Deliberate Dumb Down in a Nutshell

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This guy got it right on all counts!   We should make it go viral! ~LTG


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0 responses to “Deliberate Dumb Down in a Nutshell

  1. It is why American citizens today cannot read, write, or do basic math. It is a purposeful and deliberate destruction of America’s children. I urge all of you to go to and find out what they’re up to today…it’s gotten worse every year.

    • Why work to earn prosperity and happiness when there’s government help for that instead? They’ll just take the money earned by someone else who’s still literate and capable until… um, is there a bailout from the UN available? (Left/liberal thinking, such as it is, on this.)

  2. Interesting to note that many college graduates are working at jobs that they didn’t need to go to college to secure and may stay there because it is work and they have to work to survive. Our educational system used to be just that, learning enough to complete in the work-a-day world and maintain yourself until you have accumulated enough for a secure retirement. Even in the 40s, 50s and 60s, they still did surveys and evaluations, but administering drugs on a grand scale to students wasn’t heavily practiced in regular schools, as far as I know. If anyone was being given a drug, no one except that person knew about it. Now, everyone knows everything about everyone else. They know so much that going to school has ceased being a learning experience, it is just one huge experiment. Our leaders? had better hope the “experiment” turns out positive.

    • “Now, everyone knows everything about everyone else. They know so much that going to school has ceased being a learning experience”
      As a professor of 25 years, I can tell you from direct experience that “not everyone knows everything,” nor is “they know so much that going to school has ceased being a learning experience.” In fact, our universities’ freshman classes are full of students who need remedial instruction in writing.
      Do you frequent FOTM just to spout off and have your name litter search engines?

    • Well, college has ceased to be a learning experience (you are right about that) but not because everyone knows everything already, most likely the opposite and that standards to make ’em learn any different have gone down the toilet.

  3. Superb: I agree w/it all-too-much, which ios a sad commentary on education and society’s values. My father got as far as the 6th grade in his village school, circa 1916-17, came to the US, became a citizen, and lived long enough to have seen enough, often would declare his 6th grade education was better than what US of A High School students had upon graduation.
    He attended night school to improve his English, but was disappointed when his instructor wanted to pass him when he felt he was not ready. So this dumbing down has been going on for a long, long time.

  4. brown v.s. the board of education.. after that landmark decision the education system has slowly deteriorated into a morass of simplicity and
    race normed drivel. the public education system that is. catholic and private schools have maintained some standards but those are being eroded away, is tv to blame, mass media, political correctness, its not politically correct to be so much smarter than others.


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