Democrats Are the Party of Racists

Jason Mattera of Human Events writes on June 14, 2011:

“A crucial part of the Democrats’ victim folklore is that they have been losing the South to Republicans over the past half century because the Democrats stood on principle to oppose race discrimination, while the Republican Party pandered to racists in the South—a region of the country liberals believe is composed primarily of Klan members….  The Republican Party’s allegedly racist appeal to Southerners is darkly referred to 17 times a day in the mainstream media as the ‘Southern Strategy.’

[In her new book, Demonic , Ann Coulter tackles] the popular myth that Democrats are the party of civil rights.  It’s the exact opposite, she states, noting, ‘It was Republicans who overwhelmingly introduced, promoted and passed every civil rights act from the end of the Civil War right up to and including the 1964 Civil Rights Act.’

…[The liberal fable is that] conservative hero Barry Goldwater opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act in order to appeal to racists in the South, and for that reason, the GOP started to lose the black vote.  The reality is that Goldwater didn’t have a racist bone in his body…Goldwater founded the NAACP chapter in Arizona, integrated the Arizona National Guard and ended racial segregation in his family-owned department stores.  In other words, Goldwater was a vociferous foe of race discrimination, and actively fought to abolish all the Jim Crow laws that Democrat politicians adopted.”

Here’s Mattera’s interview with Coulter:


H/t my friend Bob W.


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9 years ago

Racism that converatives can be made responsible for is enjoyable racism indeed for left/liberal folk.

9 years ago

One of ’em just resigned… got a serious job offer from Larry Flynt, too.