Democrats are upset by this sign

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Overpasses For America posted this photo to their Facebook page, on March 13, 2015, of a sign somewhere in America which says:

We used to hunt Communists. Now we elect them.

commie sign
The sign has struck a nerve and has gone viral.
There are T-shirts with that message. Zazzle even offers a sheet of 20 “We used to hunt communists” stickers for only $5.50!
As American Overlook writes (via The Federalist Papers):

Just a few decades ago, America was anti-communist and fought valiantly in the name of freedom and democracy.
But when you look at the facts today, communism didn’t die with the U.S.S.R. Instead communists are alive and well in America, they’ve just changed their party affiliation to Democrat….
If you are not convinced by this statement, let’s take a look at President Obama’s actions.

  • Obama believes that if you’re a business owner, you didn’t create you business. Minimum wage workers and the government did.
  • Obama has aided Cuba’s communist government by returning spies, normalizing relations, and treating the communist leader there with more respect than he does members of the Republican Party here in America!
  • While growing up in Hawaii, Obama was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a communist, who had pledged allegiance to the Soviet Union.

American communists
Think the “We used to hunt communists, now we elect them” sign is hyperbole?
Think again.
Did you know that in 2010, Communist Party USA sued the Democratic Party for theft of its (CPUSA) party platform?
Two years later, CPUSA and the Democrats kissed and made up, and in the 2012 elections that year, Communist Party USA actually endorsed Obama and the Democrats. It was also at the 2012 Communist, oops, Democratic National Convention that communists, excuse me, Democrats thrice rejected God.

Street vendors in China peddling ObamaMao t-shirts. They know!

Street vendors in China peddling Obama Mao t-shirts. They know!

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0 responses to “Democrats are upset by this sign

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    Very profound message, sadly wasted on all to many.

  2. Vladimir Lenin told the truth: “We shall infiltrate every government and bureaucracy on earth and we shall keep it up until we win,” or words to that effect.

  3. The red haired woman carrying the banner very closely resembles Boston’s Lady in Red.

  4. VERY frightening times we’re living in. There STILL needs to be a hunting season on Communists,no matter WHAT they re-name themselves to.

  5. Well, the commies always said they would take over our country without firing a shot. Like a bad fruit, we have rotted from within, and are about to fall from the tree.

  6. Democrats upset? Good. (Where can get a shirt with that on it?.)

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