Democrat Congressman Assaults Student

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What is the world coming to? A college student sees Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-NC) walking down a street in Washington, D.C. The student politely says “Hello” and asks, “Do you support the Obama agenda?”
The Demonrat Congressman’s face turns ugly red. He takes a swipe at the camera, then grabs the student by his wrist, demanding to know “Who’re you?” Student pleads “We’re just students on a school project, sir!” Congressman then grabs the student BY HIS NECK.

David Wiegel’s of the Washington Post called Etheridge’s neckhold of the student “a hug.” Does it look like a hug to you?
If I were the student or his mother, I’d file assault charges against this POS.
Remember who this man is:

Rep. Bob Etheridge, Democrat, North Carolina’s 2nd District.

H/t beloved Fellows Tom in NC and FS!

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0 responses to “Democrat Congressman Assaults Student

  1. What a punk…he should be gone STAT!

  2. As soon as I saw this on TV I told my wife—“Man of that dirty SOB did something like that to me he’d be in a hospital so fast …”
    I wold have immediately smashed his face in. He wouldn’t have a tooth left in his mouth.
    Jail would be a great place to be except he committed an assault when he grabbed the kid. Boy, I never get that lucky…

  3. Apparently, that’s a “yes” with Nov. 2 coming up.

  4. And, just like the Alvin Greene debacle, there are people saying this was a Republican-planned stunt.

    • Sure, and the mighty GOP also made Bob Etheridge go berserk and try to choke the GOP-plant of a college student! Gosh, if the GOP is this good, how did they lose the White House and Congress? LOL

  5. Ted,
    Stupid people can say anything they desire–this is a free country, but for them to think and say out loud that this was a Republican ploy then they would have to admit that Representative Etheridge was in on the plot to make himself look bad in front of millions of people.
    I know democrats are stupid, incompetent, lazy, and downright ignorant, but I find it difficult believing they could actually be that stupid.
    Then again, Ron White says they are and he’s my drunken hero.


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