Democrat women can’t stop dreaming about sex with Trump

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It is said liberalism is a mental disorder.

Here’s more very bizarre evidence.

Self-afflicted with the Trump Derangement Syndrome, the Left are so obsessed with President Trump that women (and some men too) are having dreams about sex with him, and they loath themselves for having those dreams.

Curiously, their dreams of having sex with Trump go back to 2015.

Here are some of their tweets (source):


Below are some more recent tweets:

In response to Nancy Lee Grahn’s (@NancyLeeGrahn) tweet asking:

A man named Paul Karle @KarlePaul, who describes himself as a Fort Lauderdale “radio host”, tweets back that he had a sex dream sbout Trump:

Jordyn Taylor of Mic reports that psychologist and dream expert Ian Wallace said in a phone interview that “A lot of women are having lots and lots of dreams about Donald Trump, even though they find him completely abhorrent.”

The Left’s self-loathing for having sex dreams about Trump prompted Wallace and another dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg to come to their rescue.

Loewenberg said sex dreams rarely represent a physical union, and that you may dream about sex if there’s a psychological or emotional connection you need, or have recently had, with another person.

For his part, Wallace reassured the Trump sex dreamers that “It can seem strange when you create a sex dream about someone you’re absolutely not attracted to in waking life.” But dreaming about Trump doesn’t mean you want to have sex with him. It’s actually “about some aspect of our own character that that person symbolizes for us.” Wallace explains that Trump is “a person who’s absolutely full of confidence, who has power to make some change — to do something of apparent value to other people,” and those are qualities people may wish to adopt, even if they’re repelled by him.

Even worse than sex dreams about Trump, the Left are losing sleep and very stressed out because of him, as indicated in the responses to Nancy Lee Grahn’s tweet. Below is a sample:

@GingerVoight: “My problem is getting to sleep :/”

@SusanLong123: “I have not had a good night sleep since he was elected. What scares me the most is what others allow him to do and say what he does. Scary times.”

@DeniseCis: “My stress level with what is happening to this country is skyrocketing.”

@LPonch: “I wake up every morning with a pit in my stomach, thinking ‘what;s gonna happen today?'”

@Pat1Sox1: “I wake w/nightmares, cold sweats.”

@dmtweety: “Have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Lucky if I get 4 hours at most”

@BrendaYoung1: “My stress began the night they announced he “won” the election & has been climbing steadily since. I don’t sleep.”

@MOAFAA: “My son is autistic. He is high functioning with an IQ of 137. For two years he has fretted and worried about this country and his future. The other day he swore he was getting an ulcer because of this Kavanaugh fiasco.”

@LuvChicagoCubs: “Been up since 2:30. I’m exhausted with these monsters in charge!”

@cmboon: “It’s really scary right now and my anxiety is peaking”

@mattmcvilla: “I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in over 2 years.”

@Rhondasam: “I don’t sleep at all. It’s frightening.”

Distressed and disturbed as I was about Obama in the eight long years of his administration, never once did I lose sleep or had insomnia because of him. And I most definitely never ever had a sex dream about Obama.

I suspect other conservatives are the same.

Put simply, there is something very wrong about the Left.


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26 responses to “Democrat women can’t stop dreaming about sex with Trump

  1. As a person who has analyzed lots of dreams I can attest to what the therapist said above. Sex dreams are about trying to incorporate into yourself the attributes of whatever the other person in the dream symbolizes. What I find interesting is the very symbol of president, even without Trump, is one of power. So to sum up here, these leftists seem to be people that are imbalanced and subconsciously looking for a way have more control and power, and perhaps to be more decisive which makes a lot of sense if you are someone who is DENYING YOUR DESIRE for CONTROL and POWER. Classic case of psychological projection. It ends up explaining their hatred of Trump. What you deny in yourself, you are liable to project on another, and then start throwing the darts at them.
    It also explains the sheer irrationality of these people. If asked why they are upset to the point that they cannot sleep because of Trump, I am sure not one of them could articulate one salient reason based in fact or reality in any action Trump taken.
    I too never lost sleep over Obummer, and if so many leftists are, I can only conclude the same as Dr. Eowyn- they are mentally ill.

