Democrat Congressman Published Soc Sec Number of GOP Opponent

Democratic Congressman Ron Klein of Florida’s 22nd District has sunken to a criminal low. His campaign published the Social Security number of Klein’s GOP opponent, Lt. Col. Allen West. West is a patriot, Iraq War veteran, and one of an extremely rare breed — a black Conservative. According to RealClearPolitics, the latest polling data say it’s a toss-up between incumbent Klein and challenger West.
Here’s Allen West’s account:

How would you feel if you arrived home after work only to hear your two teenage daughters describe the mailing your family received publicly disclosing your Social Security number? And imagine your disgust when you discover the same mailing has just been sent to thousands of homes across Broward and Palm Beach Counties?
Well, that just happened to me Friday evening.
My opponent, Incumbent Ron Klein, has just sunk to an unprecedented new low in American politics. Klein and his political cronies have sent my social security number to voters all across Florida’s Twenty Second Congressional District.
I understand politics is a tough business. I expect to be challenged about my ideas, my beliefs.
But Ron Klein has clearly crossed a line. Our lawyers are reviewing what legal action is available to my family.
I’m not sure the potential damage that might come to my wife and me.  And it makes me sick to think of what could happen to my daughters.
South Florida has the highest incidence of identity theft in the country – my entire family is now at risk of having our identities stolen, so we have to start the long, complicated, drawn-out process of requesting new Social Security Numbers, and all the troubles that come with that.
His type of politics must end now. If Klein and his Liberal allies will do this to me and my family, what will they do to each of you?
This is a despicable act by a desperate politician who is in danger of losing his job. I have longed believed the liberals would do anything just to stay in power. But never in my wildest dreams did I believe they would stoop this low.
Klein has once again aroused my competitive spirit. I am more determined than ever to spread the word of our cause to restore character, honor and integrity to Congress. Will you join our cause? Let’s show Ron Klein his below the belt political smears have no place in America.

Here’s Allen West at CPAC 2010:
To help Allen West win on November 2, GO HERE.
H/t beloved fellows Tina and FS.

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9 years ago

I’ve liked Allen West from the very first time I heard him speak. The “Fraud” in the White House can’t hold a candle to Allen West. The corrupt regime in power at this time will pull anything,I think we have all seen that. Hopefully,the person that did this to Mr.West will be dealt with accordingly.

9 years ago

But left/liberals aren’t rat bastards, are they?

9 years ago

Allen West is great! I sure hope he wins cuz we need brave men like him. And I hope he can sue the bas$#rds that did this. Absolutely criminal…