Demonic Obama

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I first noticed these extraordinary pics of Obama on Drudge earlier today. The pics are wire service photos of Obama campaigning over the weekend. By this afternoon, Drudge had added a reference to Rush Limbaugh also noticing the pics.
Take a look.
Trust what your instincts tell you.

I’ll be blunt.
These pics are FRIGHTENING.
Look at those eyes. Eyes of pure evil. Eyes of madness.
I and others noticed his evil eyes back in the 2008 campaign [see HERE], but now they’re much much worse.
Rush said “An American president has never had facial expressions like this. At least we’ve never seen photos of an American president with facial expressions like this.”
I agree with Rush: They are demonic, unholy.
Obama’s mask — the sociopathic narcissist’s charming social mask — is slipping and what’s emerging ain’t pretty.
Looks like those reports of Obama being gripped by paranoia, depression, and schizophrenia are right, as are the reports of top Democrats considering invoking Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to remove Obama….
Pray for America!

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0 responses to “Demonic Obama

  1. I was on Drudge today,and noticed this immediately. baby is not getting his way and he knows it. We are gonna take you down you Illegal Fraudulent POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. He has declared war on the American people,not only by turning against us on the Mexican border,but on every other thing that has come up in the last two years.

  3. I saw the pics before I saw the captions today on Drudge. And the very first thing I thought too was,” OMG! He looks so evil! He looks like a crazed man.” Then I noticed the captions and thought, “Wow, its not just me! Thank goodness someone else thinks he looks psycho”. No president should ever look like this! He does however remind me of a dictator; Chavez and Castro come to mind. Oh yea, Hitler. How could I forget. But he is really losing his grip. I wonder what the real catalyst will be to finally push him over the edge where he loses his composure totally in front of the entire world? Any guesses?

    • I’ve been thinking what will push this POSSESSED man over the edge.
      Answer: Losing the November 2 elections, and losing it big.
      America, let’s make it happen! We will put on the Armor of God and go into battle.

  4. Oh wait! I get it! He is rehearsing for his part in the remake of “The Shining”, isn’t he? Phew! For a minute there I thought he had really gone over the edge. Heeeerrrreeee’s Barryyyyy! Maybe he has White House Cabin Fever like Jack Nicholson’s character. Naaahhhh. He’s just nuts.
    (Question: How do you paste pictures like the ones of BO onto this site when you comment? Cut and paste doesn’t seem to work. Unless the ones I try are not allowed??. I ‘m still trying to get all techno saavy cooliterate).

    • Thanks Steve. I was wondering about that! At least I know it wasn’t me.
      And yea, he is ready to go over the edge. Do you think maybe he is back on crack or snorting? I do. Hey, I made a rhyme……”Barack on crack”. I like that. Just made it up while typing. See what this administration has driven me to! Making up picture captions and bumper sticker sayings! haha.

      • Hollow & Steve,
        I figured out a way to post an image in your comment, but you’ll need:
        1. The URL of the image you found online.
        2. A title you give for your image.
        Then type this in your comment (words in BOLD are to be substituted by you):
        <img src="URL of the image” alt=”your title for the image” />

        • Hey thanks! You’re the new computer commando! Steve and I will just await your instruction! I appreciate your help and I am going to try it next time. I was trying to include that famous pic of Jack Nicholson sticking his head in the door after he axed it apart in The Shining. I thought we could make a comparison to him and BO!! haha.

          • You mean this one? LOL

            • Eowyn! You’re the bomb!!!! Yea, that’s the one I was trying to post! Thank you! That was so sweet of you. You made my day. Can’t you just see the similarity regarding his eyes? PSYCHO! I bet when he gets booted out of office he’ll open a motel somewhere in the middle of nowhere and Michelle’s body will sitting in a chair in his house telling him what to do. STAY OUT OF THE SHOWER EOWYN!
              Thanks again for posting the picuture. I would have had it figured out in about a month…..or six.

