Democratic Platform Needs a Reality Check

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The 2012 Democratic Platform, a creation of the recent convention in Charlotte states:

The September 11th Reality Check by Fox 19 investigative Reporter, Ben Swann, pretty clearly show the Obama Administration is funneling support to Al-Qaeda — a far cry from disrupting, dismantling and defeating it!

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0 responses to “Democratic Platform Needs a Reality Check

    they need more then a reality check the dnc showed warships in the background of the podium showing americas naval might under obama the only problem these where russian warships click on link above shows the dnc at there inglorious incompetence

  2. Having removed God at their Convention (reinstated under protest) it is clear that the Democrat Party is defunct and must now be reclassified as The National Socialist Workers Party. We are witnessing an “in your face” attempted socialist takeover of America (90% installed) led by an administration that is headed up by a Muslim Marxist and a boatload of known communists. The MSM is under their control. Socialism and European style domestic terrorism is alien to Americans but they have to catch on quickly (recognize what is really happening in Cairo) or else we will be living in AmeriKa on November 7th and then it will not be reversed in our lifetime; at least not without a bloody revolution. Here is someone who knows what I am talking about >

    • They said “change” but not into what… I have a feeling a successful GOP vote on Nov 6 means voting will matter for years to come.

  3. Sure didn’t achieve #2… kissing muslim butt and grovelling didn’t work as expected.

  4. I wonder how many people know that Obama’s campaign slogan “Forward” comes from Socialist novements of the past. The slogan “Forward” came from Vladimir Lenin, who founded the publication “Vpered” (The Russian word for “Forward”) in 1905. I have a hard time believing adopting this slogan was just a coincidence. The Obama administration knew exactly what they were doing.


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