Dem Congresswoman Shot by Gunman

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On the web, the rumor mill has the killer Jared Lee Loughner variously as an anarchist, a communist, a registered Tea Party member, a registered Democrat, an Obama supporter…. But 22-year-olds are too young to have developed a coherent political belief system. I don’t believe him to be an ideologue. Nor are the shootings ideologically-politically motivated, no matter the rationalizations we may hear from him in the days to come.
Loughner is a Columbine-type psychopath, and what he perpetrated today are acts of malice — pure evil. Of course, the media and the Left will do their utmost to portray him as a “right wing gun-nut” and make this tragedy a cause for gun control.
~Eowyn (Jan. 9, 2011, 5:48pm, west coast)
UPDATES: Hot Air says:

  • Rep. Gifford was shot in temple; bullet went clear through and exited out other side; underwent surgery; will pull through.
  • Among dead are Federal Judge John Roll and a 9-year-old girl.
  • Shooter taken into police custody, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner.
  • Police detained a second suspect; looking for a third man.
  • Here’s Loughner’s pulled but archived Facebook page. Here’s his YouTube channel with three manifesto-type clips, including “Final Thoughts” posted last month. He sounds like an anarchist, complaining about “currency that’s not backed by gold and silver” and how “you don’t have to accept the federalist laws.”

NY Post says Giffords “might have been shot at point blank range, some reports indicated. There are conflicting reports as to whether she survived.” Her father Spencer Giffords, when asked if his 40-year-old daughter had any enemies, said ‘Yeah. The whole tea party.’ Others, including congressional staffers were also wounded, though different reports place the victim toll between five and 11 people. (H/t Kitty)
Congresswoman, 6 Others, Killed By Gunman
NPR – Jan 8, 2011
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and six others died after a gunman opened fire at a public event on Saturday, the Pima County, Ariz., sheriff’s office confirms.
The 40-year-old Democrat, who was re-elected to her third term in November, was hosting a “Congress on Your Corner” event at a Safeway in northwest Tucson when a gunman ran up and started shooting, according to Peter Michaels, news director of Arizona Public Media.
At least three other people, including members of her staff, were injured. Giffords was transported to University Medical Center in Tucson. Her condition was not immediately known.
Giffords was talking to a couple when the suspect ran up and fired indiscriminately from about four feet away, Michaels said.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., poses with House Speaker John Boehner Wednesday on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Susan Walsh/APRep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) poses with House Speaker John Boehner on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

The suspect ran off and was tackled by a bystander. He was taken into custody. Witnesses described him as in his late teens or early 20s.
Giffords was first elected to represent Arizona’s 8th District in 2006. The “Congress on Your Corner” events allow constituents to present their concerns directly to her.

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0 responses to “Dem Congresswoman Shot by Gunman

  1. NY Post story:
    Ariz. Congresswoman Giffords shot; Dad: ‘Entire Tea Party’ her enemy
    Read more:
    I feel for her family, including her parents, but seriously, if her father actually said that he shouldn’t have.

  2. Just horrific news…prayers for Giffords and all the victims.

  3. This is the tragedy of our commons, where “a “Congress on Your Corner” event at a Safeway…” [a supreme irony in that location name!] becomes the scene where an enraged citizen [?], likely frustrated beyond relief at his political impotence, vents his rage in murder.
    Why do I ascribe a political basis to this madness? Well, he clearly wasn’t there as a thief. He may have been hired by others to do this, we don’t yet know and, as in so many times before, we may never be allowed to discover the real perps. And before we hear from the pro gun-control faction, let me say that he could have done just as much carnage with a knife, perhaps more, as it would have been silent.
    I am reminded of Malcom X’s lines to the effect that if the Negro were continually beaten down and denied his vote, it would end in the bullet or the ballot, a situation strangely akin to when the American Colonies, having no say in their taxation and their appeals in this to the Crown denied over and over, finally took up arms. Perhaps this killer felt emotionally alone and adrift, the pain of his isolation too much to bear, so he broke, and here we are.
    The FEMA Camps are ready, our men and women in arms trained to suppress their fellow citizens, and the time of that confrontation draws ever more near. Under the monied corruption of the Obamamama and his boot-licking minions, ‘Will you be there?’ may become the next big question of our era before the bullets fly.

