Definition of Progressives

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From the  San Francisco Weekly we get the ultimate definition:

Progressives favor more government control over people’s lives for their own good, as when they effectively banned McDonald’s Happy Meals. But sometimes progressives say the government needs to let people make their own choices, as when they opposed Care Not Cash — which steered homeless people into social services and housing instead of doling out money. Progressives believe government should subsidize homeless people who choose to drink themselves to death, while forbidding parents from buying McNuggets because fast food is bad for us.
LOL !   ~LTG

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5 responses to “Definition of Progressives

  1. I support progressives from Teddy Roosevelt to Robert La Follette to Russ Feingold. I consider myself one and I have been a Republican all my life.

    • A Republican is not the same as Conservative. You say in your own blog that you’re a Republican who voted for Obama in 2008 and still support him. Why don’t you at least be true to yourself and switch your party identification to Democrat?

  2. There is nothing even remotely ‘progressive’ about communism.

    • Communists are masters at Orwellian Newspeak, where “evil” is good” and “regressive and oppressive” becomes “progressive”. Don’t listen to their speech; watch their action instead. By their fruits, we shall know them.

  3. If anyone has the time, I suggest clicking the link to read the entire 5 page article this “definition” was taken from. It details the demise of the progressive movement in the City of San Franciso. It seems the “moderate” democrats aka Gavin Newsom-like clones, hijacked their platform. LOL


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