Democrats introduce House bill calling abortion a human right

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Pro-lifers call abortion an abuse of human rights.

As an example, reacting to the recent news that new justice Brett Kavanaugh had cast the deciding vote against the Supreme Court taking up appeals from Kansas and Louisiana to remove Planned Parenthood from Medicaid funding, March for Life president Jeanne Mancini said: “Abortion is not healthcare, it is a human rights abuse. Until Planned Parenthood ceases to perform abortions they should not receive any money from taxpayers.”

But if Democrats have their way, killing tiny innocent human beings would be called a “human right” — a perversion of the English language which exceeds even George Orwell’s Newspeak.

On December 10, 2018, Human Rights Day, Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Katherine M. Clark introduced H.R. 7228: Reproductive Rights are Human Rights Act of 2018. Clark said: “Documenting and reporting human rights violations is a major part of eradicating their existence. This bill would ensure that our State Department maintains its vital role as an international watchdog and protector of women’s rights no matter the ideology of our White House.”

The bill has 51 co-sponsors, all Democrats. Rep. Lois Frankel (D-Florida) said in a statement: “Women’s rights are human rights. There is no greater right for women than to be in charge of their own bodies.”

HR 7228‘s purpose is “To amend the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 to include in the Annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices a section on reproductive rights”. “Reproductive rights,” in turn, are to include the right of “women and girls” across the world to “access…safe abortion services, in accordance with such country’s laws, including post-abortion care”.

Reporting for LifeNews on Dec. 11, Micaiah Bilger writes:

The pro-abortion bill, the Reproductive Rights are Human Rights Act, would require the U.S. State Department to include abortion on demand and other reproductive rights in its annual human rights report. It is a reaction to the Trump administration, which, earlier this year, prioritized real human rights issues by removing references to the so-called “right” to abort an unborn child from the report….

The report represents a significant change from pro-abortion President Barack Obama’s administration, which promoted the killing of unborn babies for any reason up to birth as a woman’s “right.”

In contrast, the Trump administration has been focusing on policies that protect both women and their unborn children.

Responding to criticism about the report, the State Department said it is not “downgrading coverage of … women’s issues.” Rather, it now will focus on ending the most “egregious” of human rights abuses against women and families in the world, including forced abortion and sterilization.

Under the pro-abortion Obama administration, one section of the report was called “Reproductive Rights.” The Trump administration removed that section and added a new one called “Coercion in Population Control.” ….

“This erasure puts real lives in danger,” said NARAL President Ilyse Hogue. “Using backdoor tactics to erase all mention of reproductive rights—including abortion, contraception, and maternal mortality—from vital reports and resources in order to push an extreme, ideological agenda is a true testament to just how dangerous and corrupt this administration is.”

Planned Parenthood, the Center for Reproductive Rights, NARAL and 42 other pro-abort oganizations endorsed HR 7228 and promoted it on social media in connection with Human Rights Day.

In a tweet, Planned Parenthood’s new president, Leana Wen, thanked the pro-abort House Democrats for introducing the bill.

Meanwhile, President Trump continues to keep his campaign promise to pro-lifers by:

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26 responses to “Democrats introduce House bill calling abortion a human right

  1. “There is no greater right for women than to be in charge of their own bodies.”

    Last night on 90 Day Fiance I saw a woman got pregnant again and she’s devastated. She can’t take birth control because she’s breastfeeding and her fiancé doesn’t like to use condoms. Yet she CHOSE to have sex with him anyway. Such a fine example of women “being in charge” of their bodies.

    These libtards will manipulate language to suit their needs (think gender). Actions have consequences and changing the language doesn’t change the results (think dead babies).

    • DCG . . . You are absolutely correct! Why is it that woman in an effort to have control over their bodies . . cannot cease allowing men to have unprotected sex and they want to run to baby killers to “get rid of the problem.” I have no doubt that the Heaven’s weep over this heinous behavior.

