Dem Congresswoman Makes Fool of Herself

Someone has seen Barack Hussein Obama’s real birth certificate!!!

Gwen Moore (D-Wisconsin)

It’s Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D)! Quick! Get her on national TV! Supoena her to testify in Lt Col Terry Lakin’s court martial!
Jonathan Martin of Politico44 reports on September 6, 2010:

Wisconsin Rep. Gwen Moore warmed up a Democratic crowd for Obama on Monday by accusing Republicans of criticizing Obama for personal reasons. After rattling off the GOP’s opposition to the health care law, unemployment insurance and jobs legislation, Moore said “they” don’t like other attributes. “They don’t like that he took his wife on a date and bought his daughter ice cream,” she said. Moore added, “They ain’t seen his birth certificate.”

But wait! ….
You mean Moore only saw what millions of us had already seen two years ago — an image of Obama’s alleged Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) posted online by some GeorgeSoros-financed website with the grandiose name of
What? ….
That COLB itself is merely a secondary derivative document generated from the primary document of Obama’s mysterious long-form birth certificate that he’s spent more than $1 million to conceal?
How gullible is that Gwen Moore! And she’s making fun of the GOP? Too funny! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
H/t beloved fellow tina.


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Obama's purported COLB, a secondary derivative document

An example of Hawaii's long-form birth certificate that Obama is concealing

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So, “They ain’t seen his birth certificate!” Nothing like putting your foot in your mouth with the goal of complete stupidity! And so Ms. Moore, why do you think that Obama is spending millions so that the citizens of this country will not see his long-form birth certificate?


On Post and Email there is a report stating that Lucas Smith sent every member of the House and Senate a copy of Mr. Obama’s birth certificate. He has sworn that it is a legal binding document which he received when he bribed a hospital official in Kenya. Every member of Congress is aware of Mr. Obama’s fraudulent actions. Let us hope and pray that this will come to Col Lakin’s defense and for the renewal of our country.


Shanequa say she voted for Obama five time, and she gonna’ stand on dat telephone wit her pants off til’ her man Obama give her a stimulus check and start making her mortgage payments – like he say he would!


I can only hope and pray the good people of Wisconsin put her somewhere out of the view of the public! REPLACE HER QUICK! She does not belong in our government.