Democrats can’t tell U.S. military from Soviet’s or Turkey’s

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The Democratic Party today not only is hostile toward the U.S. military, they are also ignorant. They haven’t the foggiest idea what our warships and fighter planes look like, and so confuse those of other countries with ours. To Democrats, they all look alike.

Neil Munro reports for The Daily Caller, Sept. 17, 2012, that the mix-up happened during the final night of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, on Sept. 6, shortly before the POS accepted his party’s nomination for a second term. The convention projected images of warships and fighter jets in a giant stage backdrop, intended to illustrate the Democratic Party’s support for military personnel and veterans.

The problem is neither the warships nor the fighter jets were those of the United States.

On Sept. 12, after the Navy Times reported that the convention had used a photo of four Soviet-era Russian warships with their distinct radars and blue-cross motif Russian naval flags, the Democrats issued an apology. (NAVAL EXPERT: Ships shown during Democratic convention tribute to veterans were Russian)

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Now we find that the F-5 fighter planes flying in a seven-plane formation depicted in the same huge image, which convention-goers assumed were American fighter planes, are actually part of the air force of Turkey, a country whose government is now jailing journalists and establishing Islam as a state religion.

This latest discovery was also reported by the Navy Times, from a tip.

Brad Woodhouse, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, did not respond when the The Daily Caller asked why the convention planners displayed Turkish-flown aircraft alongside Russian warships while seeking support from the American military community.

This is not a serious political party.

It’s the party of Bozo the Clown.


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0 responses to “Democrats can’t tell U.S. military from Soviet’s or Turkey’s

  1. bozo had way more integrity than obama and i would bet bozo could tell the difference between the us navy and the russian navy.

  2. IDIOTS.

  3. I’m telling you these people are crazy as bed bugs.

  4. Idjiots 4 Social Justice… Competence Doesn’t Count!

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this hysterical post! Can you believe it! How do you get our U.S. military confused with the Russians and Turkey? Idiots!

  6. They know whose they like…

  7. Once again, those cowardly braying donkeys live up to their name and make total jackasses of themselves. One more glaring demonstration of their ineptness to govern shown at their very own convention. Too bad the lamestream media ignored this for the most part, for they are just as inept. Indeed, they are an organ of the Demo-Donk Party, their propaganda arm.

    Oh, I find this so funny because it clearly shows how unwarriorlike they truly are. Wussies and wimps, each and all! The party of weakness, appeasement, pandering, entitlement, immorality, excess, decay, and general all-around buffoonery. No wonder our subversive domestic islamist groups like CAIR, partner with these fools. They know they can control them in the end. You see, the real reason that liberals defend muslims is out of mortal fear of them. They hope to be eaten last. Since the liberals are so lacking in martial ardor, the thought of combatting and defeating islam in a meaningful way, doesn’t register as much as a blip on their skewered radar screen.

    Moral cowardice and an obstinate refusal to face empirical, observble, objective reality is what they’re all about. Many Republicans are sadly, not much better either. The real lost opportunity of effectively solving the world’s problems with islam, by understanding and committing one’s self and resources to the task, has sadly been squandered by these people, of whom far too many of our own countrymen keep returning to office.

    Time to clean house folks.

  8. How true. Nor can most leftists fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

  9. Dumbasses.


  10. LOL – What would you expect from people that are too stoopid to even know which end of the gun the bullet comes out of?



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