Delusional: Jesse Venture says “Trump will not have a chance” if I run for president

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Jesse Ventura: A legend in his own mind/Instagram photo

This douche bag won’t get many votes from the military and patriotic citizens.

From Fox News: Jesse Ventura is considering running against President Donald Trump in 2020 — and the former pro wrestler is confident he can deliver a DDT to DJT in the election.

“I haven’t made a decision yet because it’s a long time off, but if I do do it, rest assured … If I do do it, Trump will not have a chance,” Ventura, 67, told TMZ on Tuesday. “Because for one, Trump knows wrestling — he’s participated in two WrestleManias. He knows he can never out-talk a wrestler, and I am the greatest talker wrestling’s ever had. So if I go for it, he’s history and he knows it.”

As for the former Minnesota governor’s platform, “The Body” says, “I’m big into cannabis legalization, I’m also into alternative energy, big. We gotta get away from fossil fuels, we gotta go to the sun [for energy]. It’s time. The Greens have shown some interest.”

Ventura is also pondering a return to the ring for WrestleMania, which is returning to Minneapolis for 2019.

Flaunting his six-pack, the former WWE star boasted, “I’m 220 pounds, I’m in fighting shape.”


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22 responses to “Delusional: Jesse Venture says “Trump will not have a chance” if I run for president

  1. He’ll be tied for last with that RINO traitor ” I am the only one who can beat Hillary” NAFTA John Kasich.
    Drama Queenie Corey Spartacus Booker, will also be fun to see make a further fool of himself. Poor NJ being stuck with him and pedo Menendez.

  2. Jesse may be 220 pounds, but most of that is his big head.

  3. He’s clearly brain-damaged from smoking way too much marijuana.

  4. Lol, keep dreaming Jesse.
    He did have a conspiracy theory show on tv years ago that I enjoyed.

  5. I was mansplaining to my Mom how all good humor has a basis in truth, and with cannabis it was no different. The most famous dope routine I could think of (outside of Cheech & Chong) was Pinto getting high for the first time with Donald Sutherland’s Professor in Animal House, where things took an ominous turn to the demonic – and he responded by asking if he could buy some. It sounds to me that Jesse has really and truly gone “One Toke Over The Line”.

  6. How did this kitsch nonsense even get noticed? One thing bothers me, however, and that’s the moral sickness of elevating a sniper to hero status on the basis of nothing more than kill shots from in hiding with a scope. I was with a recon team myself with two American snipers and two Kit Carson scouts and there was never the suggestion of that “heroes in uniform” fake and phony bullsh*t, like we’re doused with all the time on Fox News today, such that the ‘pundits’ who were just yesterday calling us “baby killers” as a means of sabotaging our military now go unchallenged when their newfound patriotism and regard for our soldiers are clearly a ruse to enlist Americans to die and be maimed so good Israeli boys need not die and be maimed bringing about Eretz Israel—after which the US, as Netanyahu has remarked, can be thrown on the dust heap of history.

    My apologies DCG, but my blood boils when I read stuff like this from that linked attack on Ventura, although I think he’s a clown, “Kyle, on the other hand, was by all accounts a tremendous warrior who helped his brothers in arms. Overseas, he provided invaluable over-watch for his men by becoming a true force-multiplier.” Anyone who thinks or writes like that has had his own thoughts alchemically replaced by Fox News with thought-stopping empty bravado as a simulacrum for actual warrior-mindedness. As Homer put it, Thou dog in forehead, but heart of a deer, which brings to mind Sean Hannity shilling for Netanyahu. How patriotic is that, persuading Americans to fight so Israelis who notoriously can’t fight need not?

    Sure, sure, let’s put US boots on the ground in harm’s way and hunker down and shelter in place under live shooter scenarios at home while tremendous warriors dedicated to muh brothers/muh mission crapola can become force-multipliers and ten-minute heroes on Fox News after they’re dead or maimed. Makes me sick to see my country being used up like an abused plow horse while Fox News as the chief promoter of such treason is hailed as the voice of traditional America.

    • Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      Fortunately for you there’s a remote control so you don’t have to watch Hannity and Fox News spew on about American warriors.

      • Why would this be weirder than Swartzenegger? I don’t like either of them. Neither of them is qualified for dog catcher.

        On the other hand, I don’t think “professional politicians” (i.e. parasites) should be elected either. What’s needed is more thought and less ego.

        I think this proves my point that the so-called media hypes this garbage like it were a sports event. This just proves the point.