    • The more I read about this the more clear it is that the murders in Arizona were staged by the BO regime to try and institute gun control.
      The BO/Rahm strategy of “Never waste a good crisis” is written all over the murders in Arizona. BO and all the rest of his followers, like the commie drug addict who killed these people in Arizona, are depraved.
      It is especially disgusting that they would kill a 9 year old girl just to try and get gun control.
      Meanwhile BO is allowing thousands of his armed Terrorist Pals to flood from Mexico into Arizona to kill law abiding American Citizens.

  4. Not sure of her death yet. Just talked to my brother he said she is still in surgery but confirmation of the other death has been confirmed. Already the left is gearing up to blame conservatives and the Repubs.
    My heart goes out to her and her family and those who else lost their lives.

  5. I cannot believe (even for these lefty nuts) that they are trying to blame this on Sarah Palin have this world truly gone mad!?

  6. Here is a vid comrade Loughner flagged as a fave:
    Yeah, real TEA partying conservative this guy was.

    • Truly disturbing video.
      I suggest viewers TURN THE VOLUME DOWN first! The volume of the heavy metal (?) song is deafening.
      He’s wearing a black plastic garbage bag for pants and a “Scream” skull face. Good grief.
      In the song, I hear “Something’s wrong with me.” The text below the video on the YouTube site says the following: “There’s a new bird on my right shoulder. The beak is two feet and lime green. The rarest bird on earth, there’s no feathers, but small grey scales all over the body. It’s with one large red eye with a light blue iris. The bird feet are the same as a woodpecker. This new bird and there’s only one, the gender is not female or male.”
      The man is clinically mad — or demonically possessed — or both.

      • Eowyn,
        Yeah, if that is the kind of vid Loughner liked to watch he is a nut job.

        • Sensically-challenged, anti-social and un-American… great vid for the anarchist crowd who “outgrew” Satanism because they didn’t feel Anton LeVay wasn’t into pyromania and random property damage enough for their money.

    • certified lunatic…

  7. The shooter’s name is Jared Lee Loughner. He had a Facebook account but it’s been pulled. However, someone archived it before it was pulled. Click here.
    8 (or 3?) hours before his Facebook page was pulled, he posted this message:
    “Goodbye Friends
    Dear friends…Please don’t be mad at me. The literacy rate is below 5%. I haven’t talked to one person who is literate.”


  9. Dave clearly stated that this vid was flagged as this A-hole’s fav not that he made the video you effing asshat!

    • Will,
      Reading comprehension definitely isn’t that goobers strong suit.

    • Will,
      I’m sure they will be.
      Good thing I have been tearing trolls new ones since way back in the Usenet days. 😀
      LOL – I’m looking forward to some BBQ’d troll.
      They taste like chicken.

  10. Let it be known that comment I made was for the lefty that was promptly removed!

  11. You freaking morons are busting you butts trying to pin this madness to the conservatives but the facts are out this guy was one of your creations. In other words “you own him!”

