Democrat Presidential Hopefuls

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Look who’s running in 2020!

That’s right, John Kerry, Joe Biden, and (gasp) Hillary!

John Kerry and Joe Biden were all over “network” news this morning. Both were saying they might consider a presidential run, and both were posing and primping. And there is still the specter of another Hillary run.

But let’s not forget whose agenda they most recently served.

They all have their finger prints on the dirty Iran nukes deal, the sale of vast amounts of uranium to Russia, insider relations with Muslim Brotherhood (the birthing ground for all current jihadists except Iranian jihadists), massive election fraud, the sending of race baiting activists to every American city to stir up race war, not to mention Obamacare and the failed Obama economy.

But not pictured here is Hillary, another member of the Obama team.

An architect of the Arab Spring (no it’s not a deodorant soap)

The “Arab Spring” that overthrew governments across North Africa, Syria and the Levant, with the aid of Obama operatives like Hillary Clinton and John McCain, and the passive support of Facebook and other social media, devastated most of the Christians of those regions.

Did I mention that stalwart of American patriotism, John McCain?

Yup, the McCain who secretly sent supplies. intel and military support to the good terrorists to oppose the bad terrorists.

Did I mention it was these good terrorists who massacred the Americans at Benghazi? Yeah, the poor jihadists mistook a signal to mean that the Americans who were arming them had betrayed them.

But let’s stop bickering over who killed who, and recognize the real objectives being served.

Obama’s team helped rid North Africa, Syria and the Levant of all those pesky Christians, even their dangerous children.

So when you decide on who to support for president, remember,

a vote for Kerry, Biden or Clinton
is a vote for Lucifer.

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20 responses to “Democrat Presidential Hopefuls

  1. Two old white males and one old white woman.
    But Democrats call themselves “progressives”. LOL

  2. Ha, ha, ha, sorry, but, ha, ha, ha…..! Maybe McCain will vote in this one. Now that the senior citizen contingent is represented, Holder can represent the fairies.

    • Hahahahaha, eeny meeny miny moe. Kerry bravest medalist “warrior of’m all”, Hot Hands Joe (Biden) and Killary Rotten Clinton, “what difference does it make”, they are one and the same and they are not going to make it. Fast and Furious Holder? No way José, they are the ticket for DONALD J. TRUMP 2020! He does have that 2020 vision of MAGA and he ain’t lieing about it!

    • Mc-Cain , you mean Abel’s nephew voting?

  3. I can’t wait to see who they trot out. Too old and too white probably won’t fly. They already did the minority and female thing. How’s that working out? I hope they run one of these losers. So what’s next from their bag of tricks? You’d have to be a hollywood writer to come up with some of their scenarios. And with most of the media in the bag for the left it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that is what’s going on. Wag the Dog.

  4. LOL – Yeah, good luck with those fossilized retreads, commie-libs.

    Seriously, is this the best they can come up with?

    • Dave, they are the WORST the party can offer. They are afraid of Commi Bernie Sanders is going to knock them out of the race and they are afraid of Nasty Nancy Pelosi and Latrine Waters.

  5. I watched two very good videos today, with two men who worked in the intelligence community. They discuss what happened in the 2016 election, and they were involved with Admiral Rogers and his trip to Trump Towers in mid-November to inform President Trump of all the corruption that was going on. The President has known everything about it all this time, and he has no intention of letting it go. He can’t.

    This second video is by Tracy Beanz, where she discusses the above video in detail.

    I was very encouraged by these two videos.

  6. Benghazi was really about the looting of the Libyan armories to ship the weapons to the Saudi/Israel/US al-Qaeda & ISIS terrorists maiming & murdering innocent Christians & all the other various minority groups that comprise secular Syria. Glenn Beck lays it out in the following video
    Glenn Beck Libya The Real Story

    The Lebanese Navy’s seizure of the Lutfallah II backs up Beck’s video

  7. Don’t forget Kamala Harris or Cory Booker. They’re both obviously positioning themselves for a 2020 run…

  8. TOUCHE, Trail, TOUCHE!
    Trump had better drain that swamp….

  9. Let’s see, Hillary wanted to oust Khadaffi from Libya, and so she did. We are still not sure what she had to gain from that, but most likely it had to do with wealth. The same Khadaffi who was giving in to all of our demands. In fact, he was becoming one of our major allies in the middle east. But Hillary wanted him out, and we saw the results. Libya is now a complete mess, Syria has war and Russia and the U.S. are running proxy battles there, ISIS was created due to the vacuum in Libya.
    Of course, we could go on and on about the mess Hillary Clinton made of everything she touched as Sec. of State, but it is actually pointless. Because if she runs for office, just as long as she has that letter D beside her name, she will get nearly the same number of votes as she did the last time. No matter who runs against Trump, I predict that he wins by an easy margin. The left simply has no coherent message, except block Trump. That won’t cut it with most voters, who are thinking at all. And with Trump actually doing a decent job, the media not withstanding, unless the Democrats come up with one heck of a good candidate, they will lose. And I predict that they will want a minority again, be it a black or a woman. Trump will walk all over that.


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