              • You are so very welcome, HPoint! It was ingenious of you to think of the Shining pic. Uncanny resemblance with The Fraud.
                All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All lies and no truth makes Barry an ex-president. All lies and no truth makes Barry an ex-president. All lies and no truth makes Barry an ex-president. All lies and no truth makes Barry an ex-president. All lies and no truth makes Barry an ex-president. All lies and no truth makes Barry an ex-president….

                • Eowyn, you be sure to click your heels together while reciting what you wrote above! It makes it come true! (Oh please Lord, make it come true). Have a great day and I’m sure we will correspond soon.

  5. The 1st & last photos are just scary…man, I truly hope November 2 sends him over the edge and expose him for the manchild he is!

  6. Yes, these pictures show what is on the inside, finally breaking through the “charming” mask and becoming visible for all to see.
    When I see these pictures, I fully expect to see a swarm of flies or bees flying from his mouth……….

  7. Yes, Lord, have mercy on us and bring us back to righteous living and Godly leadership.

  8. BO is definitely losing it. He has kept these expressions under wraps for quite some time. He truly looks dangerous. This man has too much power to have these problems. Maybe he will stay in Indonesia when he goes the day after the election. Looks to me like he might need a straight-jacket by then!

  9. Dave from Atlanta

    Yes he looks angry, but frankly I do not get a different impression of him than I got 2+ years ago when he was campaigning. I thought at the time that he had a creepy demeanor and wondered why other people did not seem to notice. Perhaps now they will see what I saw then – that this guy is really scary and should not be leading this country!

    • Dave,
      I see more than anger. In 2008, they were eyes of evil. Now, there is also madness — as in insanity. I had thought Wayne Madsen to be exaggerating when he reported that White House insiders describe Obama as not just paranoic & depressed, but also schizophrenic. I no longer think Madsen was exaggerating.
      Here’s the worst pic I found of his evil eyes in 2008. Compare this 2008 image with the pics of Obama now (see above in this post).
      Obama's evil eyes in 2008

  10. A well-known, local pastor said that a friend who walks in the prophetic spoke to him about Obama winning the ’08 election in October of that year. He said that the O would win and have two years to be a party guy while spending the “peoples’ money.” At the end of two years, it would all come crashing down around him and he would have to make a choice. He would either choose God (the real God of the Bible), repent, and set things right, or he would not choose God. The first choice brings world-wide revival; the other brings . . . well, I’m sure you can connect the dots. So far, that prophetic revelation is accurate. The pastor who said this encouraged us to pray for the O because world-wide revival beats worldwide upheaval and hell. ‘Nuff said . . .

  11. One other thing related to this post. Go to and type in Obama speaking backwards. Evidently, some guys used several programs to play him in reverse (like the old reverse of Beatles’ records) and the “yes we can” chant backwards has the audience saying, “thank you, satan.” Fits with the pictures as do his words played backwards. Also, a rabbi with no “dog in the race” translated Luke 10:18 . . . “And I saw satan fall as lightening from the sky.” A few of us also worked on this and the rabbi is right. The translation in Hebrew is: Satan Barack Obama. Check it out.

  12. When The One was elected, I searched his name on a bible study website ( using their various dictionary and encyclopedias. Names are important and in the bible, often denote the person’s character or position. This source actually has it spelled as “Barak” and it’s said to mean “lightning” or “lightning flash,” as the video offers. Apart from the video above – and the contention that it isn’t acurrately translating the verse – there is alot that is creepy about this man.
    One can’t forget the Messianic fervor that surrounded this guy during the campaign, that he actually campaigned in Germany and announced himself a citizen of the world, to whom songs were written for children to sing, and who Farakhan announced as the Savior – this man whose past is largely unknown, who has done nothing of signficance – but wrote 2 books to tell us all about it!
    He ran on Hope – a religious platitude. He offered Change – an undefined religio-political slogan. His campaign said “I am asking you to believe.”
    This is what Messiahs do, afterall.

