Liberal vs. Conservative Celebrities

Brad Pitt is a Democrat. Who knew?

Celebrities who are Democrats, according to the Federal Electoral Commission or are known liberals:

  1. Ben Affleck (actor)
  2. Andre Agassi (tennis player)
  3. Jennifer Aniston (actress)
  4. Kevin Bacon (actor)
  5. Alec Baldwin (actor)
  6. Roseanne Barr (actress)
  7. Jessica Biel (actress)
  8. Chevy Chase (actor)
  9. John Cusack (actor)
  10. Matt Damon (actor)
  11. Larry David (actor, writer, producer)
  12. Paula Deen (cook, actress, TV personality)
  13. Robert Deniro (actor)
  14. Cameron Diaz (actress)
  15. Leonardo Dicaprio (actor)
  16. The Dixie Chicks (singers)
  17. Eminem (rapper)
  18. Harrison Ford (actor)
  19. Michael J. Fox (actor)
  20. Jennifer Garner (actress)
  21. John Goodman (actor)
  22. Jake Gyllenhaal (actor)
  23. Tom Hanks (actor)
  24. Hugh Hefner (Playboy)
  25. Faith Hill (singer)
  26. Hulk Hogan (wrestler)
  27. Michael Jordan (basketball player)
  28. Lady Gaga (singer)
  29. Tim McGraw (singer)
  30. Demi Moore (actress)
  31. Willie Nelson (singer)
  32. Jack Nicholson (actor)
  33. Rosie O’Donnell (actress)
  34. Oprah (TV personality)
  35. Gwyneth Paltrow (actress)
  36. Sean Penn
  37. Regis Philbin (TV host)
  38. Brad Pitt (actor)
  39. Natalie Portman (actress)
  40. Susan Sarandon (actress)
  41. Steven Spielberg (director, producer)
  42. Jerry Springer (TV host)
  43. Bruce Springsteen (singer)
  44. Meryl Streep (actress)
  45. Barbra Streisand (actress)
  46. Tim Robbins (actor)
  47. Reese Witherspoon (actress)

(40 of the above are from Matt Stopera’s list for BuzzFeed)

Buffy is a Republican! Who knew?

Celebrities who are Republicans, according to the Federal Electoral Commission or are known conservatives:

  1. 50 Cent (rapper, actor)
  2. Tim Allen (actor)
  3. Scott Baio (actor)
  4. Stephen Baldwin (actor)
  5. David Blaine (actor)
  6. James Caan (actor)
  7. Dean Cain (actor)
  8. Drew Carey (actor)
  9. Alice Cooper (rock singer)
  10. Tony Danza (actor)
  11. Bo Derek (actress)
  12. Shannen Doherty (actress)
  13. Robert Duvall (actor)
  14. Clint Eastwood (actor, director)
  15. Gloria Estefan (singer)
  16. Sarah Michelle Gellar (actress)
  17. Mel Gibson (actor)
  18. Kelsey Grammer (actor)
  19. Sammy Hagar (rock singer)
  20. Angie Harmon (actress)
  21. Patricia Heaton (actress)
  22. Rachel Hunter (model, actress)
  23. James Earl Jones (actor)
  24. Toby Keith (singer)
  25. Don King (boxing promoter)
  26. LL Cool J (rapper, actor)
  27. Nick Lachey (singer, actor)
  28. Meat Loaf (rock musician, actor)
  29. Heather Locklear (actress)
  30. Susan Lucci (actress)
  31. Karl Malone (Lakers basketball player)
  32. Dennis Miller (comedian)
  33. Wayne Newton (singer)
  34. Chuck Norris (actor)
  35. Ted Nugent (rock musician)
  36. Johnny Ramone (punk rock guitarist)
  37. Mary Lou Retton (Olympic gymnast)
  38. Kid Rock (rock musician)
  39. The Rock (actor)
  40. Adam Sandler (actor)
  41. Pat Sajak (TV game show host)
  42. Tom Selleck (actor)
  43. Rick Shroder (actor)
  44. Jessica Simpson (actress)
  45. Gary Sinise (actor)
  46. Sylvester Stallone (actor)
  47. Ben Stein (actor, writer)
  48. Arnold Swarzenegger (actor; former California governor)
  49. Vince Vaughn (actor)
  50. Jon Voight (actor)
  51. Bruce Willis (actor)
  52. James Woods (actor)
  53. Chuck Woolery (game show host)

Sources: Matt Stopera’s list for BuzzFeed; stars
Some of the names on these two lists surprised me, especially the Republicans.
Updated: Nov. 19, 2016

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Dwight Hedrick
Dwight Hedrick
3 years ago

I could have guessed
most of the repos.
A couple surprised me
& disappointed me.
Was not surprised
at all about dems.

JR Bergess
JR Bergess
3 years ago

Ladies and gentlemen, we all need to come together very quickly. That means across the aisle. Sooner than later, somebody put your hand out and give something to somebody. And then let’s build from there. I’m Republican I’m willing to give something to get something to move the program along. Anybody with me,
We got a tremendous agenda to be worked on and none of us are getting anything done.How about we have a change, and agree that we can get one thing done, this week.

Yuette Desmaris
2 years ago

So glad for the positive review on this book! It’s my pick for the challenge but I wasn’t sure if it was going to be as good as I hoped. I mostly decided to buy it because it’s enormous size surprised and intrigued me when I saw it sitting there next to the smaller books at the bookstore.

Susie Que
Susie Que
2 years ago

I guess by now everyone knows that Roseanne Barr is Republican & a Trumper!