Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

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H/t Vigilant Citizen.

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0 responses to “Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

  1. This video is excellent!!! Thank you for posting it. I am sending it to everyone that I know who has kids. I think we all knew this was happening but this is a brutal reminder that is needed.

  2. “1984” by George Orwell thought crimes, mind control, and the dumbing down of a nation.

  3. Yes and every bit of it is true,its sad that America has turn into the land of sheeple people and don’t believe our government would do this.

  4. Hello Eowyn and Steve.
    I of course have the need to air my opinion, I thank you in advance for allowing me to do so.
    My wife and I are unwashed “liberals”. We had been married 18 years when our daughter was born; she will turn 18 just after Christmas (her middle name is Noelle , actually the feminine form of “Noel”).So much for the liberal war on Christmas.
    Daughter has attended our local school system since 1st grade. She had some separation anxieties in the first 2 years of school, but she was not medicated or rushed to a shrink, we realized it is a part of growing up.
    She has always done an exceptional job in school. We got her involved in Tae Quon Do (her idea) when she was 8. She quit (also her idea) two years ago. I was a bit disapointed because she was ready to test for her 3rd degree black belt when she decided to pulled the plug.
    My first thought was to demand that she finish, then I thought about my own coming of age when I quit The B.S.A. at 16. It was time for her to move on, so I respected my daughter’s decision.
    She has ALWAYS kept her grades up, and is currently in the National Honor Society, is in dual enrollment, carries a 4.5 grade average, takes honors courses, and is on track to graduate from H.S. with an A.A. degree.
    She also has a part time job.
    She has been accepted to university. She and my wife do volunteer work regularly at a local resort for terminally ill children.
    We openly discuss current events and politics at home. She sees how her mom and I bust our butts to keep our family on track, and she appreciates all we do. I was working two jobs until the economy crashed.
    She has a boyfriend who’s parents are very similar to my wife and I. They would also be described as “liberals”.Her boyfriend’s dad also works two jobs. “Uniquely American”.
    We teach our kids to keep an open mind and to be critical thinkers, to question authority, to not depend on others to take care of them.
    We teach them that blind obediance to power is fatal, hate speach will not be tolerated, that the world is a dangerous place, but a place to be embraced,not to be feared.I was a commercial hard hat diver for 20 years, I worked waters from Miami Fl to Ketchikan Alaska,Doing everything from heavy salvage to underwater inspections and oil rig work. a chicken- assed wussy I’m not.I have taught her that the world is an electrical / mechanical realm; there is NO magic, except the magic within us all that enables us to do good.I have never encouraged her to pray for favors for herself. I believe prayer is for inspiration only.We believe in cause and effect, namely that if a person keeps smacking another around, there will eventually be hell to pay.I left the Catholic Church in 1970, currently belong to the Church of George Carlin, until something that makes more sense comes along.
    I will also tell you that my wife and I have traveled to two Muslim countries, and were welcomed by the locals, Indonesia and Maylasia are nothing like Afghanistan, and most Muslims are nothing like how they are described, if they were, trade with them and international cooperation would be impossible. It really pains me to see all Muslims demonized because of the deeds of the few. There are some places in the Muslim world one dares not go, but I can also think of many places in America you wouldn’t want to be after dark.
    I have always told my daughter that the world is not “black and white”, but endless shades of grey.
    I can tell you that our school system and teachers are not the problem.
    Our culture bombards us with total crap for entertainment. Almost every movie is either full of violence or the degradation of women. Girls are almost encouraged to “out slut” each other in dress and action.
    She recently told me that 90% of her H.S. population has some form of STD. This is a CULTURAL problem, not something to blame on education.
    Our “news” outlets are little more than “Psy-ops”, few can even get local news straight, which I have seen first hand.FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc are OPINION outlets; they make big money promoting OPINIONS.
    Now, go back and re read what I wrote. We have more in common than you realized.My definition of “Liberal” is not being adverse to paying a fair tax. I want my taxes to pay for Social Security for those that need it. I want affordable higher education and health care.I want sensible unemployment benefits and job training for those who’s jobs have been out sourced.I don’t mind paying for welfare; the alternative is to build more jails and expand the police state.My family was on welfare when I was a kid because my divorced mom got sick and we needed it for several years until she recovered.I know what it is like to live in abject poverty.I want a mandatory retirement age (with pay) to make way for the next wave of workers and to allow workers who have helped make our nation great enjoy at least 10 yrs before they pass on.If that makes me a socialist, call me one!
    I could get out because my mom insisted I that I get an education; being a white kid with good looks and a pleasant personality was a big plus.
    Ironically, I could not have afforded to attend trade school until a motorcycle accident settlement came through.Who’da thought a motorcycle accident could be a good thing?
    I have no problem with sane , mentally mature people owning guns; I have a BIG problem with jack asses with chips on their shoulders parading around with them.
    I have a BIGGER problem with that psychomom from Alaska firing up her base with phrases like “reload, don’t retreat”.That chick has a terminal case of “Penis Envy”.Our recent tragedy at the Pensacola School board should be warning enough to cut the crap with the gun play talk, and start helping those that have been left behind in our economic melt down.
    We had a shooting several weeks ago on the highway up the road when two kids had a case of road rage, one kid killed, the other’s life ruined; not to mention what it did to their parents.
    If the conservative dream is every man for himself, it will be a Randian
    nightmare in reality.
    I am finished for now.
    Kind Regards…………

    • Good grief, Erinyes, what on God’s earth led you to think of us on this Fellowship as your simplistic grotesque caricature of Conservatives? And since you think of us this way, why on God’s earth do you come here?
      As for your daughter, good for you and her that she turned out well. Don’t you have any sense/training in scientific methodology at all? If you did, you’d know that anecdotal accounts mean squat — there are always exceptions to the general rule. What you’re effectively saying is that since your daughter Noelle (and yes, we really do know that Noelle is the feminine form of Noel; we’re neither stupid nor ignorant) turned out well, then this video “Dumbing Down of Education” is pure bunk. You’re the one who’s full of bunk. Don’t give us anecdotes. Give us actual data that contradict the assertions in this video!
      Lastly, this is the last time that I’ll let you abuse the privilege of posting comments on the Fellowship. You try posting another long rambling disquisition that’s really a poorly-written opinion-editorial, it’ll be deleted.

  5. Please read Charlotte Iserbyt’s book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. After years of being in education on a high leve, what she found was stunning. She left it, wrote her book, and has been trying to make it all known for years.

  6. Eowyn and Steve, thanks for your response.
    I think I pissed Eowyn off, sorry about that.
    Thanks for your response Steve. I am in Florida also.I grew up in Largo.
    Back in the 60’s, we could throw M-80’s in the creek or carry a knife and not be charged with terrorism.
    I feel real bad for all involved in the Pensacola school shooting. I believe the guy who did it could have killed everyone in the room had he really wanted to. He reached the end of his rope in many ways; sadly, I think we’ll be seeing more of that behavior in the near future.
    Have a great weekend!

    • Erinyes,
      You pissed me off because you drew a caricature of Conservatives. We are not your caricature, and you know it.
      Merry Christmas.


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