  13. These snapshots of Obama remind me of the meniacle mannerism of GW Bush. I remember when Bush started ranting about shock and awe. The revenge in his tone sounded evil to me. Then when Bush lied to the people about his reasons for invading Iraq without UN support reminded me of something Hitler would do.
    When Obama ran for pres, the public was looking for a mesiah that would deliver us from the tyranical dictatorship that was currently in charge. Obama’s temperment towards diplomacy and intelligent tactics in foreign policy is so much more comfortable to peace loving people. That is why the Swiss awarded him the peace prize. The rest of the world was relieved to get the oil barons out of power.
    I hope you all realize that you can take a video of anyone and stop the frames at various times and get some hilariously funny or hideously evil expressions. It really has no insight on the mans demeanor or character.

    • Thanks, Strawman, for the laughs! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
      You really should be a standup comedian!
      BTW, what’s “meniacle”? See what I mean? You really are funny! HAHAHAHAHAHA
      Also, it’s the Scandinavians, not Swiss, who gave Obama that Nobel Peace Prize, for laughs. Is being a geography illiterate part of your standup act? HAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Ah, a spelling Nazi. I would expect no less. I meant maniacal as in acting like a maniac. Par for the republican course to act quickly out of anger and fear without thinking.
        Newsflash: Obama doesn’t want socialism and he’s not coming to take your guns away. No matter what Bubba down at the feed store told you.
        Think it’s funny? I think it’s funny that the holier-than-thou are so afraid of the smarter-than-thou in office at the moment. Hahahahaha!

        • Gosh, you Lefties are so mind-numbingly B-O-R-I-N-G. Again, you trot out the tired old lying insults that Conservatives are unthinking, stupid, gun-loving, redneck southerners. Can’t you come up with some new, more imaginative insults? And to think you keep congratulating yourselves as such caring tolerant open-minded multi-culturalists!
          People like YOU elected this bum to the White House who’s piling up $13+ trillions in debt that YOUR children & grandchildren will have to repay — and YOU call us stupid! too funny.
          As for your master Barack “Dajjal” Obama being “smarter-than-thou,” um, please point us to just ONE piece of college transcript with his actual GPA? How about his SAT or LSAT score? I can produce my undergrad and grad school GPAs, SAT & GRE scores. Heck, I’ll even throw in my Ph.D. diploma, my 4 singly-authored university-press books, my Full Professorship, and my Stanford-Binet IQ score! My only condition: Obama will have to produce his documents first.
          How about it, (the aptly self-named) “Strawman”?

          • Cha Ching! Beautiful comeback! Kudos to you.
            As for BO being the Anti-Christ, hmmm. I actually don’t think he is bright enough or cultured enough. I do however think he is leading the way and making the pathway. I see the AntiChrist as being bold, intelligent, saavy, cultured, maybe a little older(?) and many other qualities BO does not possess (like a birth certificate from somewhere). Maybe he is going to be the False Prophet’s helper or something. Regardless, whatever his name means, whatever his “ma-ni-uh-cul” expresions convey or whatever else he represents, he is a nut case and becoming dangerous. The world is falling apart Eowyn, that’s all I know.

          • Don’t scare him away… maybe he’ll (I assume he) actually learn something here on your blogs! Besides… if nothing else… at least he’s entertaining (somewhat).

        • “He’s not coming to take your guns away.” Hmmm, are you not familiar with his voting history on the 2nd Amendment? Suggest you look back to history when Obama was a Senator and voted against SB 2165, providing to assert the right of citizen to protect themselves against home invasions. Obama voted against the measure. It passed the Senate and House but Blago vetoed the bill. The Illinios Senate then voted to override Blago’s veto yet Obama voted to sustain the gov’s veto.
          Before O became a political figure he sat on the board of the Joyce Foundation. Google them and their mission. I can tell you right now it’s not about protecting the 2nd Amendment.
          Yeah, it’s smarter-than-thou people like Obama who want gun control while his family enjoys 24/7 professional security…

        • Dave from Atlanta

          Wow Strawman, how is it that you can know O’s mind and heart when no one else can? The man has contradicted himself in public so many times that it is nearly impossible to count the events. Additionally, he is a proven liar. His words mean nothing. “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” Look to what he has done, not what he says. That is all the proof any of us need.

