Democrat state senator tells pro-2nd Amendment to go f*ck yourself

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Josh MillerSee the pic above?

See the short dweeb with glasses in the tan colored jacket?

That’s Rhode Island state senator Joshua Miller, and he’s saying “Go fuck yourself” to Truth Radio Show host Dan Bidondi in response to Bidondi asking Miller a perfectly legitimate question about how gun control would take guns from the hands of criminals.

Bidondi wasn’t rude.

And, in case Bidondi didn’t get the message, Miller’s bodyguard — the tall man in black — also says “Go fuck yourself,” while the state senator laughs and laughs ’cause telling a citizen of the United States to do the anatomically impossible is just so gosh darn funny.

Josh Miller2

You can see for yourself by going to the 1:05 and 1:09 marks in the video below:

Bidondi was at the Rhode Island State House on March 18, 2014, for a hearing on several anti-Second Amendment gun-control bills.

Joshua Miller60-year-old Joshua Miller is a Democrat and a senator in Rhode Island’s state legislature representing District 28, Cranston, Warwick. Elected to the State Senate on November 7, 2006, Miller is the Chair of the Senate Committee on Health & Human Services.

Here’s his contact info:

Phone: (401) 276-5561

H/t Conservative Action Alerts


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0 responses to “Democrat state senator tells pro-2nd Amendment to go f*ck yourself

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  2. This is on its way to people near his area. Vile creeps such as him should never have been elected in the first place!

  3. They all went to the “BUDDY CIANCI “school of law. If you get caught just swear and threaten and walk away. Sad part is this guy will probably be the next governor of Rhode Island

  4. I am appalled at the language of people that are elected to office. Are they so ignorant that they can’t utter a sentence without filthy words?

  5. I just opened up the dictionary to the definition of an asshole . Much to my surprise ( NOT ) is the pic of this p.o.s. ………..And yet a creep like this gets elected : w.t.f. is wrong with the voting public ? He needs to be bitch-slapped back to the stone age !

  6. Classy, not…

  7. Typical of the “Diplomatic” Democrats.

  8. Democrats being “tolerant”…

  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this great post, reflecting the viciousness of leftists and Democrats.


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