Democrat Suggests Kids Should Be Drug-Tested Before They Can Inherit From Their Parents

DailyCaller: Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez offered a baffling defense of the death tax Wednesday during a hearing examining the sometimes unbearable burden it places on family farms and businesses.
People receiving food stamps have to pass drug tests or meet work requirements to receive taxpayer dollars, Sanchez reasoned, so it’s only fair that those “lucky” enough to inherit wealth should have to do something to earn it or, in this case, pay a tax.
“What work requirements are there to inherit up to $10 million tax free?” she asked a witness, rhetorically.
Why is that [a single mother] should be drug tested, which is an unrelated requirement to receive food assistance, to make sure that her family has enough to eat,” she asked. “And people who are lucky enough to inherit millions of dollars are literally required to do nothing to get the federal tax benefit with their inheritance?” 
Sanchez acknowledged that Americans should value hard work, but bemoaned the “paradox” that occurs when they want to work hard so they can accumulate wealth to live off of in retirement and pass on to their children.  “We don’t believe in an aristocracy, or that it’s a good societal thing for dynasties to hoard their wealth and leave the rest to fight over the crumbs,” she said. “That’s just not how this country was founded.”
“But we have a paradox here in this country, where we think you should work hard to get where you are … but by the same token, everyone wants to make enough money to where they can retire and not have to work,” she continued. “And they want to preserve increasingly larger and larger chunks of their wealth.”
Sanchez made the remarks after hearing a witness describe the heartbreak her family is going through watching her father try to find a way to pass his business along to his children without breaking it up in order to pay the death tax.
“Our whole lives we watched my dad work,” Illco, Inc. CFO Karen Madonia said. “You know, 10 to 12 hours a day … he did all of it. And we watched him struggle through all that, and to watch him figure out how he can pass it onto us and let us make our mark on it without having to dismantle part of it is really just heartbreaking.”
The government currently taxes inheritance at a rate of up to 40 percent. 
“I understand the desire to keep things running in a family business,” Sanchez said. “I get that. I get the hardships you guys encounter. But let’s not throw the entire baby out with the bathwater and say we’re going to eliminate the estate tax altogether.
Republican Rep. Kevin Brady introduced legislation last week that would repeal the death tax, which prompted the hearing Wednesday by the House Ways and Means Select Revenue Measures Subcommittee.
“The Death Tax is still the No. 1 reason family-owned farms and businesses in America aren’t passed down to the next generation,” Brady said in a statement announcing the bill. “It’s the wrong tax at the wrong time and hurts the wrong people.”

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further evidence their should be fat tax for overweight politicians.

Dr. Eowyn

And yet it’s Democrats who strenuously oppose any drug-testing for welfare recipients or for illegals pouring in across America’s non-existent borders.


I am sorry, but when did this become their business. Is she suggesting the money goes to the government if the test is failed?
Obviously her IQ is the same number as her shoe size.
Funny for a party that doesn’t even want voter ID, suddenly want people to pass a test she has no right knowing about.

Army Vet 4444 (@ArmyVet4444)

This lady has a real problem with “success” of any kind. She doesn’t want anyone else to have any. The taxes already assessed against someone that dies is ridiculous. IF there is anything left AFTER taxes are taken care of, it’s by grace of God these days. The Federal Government has decided that everything you earned above what you died with, should belong to them.
To add this unjust, and undignified requirement is nothing but spite. Hateful people should not be allowed to hold office.

Kevin Lankford
Kevin Lankford

What a self-righteous dingbat. A normal minded person would still be wondering what kind of warped mind would presume offspring are not wholly entitle to family property. That is certainly the Biblical premise of inheritance.
Ahh….But for them, any excuse will do.


Democrats, they either want to take as much of your inheritance as they can take in taxes (for their supporters’ Free Stuff) or to force you to sell it to their rich cronies so you can pay those taxes– either way, they and theirs make out like fat rats.


Even an “Inheritance Tax” is as unconstitutional as much of this Badministration’s proceedings have been. THIS political imbecile’s brain fart plan should be a firing offense for her,straight out of the gate.

The Grey Enigma

Goddamned idiot.

David Cameron
David Cameron

Perhaps the brain dead Sanchez believes everyone should be tested by a Democrat to ensure they deserve getting a Christmas or birthday present from anyone who has already made and paid taxes on the money required to buy it. The next thing you know Democrats will require permission from everyone to breath the God given air that Democrats believe they own. If you want to know how tyranny and despotism arises, just look at Sanchez.


Hey! And just maybe, our Reps. and Senators should be drug-tested before and AFTER EVERY vote…just like the athletes that represent the USA ….