  12. “He could have done as much carnage with a knife, maybe more”
    Not in my wildest purple-ringer / Doors / hippie dope -headed dreams.
    I don’t think so junior, and Eowyn, this is your blog, how about stuffin idiots like Joseph when they make really stupid crude statements like that?
    It is bloody stupid beyond belief.Besides the Lady from Arizona being gravely wounded a Federal Judge and a nine year old girl were killed because an idiot “used his second amendment option” where did we hear that statement?
    The implications from this event are tighter security EVERYWHERE, demanded by both sides of government, because both sides will be quaking in their boots when in public for years to come.And I don’t blame them.We may also see more monitoring of the web, and guess what? the “hippies” on the left throwing gentle insults while sipping lattes will NOT be the ones being monitored for hate speech or incendary retoric which might get some other goof ball to fly his plane into an IRS building or go after Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid, or whomever else is on the conservative “hit list” of the day.
    The cyber world has just changed big time.Expect hand gun laws to tighten up too, one of their own has been wacked, by “their own,” I mean a house member, NOT a Democrat, you see, sometimes groups stick together, it’s an “us” against “them” thingie.
    There were a bunch of people killed and seriously injured by a wicked goof-ball. At this point, no one is officially stating if the jack-ass is left or right, but here’s a little meat to chew on; ya wanna start a friggin shootin’ war over this or what? And for one thing, Sarah has been throwing fireballs like “Reload, don’t retreat”, “Target”, “gunsights” etc. it ain’t helpful, it is intimidating and juvenile, it’s STUPID,and it may inflame idiots from the extreme ends of both sides.
    And NO Eowyn, the left won’t blame Bush, Bush never engaged in the gun play talk popularized by Palin and Sharon Engle, Bush was to much of a real human for that, and this is from a “leftard”

  13. Well shoot. Elected officials pass laws all the time aimed at eliminating us.
    Then for fun, they molest us at the airport. Spray chemicals on us from the air. Taint our water. Serve genetically modified food without concern for the safety of it. Send kids to war for no reason. Steal our money and property.
    Some day. Just someday. The people will get sick of it and sick of them.
    Today is not that day.

    • “Well shoot”? You’re applauding Jared Lee Loughton killing innocent lives, including the life of a 9 year old girl? You’re sick. Has politics in America become so toxic that we’ve lost sight of each other’s humanity — all made in the image of God — and are now applauding a murderous psychopath just because his apparent target is a Democratic politician? I don’t wish death to even the worst of my political opponents.
      It’s your ilk that gives Conservatives and Patriots a bad name. This blog is no place for you.

  14. Praying for God’s mercy on the victims and their families, and praying for justice and for God to help me release my anger and desire for revenge.

  15. Mary: You sound like a potential gunwoman. So today is not your day? When you plan on going on a killing spree then? I’d like to know so I can turn you in. You certainly sound paranoid and insane enough to do it.

  16. Your desire for revenge against whom? The shooter?

  17. Eowyn : Hate breeds hate … Where do you think I developed such a distrust / distaste for conservatives/birthers? Why people like Mary of course. You say they give conservatism a bad name – I say they represent a large percentage of conservatives (at least the people on the fringe enough to believe a bunch of debunked lies like the Obama Eligibility junk) .. For 2 years now I have read countless comments of people like her and MUCH MUCH worse threatening “2nd ammendment solutions and shouting “LOCK n LOAD” and yes, even threatening death /murder upon “obots” …
    The Arizona shooting puts things in perspective however; It’s not simply a battle of words or internet cyber warrior BS anymore; It’s serious, it’s real and it’s getting deadly. Words do incite and can be dangerous. For that reason, I’m going to start backing off from my own extreme rhetoric.

    • “I’m going to start backing off from my own extreme rhetoric.”
      I accept your apology, Why lie, aka Birthers Are Traitors, aka Lets Kill Birthers.
      The ban on your IP address is lifted, but should you violate this blog’s ground rules again with threats of violence and obscene, vulgar, blasphemous language, the ban will promptly be reinstated.

      • Good grief…BATs*itcrazy TROLL is back? I knew why lie’s post stunk!

