Democrat Thugs Assault Citizen For Filming Public Meeting

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On September 23, 2010, Democratic Governor of Oregon John Kitzhabar was giving a public speech at the Emmanuel Temple Church in Portland. In the audience was an American citizen who was videotaping the governor’s speech. When the videographer refused to stop filming an elected official’s public speech, after he politely explained that it is his First Amendment free speech/free press right to do so, he had his camera shoved into his face, which wounded his nose.
All this took place in a CHURCH, and in full view of Gov. Kitzhabar, who said and did nothing.
Question: What if the thugs were white and the victim black?
Folks, this the true face of the Left!
H/t beloved fellow Tina.

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0 responses to “Democrat Thugs Assault Citizen For Filming Public Meeting

  1. This is upsetting.

  2. How can anyone be surprised? The libs/lefties simply cannot allow their true beliefs to be distributed, because SOMETIMES they are honest or simply let out a thought and it shows them for what they are, desperate, power seeking, Constitution destroying people.
    Here is a great video, nice, short, to the point:

  3. This is most profound! I felt like crying.

  4. wow all i can think is what if the cameraman was black and the attacker was white this would have been all over the news with sharpton and jackson hopping up and down ranting and raving and screeching racism for all the world to hear…the attack typical cowardly assault is sadly where this country is at right now with racial discrimination and hate crimes being directed at white people while blacks sit smugly back and do nothing but chant racist at every word that goes against their tolatarian beliefs.

    • And what makes you think your rights have SQUAT in the new USA??? The black entitlements go far further than the common citizen can imagine, maybe if I was hijacked to Zimbabwe I could get the same entitlements and passes as to constitutional law for USA.

  5. “Get in their faces”…just practicing what our Agitator-in-Chief proclaimed…
    This is disturbing: voilence is not the answer. Hope the victim sues this thug.

  6. This is why “EX”GOV. Kadiddlehopper should remain “EX’ GOV. He had two terms already to try and get it right and could not do the job. Remember his exact words ? “Oregon is un governable.” Maybe by him.
    I only have one more thing to say. I hope Chris Dudley scores a “3” pointer come election time. We don’t need a retread. Look at it this way, if you went to the tire store and you wanted to buy a tire and a new tire cost the same as a retread, which would you buy ? There are a number of STUPID people out there who will buy the retread, after all they help elect the lying dude that calls himself the president.

  7. You’re right…but man, I hate to see it has gotten to this level. Trust me, if that guy had done that to me, he would have had a knee to the “toodles”!!

  8. Although this makes a great story. Unless the filmer was a CREDENTIALED member of the press showing his credentials than he is NOT covered by freedom of the PRESS, he was not speaking, he was filming another person speaking therefore he is NOT covered by Freedom of Speech/Expression. Fact is he was on PRIVATE PROPERTY (churches in this country are PRIVATE property) so even if the meeting was open to the public if the owner or the owners representative or even a representative of the owners invited guest (ie the Speaker who in this case was the Gov) asks you to stop something you have a couple of choices. You can stop the activity or you can leave their property. Continuing the forbiden act is generally not an option and the owner of the property generally decides how far your “rights” extend on their property. So although it should not have resorted to violence the “guest” should have complied with the LEGAL request of the property represntative that is called a “Thug” in this piece.

    • Thug: a brutal ruffian.
      Synonyms: bully, punk, toughie
      Source: (Merriam Webster Dictionary)
      Yup, they’re THUGS.

    • This thug resorted to illegal violence. Why didn’t the thug do the LEGAL thing and call police for his removal? A “public” meeting on “private” property? Can’t have it both ways…unless you are a coward.

      • Left/liberals… you said it.

      • Everytime a church meets its a public meeting on Private Property, its open to the public and its privately owned. To ask someone to do something and then when they refuse it is not illegal to help them to comply. It was announced from the stage that “filming was not allowed” he was told repeatedly by officials of the event and asked nicely to stop filming. He refused again and again. ANY Security or Police anywhere in the country would react the same way. The way law enforcement works is Ask, Tell , Help. He refused, when they asked, he refused when they told, so they had to help him comply. That is the whole point of RULES everyone must follow them. Go to your local ballpark or concert hall(a public event most likely on private property) and tell thier security folks three times your not going to do what they ask you and see what happens to you! The same thing that happened to this man. I’m sure the police were eventually called and the most likely result was that he was either given a Criminal Trespass (which means if he steps back on that property he will be arrested for Trespassing) or he was outright arrested for Trespassing since when you were out your welcome on anothers property you ARE a Trespasser.

    • My name is Anita Murie and I’m really stupid! For a good time, e-mail me at!

  9. Anyone out there in Oregon? Spread this around. I was in Medford Ore. last night this speech was on the front page,nothing said about this assault. This is pure B.S. Of course the Medford Tribune is liberal


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