Democrats are hypocrites on gas price

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Democrats, thy name is Hypocrisy!
They doth speaketh with forkéd tongue.

H/t our Miss May


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0 responses to “Democrats are hypocrites on gas price

  1. OK….now I have LITERALLY heard everything !!!

  2. May be I can set your mind at ease,Terry . In reality, gas costs
    LESS than it EVER has in terms of REAL money (I.E. :constitutional
    money based upon silver and gold) or one silver dime per gallon
    just as it has traditionally ( i/10 oz @ $ 32.79/oz= $3.279 per gallon)
    It’s an even better buy if you deduct the taxes levied per gallon.
    Of course, you might still be unhappy that your dollar has deflated in
    value by nearly 100% in the last few years but it’s all good if you’re
    payed in inflation adjusted monopoly money. It sure beats walking or pushing a vehicle that’s run out of fuel. 🙂

    • Dear Sheep Boy,
      I too want to be a good citizen and save lives. But I’m as confused as you! Why don’t you ask the Pelosi-Boxer-Hillary-Obama cabal?
      With undying affection,
      An ardent Dolly fan

  3. Gas prices have nothing to do with drilling right? It has to do with the value of the dollar….right? I’m I understanding it? I heard that China was looking to start buying gas with a different currency?

  4. Here’s one reason the price of gas is skyrocketing. According to the U.S Energy Information Administration, YES there has been a SMALL up-tick in “Monthly US Field Production of Crude Oil” since ’08 but only up to the 1950 & 2004 levels. Between 1950 and 2004 our production has been as much as 50% higher than it is now.
    Meanwhile our “Monthly EXPORTS of Crude Oil” have reached RECORD heights jumping from 40,000,000 bbl/mo to the current level of 110,000,000 bbl/mo!
    And, Per Figure 1. “Annual US Gasoline Exports by Destination” shows we EXPORT 300,000,000 barrels of oil to MEXICO, DAILY! This is THREE TIMES what we sent them in ’08! And our EXPORTS went from about 30,000,000 to well over 100,000,000 bbl/day to Central and South America. Further, our EXPORTS to “Other” destinations went from negligible in 2010 to 30,000 bbl/day today.
    This seems a lot like a parent telling a Welfare worker “Yes, I cook passable meals for my family … but I’m sending more and more of those meals next-door.
    This is more proof that “Figures can’t lie – but liars can figure”!

  5. Democrats are a bunch of liars. The good thing is that the gas prices saved 2220 people from pollution last year.


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