      • Thanks, Steve. You are a true friend. 🙂
        It is Sunday, Our Lord’s Day. How could I behave otherwise and still call myself His follower who loves Him with my whole heart, my whole soul, my whole mind, and with all my strength? 😉

    • “words do incite” yet words can’t pull a trigger.
      Ya think Bathtub Olby & Tingles think their words incite? Nope, it’s only conservative words that apparently “incite”…heaven forbid we call out a little thing called personal responsibilty…

  18. Joseph E Fasciani

    Good First Day morning, all!
    I think that the writer identified as “mary [sic] Johnson” may have shot herself in the foot through poor grammar, punctuation, and syntax, but her intentions were good enough. It could well be that her opening, “Well shoot. Elected officials pass laws all the time aimed at eliminating us” should have been punctuated as “Well, shoot!” as a sign of her exasperation w/the current political mess.
    If so, then she’s in line w/my comment that set “erinyes” off on me: “And before we hear from the pro gun-control faction, let me say that he could have done just as much carnage with a knife, perhaps more, as it would have been silent.” To which erinyes spat out: “Not in my wildest purple-ringer/Doors/hippie dope -headed dreams. I don’t think so junior, and Eowyn, this is your blog, how about stuffin idiots like Joseph when they make really stupid crude statements like that?”
    Setting aside erinyes’ “wildest purple-ringer/Doors/hippie dope -headed dreams” and “really stupid crude statements”, one first must wonder if he even knows what ‘erinyes’ means. It is certainly apropos for one who carries on in that distracted manner and is unable to turn on their Spell Checker or Grammar Write. He may want to check this definition:
    Although a Friend by convincement in Christ at age 25, I strongly support Constitutionally-based gun ownership, and a well-armed citizenry, just as in Switzerland. I’ve used most forms of light arms below a machine weapon, and was a hunter for food purposes for twenty-plus years.
    Anyone who’s seen a well-trained expert w/a knife will attest that such a person can often be more effective than a wacko w/a gun. Although full of special effects, the scene in the movie “V” in which the hero takes down his assassins by throwing knives is not far from reality. Men and women in both the US and Canada’s forces can do this. I’ve seen them do so, and they are formidable indeed. A former member of the USSR’s Special Forces recently told me they regularly trained women to do just that, as they made the best assassins.
    Finally, I think Eowyn’s been saintly-patient w/the all-too-many reactionaries such as erinyes who come here to rant publicly, and have neither interest nor desire for a reasoned, Conservative discourse free of ad hominem attacks and other time-wasting stupidities. Their behaviour is very disrespectful of the enormous time and energy she and others put into this site. While it may be useful to admit such as ‘erinyes’ exist, it would be best if they’d all gather at their favourite sewer-sites and leave us alone.

    • “it would be best if they’d all gather at their favourite sewer-sites and leave us alone.”
      I second and third that, Joseph! LOL 😀
      Speaking for myself, I don’t understand why folks like Erinyes and the commenter of many faces/alias (Lets Kill Birthers, Birthers Are Traitors, Why Lie) not just come onto this blog, but do it repeatedly, when they hold totally different beliefs and viewpoints than us. I can only think that the reasons are (1) too much time; and (2) great grandiosity, thinking they can out-argue out-wit us. The last thing I’d do is to spend the very finite time and energy I have arguing ad nauseum on some leftwing blog.

  19. Gee, thanks Joseph, I never realized…..
    YA think I pulled the name outta my butt?
    Dude it’s Mythology, I’m more gentle than most kittens,my comment deals with REALITY.
    And thanks for your expert commentary about killing people with knives, but, my brother, a Glock 9mm with a big clip kinda sorta trumps a buck knife, oh crap, why bother…………….
    Oh Eowyn, I do respect you, thanks for allowing me the space.
    And “Hi “to Steve.

    • Erinyes,
      So long as you observe this blog’s ground rules — and you have — you’ll always be able to post your comments. Of course, I can’t promise we won’t pummel and jump on your head, figuratively speaking. LOL

