Democrats seek to pin credit downgrade on tea party

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From the Wasington Times

What a Boob

While continuing to cast doubt on the credibility of Standard & Poor’s, several Democrats on Sunday said there is an even greater culprit in the downgrade of the nation’s credit rating: the tea party.
“I believe this is, without question, the tea party downgrade,” Sen. John F. Kerry, Massachusetts Democrat, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, a day that also saw mounting anxieties in world markets over the downgrade among myriad other economic woes worldwide. Some of the world’s top financial ministers issued a joint statement Sunday night committing themselves to preserve the stability of financial markets and their economies.
David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to President Obama, used the exact same phrase in dubbing the credit rating drop the “tea party downgrade,” as Democrats tried to position themselves as reasonable, pragmatic leaders and conservative Republicans as irresponsible ideologues who caused the downgrade by refusing to accept any new taxes.
That’s exactly the kind of blame game that led Standard & Poor’s, one of three key credit-ratings agencies, to strip the U.S. federal government of its AAA status Friday night and reducing it to AA+ for the first time in the nation’s history.
“Congress and the administration are jointly responsible for the conduct of fiscal policy. So, this is not really about either political party,” David Beers, the head of S&P’s government debt-rating unit, said during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”
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Oh and th e Tea Party was responsibe for the bubonic plague.

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0 responses to “Democrats seek to pin credit downgrade on tea party

  1. Liberals are by nature liars. The nature of their beliefs drives and sustains this tendency.
    The liberal philosophies exhibited by many disconsolate, deluded individuals in the U.S.A and around the world are not viable in reality. I truly wish these philosophies were innocuous in nature; however, they are quite detrimental to the well being of the various peoples of the world. There are three reasons that liberals persist in their delusions despite said philosophies obvious detriment to the people of the world: ignorance, apathy, and greed.
    Many liberals are usually well meaning but highly analphabetic cretins who have been deluded into following unsound philosophies by their peers. The left is comprised of people of questionable intellect and little or no ability to elevate themselves above the mindless droning of the masses.
    Liberals practice beliefs and behaviors that are harmful to themselves and others. They do this knowingly but they simply do not care that their actions are harmful as long as they are allowed instant gratification of whatever they are feeling at the moment.
    The upper liberal echelon consists of malicious power seekers who prey on the weak and ignorant while spreading their destructive filth for the sole purposes of prolonging their pathetic grasp on political power.
    Regardless of whether a leftist is driven by ignorance, apathy, or greed, they all have one thing in common: they lie. The ignorant liberal lies either out of ignorance or to preserve self-delusional beliefs; the apathetic leftist lies to excuse his lifestyle; and the malicious progressive leader lies to keep his power base apathetic and ignorant.

  2. Since we are just absurdly blaming: I believe this is, without question, the boogieman associated with bed bugs downgrade.

  3. TEA Party’s fault? Because they allowed the Demo-rats to spend too much? (Left/libtards can claim that w/ a straight face?)

  4. Libs just practicing what their great leader knows: Alinsky 101.

  5. and as this crap is repeated often enough and very loudly it will become the truth regardless of the facts….

  6. Some Republicans aren’t impressed with the Tea Party’s antics either:

  7. Am I The Only One?

    Swift-Boat-Kerry has already proven that he has a Historical Problem with Reality and The Truth!
    If he was alive in 1776,(or for that matter,alive today), he would have called “The Founding Fathers”Terrorist, much like his comrades in Washington do Today!


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