Democrat ad shows Romney supporters being beheaded

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Still skeptical that “the great battle of our time” isn’t a battle against evil?

A sitting President of the United States exhorts his supporters to “vote for revenge.”

Now a Democrat activist website,, has released a murderous “Get Out the Vote” ad in which Obama supporters maim, behead, and explode Romney supporters — portrayed as brain-dead zombies — with machine guns, grenades, garden shears, and chainsaws.

H/t Gateway Pundit


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0 responses to “Democrat ad shows Romney supporters being beheaded

  1. disgusting….it’s awful the lies the libs spread

  2. This is probably the most discusting ad I have ever witnessed. It even tops the foul mouthed “grannies.” (As an afterthought about the grannies ad–they should be allowed to wear the same pair of depends for a couple of weeks, it wouldn’t smell any worse than the words which dribbled out of their mouths.

    • Did you notice, the usually multi-cultural Michael Moore, did not include any minorities in that particular ad? It would have been politically incorrect and decreased shock value if a non-white had mouthed those obscenities.

  3. Keep your powder dry, pray today, and vote on Tuesday.

  4. “This time, vote like your whole world depended on it.” –Nixon, ’68

  5. LOADED, lots of AMMO on hand and I do not miss Bring it commie traitor ass wipes!

  6. A little less than half of this population has lost all sense of proportion, reason,and morals (or conscience if you prefer). The radical wing (radical is too mild a word in this case) of the democratic party is completely out of control; and I have never in my almost 68 year, seen this insane hysteria illustrated by any group of people in this country, except for the Black Panthers. If we had a compilation of many of the things Obama has said up to and including this revenge thing; it would reveal his dark dark hatred for the rest of us. For anyone to have trust in his sick mind set, is beyond my comprehension. It’s a frightening thing to understand your president hates your guts.

  7. I just read another of your posts about the Stevie Wonder fiasco (for Obama) and the reply from an Obamabot calling Republicans “Haters”! Liberal hipocracy knows NO bounds!

  8. Anything goes with these people, anything, any kind of evil. We have to remember that the Democratic Party Platform deliberately set out that God is not to be mentioned or given any honor. Really, that sums it up. I say, keep praying with sincerity and earnestness.

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