  20. Thanks, Steve;Eowyn.
    ‘Till my next cybervisit!

    • Joseph E Fasciani

      Yo, Steve! Just for the record, Eowyn has –very gently, mind you!– taken me a wee bit to task when I made errors in thinking, and believe me, I appreciate that correction. I do NOT want to leave the wrong idea in the discussion, and attention to language and writing is all I have to do that.
      And yes, you’re quite right, it is a VERY emotionally charged story, and reminds me of our own massacre in the École Polytechnique de Montréal, an engineering school in Quebec. On December 6, 1989, it was the site of the École Polytechnique massacre, in which 14 women were killed by Marc Lépine. I wrote a long article about this event some years later, and it was published as a full page guest editorial in our Victoria Times-Colonist newspaper.
      In it I asked how was it that a lone gunman, using a rather clumsy small calibre bolt-action rifle, was able to kill these women when there were dozens of grown male students about, NOT ONE of which tried to stop him. It was simply inconceivable to me that grown men would not react immediately to protect others, especially women! One guy could have tackled Lépine and another gone for the rifle. There were at least four men in the room at the time!! I still have trouble sorting this out, as even at age 67 I’d do what I could to stop the madness.

  21. [youtube=]

  22. The shooting in Tucson is a true American tragedy. It is a sad commentary on extremist politics and media sensationalism. The irony of the whole episode is Giffords got her political start from Rahm Emanuel, the master of exploiting a crisis. We will be subjected to nonstop attempts at gun control, along with harangues from the unethical and manipulative left.

  23. Master of exploiting a crisis? Really? I believe he meant people should make the best of a crisis — In this case, perhaps lead us all to toning down the rhetoric a bit .. In the case of 9/11 – step out of our complacency , etc etc… Why are you so cynical about Rahm’s view on crisis? His point was to EVOLVE not regress.

    • Lie,
      No one is fooled by the wordgame you’re playing. You are using and choosing words with a positive normative connotation to distort Zorro’s comment.
      “Exploiting” a crisis is to “make the best” of a crisis — that is, to “evolve” (TRANSFORM) America into something that most Americans in normal circumstances would not otherwise want.
      You replace “exploit” with the positive-connotating words “make the best”. Likewise with your word “evolve,” which obviously has a positive connotation for the atheistic Left. You then explicitly contrast “evolve” as the opposite of the negatively-connotated word “regress” — which is what you imply is happening to America were it not for enlightened elites-who-know-better-than-the-rest-of-us like Rahm Emanuel.
      Your rhetoric is typical Marxist-Alinsky sophistry. Doesn’t fool anyone here!

      • Yup, “hope” and “change”… for what? into what? (Not necessarily for the better, as we’ve seen so far.)

  24. There is absolutely nothing elitist or atheist about a desire for a people to evolve. (That is, to improve our understanding and reasoning with changing circumstances) — Evolution is constant and affects everything in life. You don’t have to be an atheist to accept that. I, for one, believe a higher power most likely had a hand in creating life and the process of evolution that sustains it.
    You conservatives sure bring up the oh so scary “Marxist” bogeyman a lot lately. You must think one must be an “evil Marxist” to believe in Evolution, the science behind global warming, Civil Rights , progress of humanity , etc . . . I’m sure you wish things just stayed the same, simple , blissfully ignorant.
    I have news for you; Some of the greatest people in American history were progressives. — Lincoln would have been a RINO to you guys. He certainly wasn’t a conservative. Conservatives by definition are against progress and change. They don’t want to rock the boat.
    There’s no point arguing with you though. You’ll continue applying these WIDE blanket accusations of communism/Marxism/etc to any ideology you disagree with. You have a way of demonizing a person’s ideas, making it taboo so none of the conservatives/moderates will even investigate the idea . It’s honestly a good way to keep people dumbed down and “in line” … Congratulations, you would have made Alinsky proud. (ironic how you throw the accusation me using “Alinsky” tactics yet that’s the very tactic you use yourself — projection much?)

