledged the city’s severe sanitation problem, astonished that a medieval disease could be making its rounds in a modern city like LA.

Typhus is most likely to be found in people in close proximity to rodents but other stray animals like cats and opossums also carry the disease. Symptoms typically begin within two weeks of exposure and can include chills, nausea, vomiting, body aches, loss of appetite, stomach pain and rashes.

Without treatment, Typhus can eventually lead to organ failure and death.

Plague, though not as deadly as it was 600 years ago, can still be fatal if left untreated. The most famous symptom is a large pus-filled swelling or ‘bubo’ which grows in the groin or under the armpit. This is usually accompanied by seizures, muscle cramps, fever and chills.

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During the worst of the French Revolution’s horrors the uniformed Revolutionary Guards, like today’s metropolitan police, were nothing like patriotic civil servants and pulled full time duty guarding the businesses and homes of the ‘banking families’ funding the carnage and looking to buy up Paris and the rest of France for chump change after the blood dried. Their ancestors still own most of it. This horror on the streets of LA, SF, Seattle, and other big cities must be intentional given that these cities could easily provide clean clothing, temporary toilets, trailer wash facilities, and dumpsters until the homeless encamped… Read more »

Dr. Eowyn

Wow. So Dr. Drew’s prediction came true.

Meanwhile, not a peep from the Hollyweirdos or from Los Angelenos in general. It is simply unbelievable how docile Democrats are about corrupt, incompetent Democrat governments. No doubt they’ll blame it on Trump and the Russians. [eyeroll]


“No doubt they’ll blame it on Trump and the Russians. [eyeroll]”. And climate change

Richard Raymond
Richard Raymond

They will blame it on capitalism/freedom and all those privileged white deplorables. Cloward Piven plan; solution socialism/totalitarianism.


We’re moving backwards and fast, West, North, moving East and then South, and soon dengue fever and the dreadful hepatitis, all those maladies caused by ignored, unattended and total disengaged by the Health Department. And then Camarada Harris and her climate change. I cry for America!


There once again seems to be a band of unseen puppeteers manipulating these situations. Let’s call on the Lord to send His unseen agents (angels) into our nation to rescue us from false representation.