  14. gee i wonder if obama casts a reflection in a mirror.. or if holy water will burn his skin and if he is fearful of religious objects (the cross) i would say he is showing to be quite evil with his policies and his politics.

  15. I’m an idiot, who’s a loud mouth, rude, and runs around calling people I don’t even know “demogogue” [sic]. Alas, I can’t spell (that’s why I’m an idiot!), so I can’t even hurl insults like “demagogue” properly. So sad.
    A psychiatrist would say that my foaming-at-the-mouth RAGE at this blog posting the wire-press, non-photoshopped photos of my master, Barack “Dajjal” Obama, is a perfect example of the defense mechanisms of OVER-REACTION and PROJECTION.
    I’m also a blasphemer, insulting Our Lord Jesus Christ. For that — a violation of this blog’s policy — I am forever banished from this site. May Christ have mercy on my soul.

  16. Damn DCG! that was good! 24/7 professional security! this really didn’t dawn on me till now. What are the candy asses gonna do if they get gun control thru??? {which they can try} not gonna happen.

    • They will exclude their security detail from any such bans, just like excluded themselves & unions buddies from HCR. Different rules for the DC clowns you know…

  17. BO or anyone else is welcome to come get mine (try)!! I really wish him, or anyone else, the best of luck!! I’ve fought and was injured for ALL the freedoms that we ALL enjoy… I have no intention of giving any of them up… any time soon!! Hitler was also very charismatic and initially voted in, then came the weapon registrations, the confiscations, and then the Marshal Law when nobody had the real means to fight back anymore. We all know what happened after that… DON’T WE!!! I was sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, Which I will continue to do however I can until my death. What BO is doing is not Constitutional… or even remotely close. We need to be out in force voting on Nov 2… We already know that he’s not going to play fair!! Look at all the strong-arm tactics that have already been used (for him and his)!!
    Oh, BTW… I’m not the only military person that feels this way… why do you think Homeland Security sent that memo out about the returning military being potential terrorists!! How insulting can you get to us that are fighting, getting injured, and/or getting killed there!!

    • Thank you, Sandman, for your service to our country. Thank you for your sworn loyalty to defend the Constitution, and not to any person who happens to inhabit the White House. May God bless you and yours.

  18. Thank you for your support Eowyn!!
    I swore an oath to God, that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
    If OB is not Constitutionally the legal President of the United States… then any/all orders given by him would also then be deemed unlawful and not to be followed, executed, nor enforced by the military (or others) and would potentially also make him a serious domestic enemy based on his refusal to follow the Constitution. This is the whole basis of the legal challenge of Lt Col Lakin in court, the questioning of OB’s birth by many others in the military, and the reason that Homeland Security is nervous about the returning combat experienced military (but calling us potential terrorists?? How insulting!!). This is also why Lt Col Lakin is currently being Court-Martialed by the Army. So you see… this “Birther” thing is much more important than most civilians even realize (on top of the fact that everything he’s done to this point would immediately become null & void), and can/would cause far reaching impacts within the US and even in many other countries as well. Being that I’ve fulfilled any/all military obligations… I have been officially released from my oath… but as a patriot, I will continue to honor it… even to a LEGAL President if applicable. Sorry for this post being long, but I wanted to give an insight about this issue that many civilians may not have!!

  19. You think he looks evil….. Have you seen his wife????

  20. Thankyou! for your service Sandman,and your opinion.

  21. This is a man of evil and he is not the antichrist but the John the Baptist of the Antichrist.
    Preceding him and he has not only
    Messed up this country but is bringing
    His evil to the Mideast and the world.
    So many millions have been fooled by him and the media and congress and senate let him do anything.
    That is real evil power


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