    • Lie,
      That’s the best thing I’ve yet read from you these past days — that you believe that a belief in evolution is compatible with creation, which is also mine, contrary to your insistence on portraying Conservatives as “simple, blissfully ignorant” backward people. So, who’s doing the demonizing now?
      Nor are Conservatives, as you put it, “by definition against progress and change.” The Founding Fathers were revolutionaries who most definitely rocked the boat. Conservatives seek to preserve what is best about past traditions. Where we differ from you, the self-named “Progressive” Left, is this:
      Conservatives are not so stupid and naive as to equate “change” with “progress.”
      To borrow one of your favorite words, sometimes “change” is “regress.” Just look at the horrors of the 20th century — of the hundreds of millions of human lives lost to utopian Marxism and utopian Nazism. Yes indeed, the Nazis thought they were being “progressive” too. They were creating nothing less than a paradise on world, but first the elite ubervolk must be in charge, then the backward “blissfully ignorant” evil untervolk must be exterminated. Which is no different than the Marxists who also claimed to be building a paradise on earth, but first the elite Vanguard Party must be in charge (in the name of the nonexistent proletariat), then the backward “blissfully ignorant” evil “capitalists” (practically nonexistent in both 1917 Russia and 1949 China) must be exterminated.
      Finally, once again you have problem with reading comprehension. My reference to Marxism-Alinsky is to your TACTICS — your manipulation of language by using “loaded” words embedded with positive normative connotations. Ever heard of the term “Agitprop”?

  25. Many thanks Eowyn for your very savvy response to “Why lie”.
    Anyone who spends twenty minutes on the Internet can discover the quality of Rahm Emanuel’s history and his dubious loyalty to the US of A first, rather than Israel.

  26. Eowyn, I appreciate your supportive response to “why lie?’s” attempted distortion of my words. The world is truly “six degrees of separation”. I know of 2 victims in this Tucson carnage through a close friend (who is like a brother to me). The slain Congressional aide and the judge were 2 fine people. Their families and friends are devastated. My (Conservative) friend only has kind words about Congresswoman Giffords. Giffords is one of the few embraced by Jan Brewer and other Conservatives because of her compassion and honest motivation to serve. BTW, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is milking this situation. They had a Ft Lauderdale press event today, with all the South FL Congressional people. Debbie embodies all the nasty and undesirable traits of Libtards (behavioral & physical). She was in “victim mode” asking for the political rhetoric to be toned down. I guarantee if this gunshot wound were inflicted on a Republican, she would have a ready made excuse for how the Republican had caused this problem on their own due to the Republican & Tea Party positions on gun control…

  27. Zorro,
    I finally reached the limit of my patience with Why Lie, aka Lets Kill Birthers, aka Birthers Are Traitors. Although I lifted the ban on his IP address yesterday, he decided to take on yet another persona. His latest aliases are Truth Hurts (at 11:59a west coast) and Want Truth? (at 12:04p).
    THAT’S IT.
    You leftwing troll with a LEGION of names: You are henceforth forever banned from this blog. By using all these aliases, you are being deceptive. You do not contribute to the discussion. I don’t have the time to waste on you, nor do I want to give even another minute of whatever time I have on you.

  28. Ab-so-freaking right on, Eowyn! Even a saint has the right to get pissed off at enough terminal stupidity. Good on you, warrior woman!!
    It reminds me of how Goethe hired Eckermann as his secretary and main man. Goethe was older and only had time left to create, not chit chat and socialise w/less-than-fulfilling visitors.

    • Thank you for your support, Joseph. Much appreciated.
      My final banning of the troll with a LEGION of aliases so enrages him that he sent me two vile e-mails, using his real e-mail address (the ones he posted here are obvious fakes) and his real name, James Spader. In his first email, he calls me a “bitch” and tells me to “go f*ck myself.” His second e-mail says: “You are so full of shit and deceptive. The people lending the MOST poison to the national dialog are conservatives like your fake self.”
      That’s the charming tolerant caring Left, America! LOL

  29. wow! With this story and these comments, I’m beginning to see just how whacked things really are.

  30. How’s this for classy? Obama admin has created t-shirts “Together We Thrive” logo and slogan. Yes, the Tucson massacre is being branded (via Michellle Malkin):

    • Ugh. It may not be “I went to the Tucson Massacre and all I got was this lousy T-shirt” but it’s damn sure not much better either.


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