    • DCG & Auntie—OMG……thinking in the same vein…..WE DO have reproductive rights—–we have the right to have sexual relations at any time, and these days with WHOMEVER and WHATEVER…as never in law in some previous days…..We have the right to reproductive knowledge….as never in previous days when there was no medically dispensed birth control and even a time when it was illegal for a Dr. to explain the “rythm method” to a woman……We have the right to use our knowledge to PREVENT pregnancy/reproduction. We have the right to plan—without the spectre of abortion—-to become a parent or not. We have the right to say “NO.” Failing to practice/ignoring/ all those rights….NOW everyone thinks that aborting a reproduced HUMAN BEING is a “right” extended to them out of personal FAILURE TO ACT/PREVENT with the knowledge and “rights ” to various and sundry birth control practices/ planning/ methods….including abstinence (!) at times??????? WHAT? Are they feral animals??? No reason? No control? No forethought? Monday morning quarterbacks??????? Jesus save us….there’s EVEN a “morning after” pill. And with all those “STOP HERE and USE ME” availabilities….there are STILL MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of babies in the womb slaughtered year after year in the name of “women who are in charge of their own bodies.” In CHARGE?????Give me a break. Liar Liars pants on fire.

  2. These sick POSs are captives of Satan, most willingly. Next on their evil agenda will be “post-birth abortion” and elimination of the infirmed and elderly. Nobody will be safe in the coming global 1984 environment.

  3. At Judgement Day, God Will Not Have To Say A Thing To Any Of Them.

  4. Fine. Just perform a vasectomy on every male child at birth. Then a woman would not be able to trap a man into marriage.

  5. Dims always label products and services as some kind of right. One thing I notice though is that right always results in government taking money from one group of people to give another group of people a Right.

  6. How is murder a human right, when all major religions forbid murder?

  7. Wow! So, “government” can make a mortal sin a “right”? Does God know about this?

    Look at the clever ploy of playing this off as a “Trump against everyone else” issue. Even by their own rhetoric, “women’s rights” are more important than human life? Really? Does God know about this?

  8. What else can we expect from a political party that booed God during its last national convention? What else can I say but the Democratic National Party should be prosecuted under the RICO Statutes?

    This is what we got from the Kennedy family: A near-great President with vision, cut down in his prime, and a younger degenerate brother who gave us this Abortion Legacy. (Or he did everything to make the abomination permanent, at the very least).

    On the plus side, many people throughout America have been having second thoughts about abortion. Both the rate of abortion and the number of Planned Parenthood facilities throughout the nation are down. Not to zero, but down. I believe that the evil of abortion is of such gravity that it cannot be understood in its totality. But we can do certain things to influence people, at least to some extent. And it seems to me that the pro-life people will constitute at least a part of the Remnant that is to come.
    In the meantime Clarke, Frankel & Wen agree with the late abortionist George Tiller (“Tiller the Killer”), who said, “Abortion! It’s worth going to hell for!” They shall meet him someday.

  9. That’s really twisted and sick if you think about it. A license to kill your own child.

  10. “Women’s rights are human rights. There is no greater right for women than to be in charge of their own bodies.”
    So prostitution is OK with this Frankel I guess.

  11. I don’t know much of anything about Katherine Clark except she was apparently hand picked as a communist to replace communist Ed Markey and previously had extensive far-left connections. We read about the communists (aka progressives or leftists) controlling public discourse through control of the msm and about our naïveté in accepting their language of “choice” and “rights,” because the latter concedes the argument before it begins. But it’s also the Republicans who from the get-go provide cover for the actual communists in government by giving them cover as “Democrats.”

    Imagine how different things would be today had the Republicans called out the Markeys and Warrens in Congress for being the communists they are, and had them investigated by the FBI and prosecuted by the DOJ for advocating by association the Gramscian annihilation of America’s government and institutions and their replacement with a tyrannical-by-definition communist regime. The proof of Republican betrayal could not be more starkly in our face than their complete funding of Planned Parenthood when it could have been closed down, possibly for good.