    • Maybe they want a strong “daddy” figure who will give them everything they ask for without them having to be responsible? If they start having dreams about J. Edgar Hoover in a mini-skirt its time for a shrink.

    • So, “Biker Dyke” wakes her “partner” in the middle of the night screaming Trump’s name? I sense a murder mystery in the making.

  2. I had a seance with Dr. Freud, and I contacted Dr. Ford and spoke to Alex Delarge, and they all agree: They’re deprived of being depraved! Hee! Hee! Hee!

    • Steven . . . I am concerned about your welfare. I was put off by sending you money via “Go Fund Me” as they are now wanting a minimum of a 10% “handling fee.” I don’t know how you feel, but if you contact Dr Eowyn and allow her to email me your mailing address, I will be more than happy to send you some money to help with your troubles. Or, you can have her give you my email address, and you can send your mailing address directly to me. Sorry if this adds to your problems. (I don’t think that “Go Fund Me” used to charge these exorbitant fees.) I am offended by any organization that is making a minimum of 10%,m or their suggested 15% handling fee off of people who are in dire straights. I am praying for you, none the less.

      • Auntie Lulu, the 10% fee has a “drop-down menu”, so that you can attach whatever fee you want, 1%, 5%, other – I chose other, and entered Zero to go toward GFM.

        I saw that fee, too, and I hesitated as well for the same reason.

        • Glad you clarified that Jackie. I donated zero as well hoping that would not interfere with the donation.

        • Good to know, Jackie Puppet. Wish I’d known this before I added 10% to my donation.

          • Me too, I didn’t know but anything for a fellow friend in need means a lot!

            • Thank You, Alma. And thanks to everyone, also. As of today (Tue., Oct. 16th) I am cleared to work for Uber Eats. I will deliver food on foot. I think I should be able to squeeze by in the meantime.

      • Thank You for mentioning that, Auntie Lulu; I had no idea of that increase in fees. As you know from reading my appeal, I was arrested on a misdemeanor assault in which I did nothing; I was given a desk appearance ticket.
        But the problem comes from the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission: A relatively new rule (from the Bloomberg Administration, I believe) states that any driver who is arrested has his license to drive on any platform or service suspended, pending acquittal. My court date is Nov. 7th, and my attorney is confident I will be all right. (My accuser was highly intoxicated, or so it seemed, and verbally abusive).
        I give you permission to ask Dr. E. for my email address; In fact, I will drop her an email right now.
        Thank You very much.

  3. They need a busier life, or a life, or a real man and a life.
    Wheeeee! This gets better & better.
    What a movie in real life. Who needs Hellyweird?
    Some real oddballs & scripts these days.

  4. There is no doubt about it . . . these folks really are one brick short of a load!

  5. “The tactics by which the liberal agenda finds its victims or targets, is broken down into bullet points by Dr. Lyle Rossiter below, and these ploys are used to prey on the weakness and feelings of inferiority in the population by the following factors:
    creating and reinforcing perceptions of victimization;
    satisfying infantile claims to entitlement, indulgence and compensation;
    augmenting primitive feelings of envy;
    rejecting the sovereignty of the individual, subordinating him to the will of the government.”

    Author Dr. Lyle Rossiter Calls The American Left, The Democrats And Mainstream Media “Mentally Ill”

  6. LOL – Even lesbos need to jump on a REAL stick once in a while.

    I bet they didn’t have the same dreams about beta boy Obama. 😉

  7. It seems to me that these folks are demonstrating a variety of mental disorders. They display signs of paranoia, depression, manic or impulsvive behavior, feelings of abandonment, sexual disorentation, or social entitlement and a litiney of other dysfunctional behaviors. I say pull the plug. Stopping ‘entitlement’ is like stopping smoking. Tapering off ain’t gonna work.

  8. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m old and not blind, and who wouldn’t, POTUS is good looking, powerful, tall, handsome and the desire of many a young woman, but GIRLS, he is busy governing and has a beautiful wife, Melania Trump, I love her accent and her poise.

  9. 1962 HITS ARCHIVE: A Wonderful Dream” – Majors

  10. Praying for a swift resolution to Mr Broiles troubles.


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