Democrat Senate Candidate Alvin Greene Speaks! (Barely)

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Alvin Greene came out of nowhere to win the Democratic primary for South Carolina’s Senate seat, beating the party’s favorite, Vic Rawl.
Alas, Greene is an unemployed army veteran who’s living in his parents’ home. He’s also been arrested for showing obscene photos to a co-ed. SC’s Democratic Party is questioning his mental competence and wants him out of the race.
Wait. Isn’t that racist? LOL
Here’s CNN anchor Don Lemon’s phone interview with the dazzlingly articulate Greene. Lemon said it’s the “most bizarre interview” he’s ever done. LOL

H/t Gateway Pundit.

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0 responses to “Democrat Senate Candidate Alvin Greene Speaks! (Barely)

  1. The way Democratic politicians often act, what do they have to complain about really? (Beside that it’s more likely a Republican will win now, of course.)

  2. I love him! I want him to go all the way. This is exactly how Osloba would talk if he didn’t have a teleprompter. We got to cut this guy some slack.
    This man is electable. He is the best representative of the Democrats that I have ever seen. He’s the man. This is a typical democrat; exactly the kind of individual I deal with every day. I can just see the campaign rhetoric — Hello, I’m, a…a…a…Alvin…a…Gre…Greene. You…a…shood…a…vote… fer…. a …. a…me …a…cuz…a…a…a….a….
    We need this man in our Congress…..Yea! Democrats…go, go, go…..

  3. Eo,
    Can you imagine the disaster if he actually won???

  4. South Carolina speaks.


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