    Everything goes one way, and over any meaningful length of time it’s never our way, despite some topical banana oil about the border, abortion, or some other foundational principle being jettisoned. Let’s not be fooled again. Once the Republicans can get rid of Trump, it’ll be business as usual selling us out, not least by pretending that ongoing concessions to the communists is “reaching out across the aisle to their Democratic colleagues.” The current political trajectory is total victory by the communists, it only being a matter of time. Their system must fail and white Christians will be blamed, yet we’ll be left defenseless by a Republican Party whose resolve to save America can be gauged by its spineless and cowardly leaders.

  12. This is what the demon-Democrats want to kill off with every abortion of a human being, each & every one created by God Himself. You’d think they would WANT as many “brains” as possible to be born, to use their gifts for a better world… NOT!

    THE HUMAN BRAIN (Friday Church News Notes, October 19, 2018):
    –Christof Koch, chief scientist and president of the Allen Institute for Brian Science, says, “The brain is by far the most complex piece of highly excitable matter in the known universe by any measure. We don’t even understand the brain of a worm” (The New York Times, Oct. 15, 2018, p. A3).
    –The information in the brain equals that contained in 20 million separate books (George Cahill, Science Digest, Vol. 89, issue 3, 1981, p. 105).
    –It has about 200 billion nerve cells with hundreds of trillions of connections called synapses. Each synapse functions like a microprocessor “with both memory-storage and information-processing elements” (Cornelius Hunter, “More Switches Than the Internet,” Darwin’s God, Nov. 17, 2010).
    –One synapse may contain 1,000 switches. In the cerebral cortex alone there are 125 trillion synapses, which is about how many stars would fill 1,500 Milky Way galaxies. “The brain’s total number of connections rivals the stars of the universe in number, yet the connections follow an orderly plan” (Alan Gillen, Body by Design, p. 87).
    –There are 100 billion glia cells which provide the biological “batteries” for brain activity (The Revelation of God and Nature).
    –The brain receives signals from 137 million light receptors in the eyes, 100,000 hearing receptors in the ears, 10,000 taste buds, 5-6 million odor detecting cells, 30,000 heat sensors on the skin, 250,000 cold sensors, and 500,000 touch sensors (adapted from Bert Thompson, The Revelation of God and Nature).
    –The hearing receptors alone send up to 25,000 auditory signals per second to the brain, which interprets them as voices, thunder, music, or a million other sounds (Jackson, The Human Body).
    –The brain receives 20% of all of the blood pumped from the heart. The brain produces over 50 different complex drugs needed to control our body, emotions, and thoughts. For example, endorphin, the brain’s pain-killer, is three times more potent than morphine (A Closer Look at the Evidence).
    Source link:

    Hopefully, the Repub Senate Majority (beginning January 2019) will never aprove that Demon House Bill & it will die. If the Repub Senate approves it, then what Lophatt & others said about Repub traitors will be glaringly evident.

  13. The Demoncrats denigratingly refer to LIFE ITSELF as an “IDEOLOGICAL AGENDA.” I’d like to be a “fly on the wall” when they repeat that to Christ’s face when they stand before Him on Judgment Day.

    And kudos to the Trump Admin for REMOVING the “Reproductive Rights” malarky section & replacing it with an anti-abortion section appropriately entitled “COERCION in [the name of the anti-life fraud known as] Population Control.”

  14. These are blood sacrifices to the devil himself.😈 The father of lies has deceived these wicked people.

  15. Evil walks.

  16. Anybody considering abortion should be made to see these pre-natal pics (GRAPHIC):

  17. Does the father have the same rights?

  18. While sex is fun, it is not recreation. It is procreation. Everybody has free birth control. Abstinance never results in pregnancy. Learn to control yourself.

    • That’s oppressive and “racist,” comrade! (Personal responsibility is evil and not progressive, you know… )

  19. The Left insist that abortion is somehow a guaranteed “human” right…as they tell us the US Constitution can’t guarantee the 2A! LOL! Imbeciles.

  20. Yep. There’s another one floating around to make any attempt to divest from Israel or to not purchase their products a hate crime. There are several states that already have this. They have “loyalty oaths” that people must sign to work.

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