      • DCG, can I assume you don’t agree with me that all the jingoism and flag waving is cynical, grinning mockery of our soldiers by shills for Israel? There’s also the horrific cost in innocent Arab lives. Just think what the so-far $5 trillion estimated war debt could have been used for instead. Every dollar wasted on these wars (as opposed to dollars intelligently spent keeping our military first in all things) would have had a multiplier effect of about three if spent in our private economy. There’s no getting around the fact that the neo-con pundits who most definitely caused irreparable harm to our military’s morale and to our returning Vietnam vets all of a sudden are all for our military now that it’s being exhausted fighting dirty, immoral wars for Israel.

        I hope at some point you’ll share my sadness at this tragic cost in lives all around and the indebtedness this country most assuredly will not survive intact. England used to be the world’s greatest sea power until banksters maneuvered it into a war that destroyed its empire, emptied its treasury, and left it sucked dry of even the will to survive, as we see today a century later. The great Russian Empire likewise exhausted itself in wars set up by Wall St such that miserable commie freaks, much like the new American crop moving into Congress today, were able to take over an empire.

  7. Nothing sickens me more than to see a sea of crosses in a cemetery
    of dead vets and the commie news eye-ball in on one David Star
    monument. Don’t insult the patriots.

  8. Considering that arnold got california, and ventura got minnesota, and trump got prez, at this point I really don’t see why ventura wouldn’t be able to get the position, at least ventura has some background in conspiracy stuff, although from the sound of it he has probably been hanging around the crazy sector, and that doesn’t say which “side” he ultimately chose.

    Since the president is appointed, not voted in, and given how corrupted the system is, odds are the one who gets the position will be the one who wants to serve the devil worshipers the most, but also serves their ends best, (They do seem to try to make it a theater production kind of thing… like some horrible soap opera.) if it follows the pattern of the past few decades (bush right, clinton left, bush jr right, obama left, trump right) then the next one, unless trump gets a second term, will be a “left” of some sort, to continue the “march” of the NWO (two-terms presidents are “long steps” vs the normal “steps” of single term ones, I’d say.) Also, I’m told by my Wife that the movie “idiocracy” had a wrestler as the president, given how it seems to be more documentary than fiction, it makes one wonder.

    • When California actually held a recall election and took the office of Governor away from a duly elected parasite and gave it to a body builder, turned Grade B actor, I said it was an object lesson. It was a way of saying “see, we do whatever we like”.

      Just like when Karl Rove dropped his snarky lines to the reporters about the nature of “reality”; “We make reality, and you study it. While you’re studying it we’ll make another reality….”. It was the same idea.

      Ventura claims that after he was elected the CIA and some other goons took him in an office and showed him films (probably JFK) and told him how babies were made, lest he get any new-fangled ideas.

      Whatever hope we have depends on living life by our rules. When these impostors spout high purposes we must hold them to them. We are not in control of government but we are in control of ourselves. That’s what makes rape such an awful crime. It’s taking someone against their will.

      So even if we know its bunk, if we think that’s how something should be we need to make it so. We don’t need permission to do that. If you ask they will not provide it and it isn’t theirs to give.

      • California had another B grade actor who became governor who became president – Ronnie Raygun.

        • Good point!! I suppose there is SOME small difference in the fact that he stole it fair and square, as opposed to having it taken from one apparatchik and given to another.

          Trust me, I will NEVER forget Raygun. One of my life’s ambitions is to piddle on his grave.

    • Hegelian Dialectics.

  9. I haven’t been able to stop laughing!

  10. I think Jesse has been dropped on his head too many times. Fire up another joint and look at the pretty unicorns as you get the munchies….

    • Yep, probably tossed a few too many dwarves.

    • You mean…like the “Greatest,” Ali—hit in the head so many times that he’s now incapable of rational deductive or even linear thought. We can treat him the same though: with tolerance for his acquired disability.

  11. Yeah, right… don’t forget your pot.

  12. I’ve read that a good many of the lakes in the Land of 10,000 Lakes have been poisoned by mercury due to excessive mining and smelting. If such is the case, I suggest to Mr. Ventura that he volunteer to become a THERMOMETER, because it seems too many people from that oddly-shaped state have FROZEN MINDS. (At least the lower peninsula of Michigan resembles a catcher’s mitt!)

  13. Jesse should just go back & be Governor of Minnesota again – from what I understand, he did a pretty good job up there, even giving its citizens some money back after the state had a surplus.

    Nowadays, Jesse spends a lot of time in Mexico to get away from winters & probably politics. I’m curious to see how he’d handle the Central American invasion of our southern border.


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